Custom Pump Action AR-15

Jamey Wojtasek, a local gunsmith and director of operations, with Pittsburgh Cerakote, modified an ALG Defense handguard and converted the upper to be pump action. This is the prototype. It is free floating and so it does not touch the barrel. It is a rather simple design. There is a metal collar inside the handguard attached to a rod. There is a slot for a picatinny rail to attach to the collar.The gunsmith attached a Magpul AFG but you can use anything.

The design makes this a manually driven piston AR. The rod pushes the bolt back. This modified upper can be installed onto any lower receiver. In PA, you cannot hunt with a semi-auto rifle. So now this guy can use his pump action AR to hunt coyote.

Yes there is a Pump AR by Troy Industries. However it is proprietary and you cannot use it with your own lower.

The Gunsmith said that a complete upper will cost about $900. He is confident he can modify most free float handguards, not quad rails, to work with his design. If you provide the complete upper, the custom work is estimated to be around $500.


IMG_5303 IMG_5304 IMG_5305 IMG_5307


Here is the piston rod that pushes on the gas key of the bolt. IMG_5308

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  • imachinegunstuff

    for 900 dollars I can buy a pretty good rifle/scope combo. So unless this was for new york/cali it’s pointless

    • Porty1119

      Or for states which restrict hunting with semiautomatic rifles, such as PA.

      • imachinegunstuff

        Thats my point, I could still 900 dollars and buy a second rifle, rather than convert an existing model. I can applaud ingenuity, but this is an expensive solution for a cheap problem.

        • Anonymoose

          What about ergonomics, railz, and removable mags? I doubt you would be able to build up a new, quality bolt or pump into something this tacticool for 900. /mallninja

          • imachinegunstuff

            Ha, some JB weld and a little picatinny and I work wonders

        • Porty1119

          A lot of the draw is the aesthetic, obviously. It ain’t cheap, but the price is not totally obscene.

          Although, if you wanted a manually-operated AR, it’s a fairly simple thing to deactivate the gas system. I’ve seen some DIY projects requiring only basic machine tools to mount a proper bolt handle, turning the rifle into a straight-pull and negating the need to use the normal charging handle, which I would imagine would be a bit frustrating for every shot. They’re actually quite popular in the UK for obvious reasons.

        • no

          It’s worth the price strictly for trolling the game wardens here.

      • Anonymoose

        I want one in .308 for that exact reason.

    • Justin Officer

      Not a Cali Issue

  • nadnerbus

    a bit pricey, but it’s a really simple elegant solution, I like that. Hell, one could almost make this at home with some parts from the hardware store and a drill.

  • Jay

    That ALG Defense handguard is sleek, solid and affordable.

  • Mystick

    Knowing PA game wardens, he’ll get ticketed anyway because it’s a black gun and looks scary.

  • USMC03Vet

    Where is the lever action AR15?

    • imachinegunstuff

      A magazine fed 5.56/223 lever action that feeds from AR mags? Done no one steal my idea! Who wants one in 300 Blackout with a threaded barrel

  • greasyjohn

    Wait so the PAR can’t go on an SCR lower? Drag.

  • Christopher Edward Penta

    Nobody has asked the burning question… why is he in an ACE hardware???

    • Garcian Smith

      In PA, you can’t hunt with an semi-autoamtic rifle but there’s no restrictions on where you’re allowed to hunt, even indoors. A pretty fair trade off, if you ask me.

    • A.WChuck

      Back in the Golden Era when we were free, you could walk into a Hardware Store and purchase a firearm with no questions asked. They were far more common than a gun store. One of the Ace Hardware stores near me is also an FFL with a gun counter in the corner. Likely this guy’s shop IS the Ace Hardware in his town.

  • Ben

    Is the operating rod attached to the gas key or the carrier at all? If not i could see having a hard time slamming the forend forward quickly enough to let the bolt fully close

  • Huch

    How is this different from the Troy pump action AR that came out last year?

    • Gordon J Davis Jr

      Like the article says, it can be dropped on to any existing AR lower. The Troy can’t be – you have to buy the entire rifle.

  • Leigh Rich

    Good for states with restrictive semi-auto rifle laws.

  • jcitizen

    Just think – no grimy carbon in the bolt anymore! It would make an excellent survivalist add-on. However, for that price I think I could convert an old junk upper in my shop! Make it out of my own parts.

  • shooter alias

    I heard it will be much cheaper when it comes out? No one has a for sure retail yet.