Suarez International Releases “Flat & Straight” Trigger for Glocks

Suarez International has released a flat trigger for the Glock handgun platform. While not the first flat trigger to the market (that honor belongs to Salient Arms), the trigger is a solid offering starting at $150 retail and includes models for common Gen 1-4 handguns and a model for single-stacks including the G36, G42, and G43.


The trigger system claims to have minimal creep and almost-zero over-travel, but does not look to have adjustment to fine-tune, so the shooter will have to keep the stock travel.

Full Description from One Source Tactical (which has the triggers on sale for $100 each) below. Full drop-in kits are available starting at $125.



The Tactical Grade “Flat Faced” Trigger closely replicates the feel of a 1911 trigger, yet maintains the safety features of the original Glock trigger system. Tens of thousands of rounds have been fired in the development of our Tactical Grade Glock Trigger to insure reliability, consistency, and safety, as well as uniformity of weight. You will immediately notice the difference in your shooting performance after installation.

The trigger face is totally and geometrically flat:  Look at all the match rifles used to set combat rifle marksmanship records.  They all use flat triggers.  Flat triggers are totally flat and straight, not just “square faced” curved triggers.  “Flat and straight” triggers improve your mechanical leverage and allow you to consistently place your shooting finger in the most advantageous location for you.  Additionally, these triggers maintain a more consistent feeling trigger regardless of where on that trigger your finger is placed.

The trigger safety is much wider than an OEM unit, allowing you to quickly place your finger in the optimal firing position via a tactile index and thus build improved consistency and accuracy via smooth operation through the entire length of pull.  Imperceptible pre-travel and crisp reset improves the shooter’s ability to place follow up shots with speed and accuracy.

If YOU were the guy at the next Sandy Hook, or Mumbai…you would want a 100% reliable handgun with a capability for extreme surgical accuracy equal to the moment.  The goal: To save innocent lives by being able to put one bullet in a terrorist’s eye socket from across the room, in his face from across the street, or in his chest from down the block.  That is what this trigger was designed for.

  • Polished Steel Glock Trigger Bar

  • Suarez “Flat and Straight” Tactical Grade Trigger Pad – 6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum

  • Suarez Trigger Safety – 6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum

  • All components Hard Anodized Type III

  • Installation Instructions

  • Drop in unit and takes less than two minutes to install.

  • Compatible with Gen 1-4 Pistols

  • Available for 9mm/40/.357 SIG, 45 ACP and 10mm

  • Gen 3 SF Models use Gen 4 Unit

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • Beju

    “If YOU were the guy at the next Sandy Hook, or Mumbai…you would want a 100% reliable handgun with a capability for extreme surgical accuracy equal to the moment.”

    In the case of Sandy Hook, showing a gun would get that loser to off himself.

    In the case of Mumbai, while we’re imagining hero fantasies, give me an M240L.

    • Budogunner

      Very poor taste on their part to mention tragedies in an effort to market their product. I hope it backfires on them.

      • USMC03Vet

        Agreed. Incredibly trashy.

      • Iggy

        That and and the sentence sounds like they’re recommending a product for the perpetrator.

      • Bill

        It will come with a T-shirt: “I wouldn’t be Caught Dead in Mumbai”

    • iksnilol

      Rather PKM for me, more ammo can be carried.

      • Beju

        My hero fantasies don’t involve me carrying no Commie guns, only ‘murican guns like the Mitrailleuse d’Appui Général!

        • iksnilol

          But… but… that’s not American either. It’s bleeding Belgian for cryin out loud!

    • Bill

      Hearing sirens was enough to get him to change his mind by placing it on the ceiling.

      • Dan

        To bad he didn’t start his day off that way.

  • Good reading about Mr. Suarez in the comments here:

    I gave his product a good review and he decided to trash all of the readers.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Guy sounds like a Tier One D-Bag.
      I’m sure his marketing tactics will go over well with that segment of gun nuts who think they are going to be a hero someday but will probably just end up ventilating a bystander.

    • Bear The Grizzly

      That thread is the holy grail of butthurt greatness! It takes an exceptionally special kind of snowflake to get that upset over a few people’s lack of enthusiasm for their product.

    • Cymond

      Wow. Just wow. Somehow I missed that one when it happened.
      I wonder what he said that was so bad to get his comments deleted, and if Gabe will grace us with his presence again.

      • Don’t say that very loud. Halting the comments just ended the readers being able to continue.
        Lets just say his language was not acceptable. Let’s stay on the topic of the trigger–PLEASE!

  • Bill

    I’m holding out for a trigger with a reverse, backwards curve so I can get the smoothest, rolling motion of my trigger finger over it’s face that has been coated with the material they made space shuttle heat resistant tiles from, when I’m whacking T’s. It will cost $399, which I think is the IOP for a GLOCK.

    It looks like was designed to pry way too much money from a wallet.

    • nadnerbus

      I skimmed the article intro until I got to $150, then had to see the comments to see if this is an acceptable price. I mean, I know non-mass produced stuff, especially precision gun parts, are not going to be cheap, but damn. It better be Timney quality.

  • thedonn007

    Well, after reading the press release above I would not buy one, but I am curious, does this trigger reduce the trigger pull weight at all?

  • dannye

    Just google “Gabe Suarez gunsnet” before you give that wackjob your hard earned money, folks.

    • Jonathan D Payne

      All they managed to do is get the guy published in another Book of the AK. Too funny.

  • David

    Yeah, his success went to his head some years ago and turned him from a decent guy to a Tier 1 asshat. The the ego is HUGE with that one.

  • Nicks87

    Save yourself the 150 and learn how to shoot with a factory trigger. Better yet, spend the 150 on ammo and practice. TRAINING beats the hell out of an aftermarket trigger any day.

  • Lt Donn

    Nicks87 beat me to the punch again…learn how to shoot with stock components and save the extra $ for more ammo!…regarding Sandy Hook and Mumbai…if I was the the guy at the next such incident, I would check-off sick that day and stay home!

  • MikeSmith13807

    So many people around here content with mediocrity… Amazing. $150 is too much for a trigger but you’ll probably run out and buy the next cool gun you like to sit in your safe instead of making your carry gun more effective.

    Nathan, get your hands on one to review and you will be very impressed.

    • dannye

      Hi Gabe!

      • MikeSmith13807

        If Gabe wanted to comment here, he would proudly post under his real name as he has always done in the past.

        • dannye

          Sure he would, just like the other thread when he summoned his groupies from warrior talk after he got banned. 🙂

          • Jonathan D Payne

            No one was summoned. I saw this in my email. I work for SI. Not hiding or playing stupid games.

  • Jonathan D Payne

    It’s a high quality trigger. I’ve installed three of them on my pistols and I’m very satisfied I am a Staff Intructor for SI as well as a full time peace officer.