New Tactical Thumbhole Rifle Stock From Hogue

If you own a 10/22 and you’re looking for tactically appealing aftermarket components, take a look at the latest offering from Hogue. New from Hogue is a tactical thumbhole rifle stock specifically designed for 10/22s. It’s manufactured as one piece and features a large thumbhole behind a pistol grip allowing for a different, secure hold on your rifle. According to the company the idea behind this stock is to give 10/22 owners the ability to attain rapid target acquisition and greater comfort while shooting. The new stock also has an integrated cheek weld.

For comfort’s sake the Tactical Thumbhole Stock comes with a soft pad on the butt of the stock. In addition, it’s made of Hogue’s popular Overmolded Rubber which reduces felt recoil. Overmolded Rubber is also durable and long-lasting as well as capable of resisting dirt and moisture.

Designer Pat Hogue had this to say regarding the new stock: “This new design will have strong appeal to target shooters, varmint hunters and competition shooters alike. It’s a departure from our traditional rifle stock designs in some ways, but we think the market’s ready for Hogue’s take on a tactical 10/22 stock in OverMolded rubber.”

The stock is designed with the heavier-barreled 10/22s in mind but will also be made available for rifles with standard barrels. Hogue is producing the stock for standard 10/22 rifles but will also be made for takedown 10/22s, which are manufactured in two pieces. It comes in black, OD green, purple, Flat Dark Earth and Ghillie Green.

Take a look on Hogue’s website at MSRP varies according to color from $109.95 to $129.95.

From Hogue:

“The design process for Hogue’s Tactical Thumbhole stock leveraged the company’s considerable experience in competition shooting. From butt pad to forend the emphasis on ergonomics and function is obvious: the forend is wider and more curvaceous than the company’s “Sporter” style rifle stock for more stability when used without a bipod; the pistol grip enables a natural, secure, comfortable grip angle; the cheek weld enhances fast target acquisition through a rifle scope and the bench rest hook opens up different shouldering options depending on the shooting situation.”

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  • wetcorps

    I thought thumbhole stocks weren’t tactical?

    • ClintTorres

      Yeah, the Magpul or Archangel 10/22 stocks look “tactical” but these…no.

    • Bill

      They weren’t, then they were. Next will be the tactical Mannlicher stock with high-speed Schnabel fore-end tip.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I think the word “tactical” has been overused to the point where its lost all meaning.

    • RICH

      AMEN ! Today you can buy a ‘TACTICAL’ anything …….. and pay the premium dollar for it !

      • Bill

        It used to be “paint it black and sell it to the cops for 4x what it was worth, then Coyote became the new Black, now FDE is the new Coyote, but Gray is gaining as the new Almost-Black.

  • Bill

    The only “tactical” use I’ve ever seen a 10/22 put to was an agency that had one that was integrally suppressed and used for taking out street and security lights prior to dynamic entries. When it wasn’t being used for ninja stuff it pulled deer-culling duty when too many complaints came in about deer eating the hostas and over-running golf courses.

  • Leigh Rich

    Revival of the Hillary Hole!!

  • Thanks for weighing in, micmac80.