LANTAC Dragon Muzzle Brake Knock Offs

I was shopping on Amazon the other day when I noticed this muzzle brake that looked awfully familiar. Yeup, it’s a clone of the LANTAC Dragon muzzle brake. They even have the .308 version too. They could have at least taken better product pictures, I’m surprised they didn’t just Photoshop the LANTAC logo off the original picture.



This isn’t surprising really, Magpul’s products have been copied also as well as many other manufacturers.

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  • Big Kat

    Great news article guys, if you wanted an interesting story maybe you could have purchused one the knockoffs and compared it to the real deal and see if its any good, or you can just make a news article that better simulates your personl blog.

    • Andrew

      Tomorrow on TFB’s Chinatown Uncovered series, we’ll tell you about *gasp* fake Louis Vuitton purses and RayBan sunglasses.

      • Kel Whelan at Gemtech once told a story of how he was contacted by a purchase officer pricing sound suppressors for his outfit. The fellow complained about how high Gemtech’s prices were compared to another vendor, citing a ridiculously low price for another manufacturer’s product. It turned out that the guy was about to buy and issue airsoft knock-offs.

        • Squirreltakular

          Oh, to be the fly on the wall when they decided to put rounds through those things…

    • Ethan

      *That* would actually be an interesting article.

    • Vitsaus

      Sad part is that it would probably work near as well, at less than half the price, and then Lantac would be sore at ’em.

    • John

      I too am curious. Since they don’t cost much, I’d like to see a comparison.

  • Ben

    They’re made for air soft rifles, and are generally advertised as such.

    There are some manufacturers that work with airsoft companies to produce licences versions (Dytac in particular).

    • ostiariusalpha

      ^This. Amazon is full of air soft milsim accessories that are sold right along side the higher grade firearm stuff, mostly with no indication of the difference. It’s a lot of unlicensed knockoff junk in there, again with no division from the reputable licensed items.

      • Ben

        I wasn’t aware of that, I don’t buy airsoft stuff from Amazon. i assumed that they would state “for mil sim only” for liability purposes.

        That said if one brake is listed as $100 and a nearly identical one is $10, this might be what you’d call a “clue”.

    • ozzallos .

      From the ad–
      “…223 Rem/5.56MM Fits AR Rifles Hardened Milspec Steel Nitride Finish.”

    • Cymond

      Don’t airsoft guns usually have weird, left-hand metric threads? Or something like that? There’s no reason for them to use 1/2×28, and definitely no reason for 5/8×24, and yet I’ve seen knockoff muzzle devices in those thread pitches.

      • Garrett

        Most, if not a good majority, use an M14x1.0 thread size. A handful use 16mm. I’ve seen both left hand and right hand threads as well for the 14mm. 14mm left hand is the most common however.

        Last I checked, I thought AKs used an M14x1.0 thread size for muzzle devices. Even still though, amazon is pretty good at distinguishing airsoft parts.

  • USMC03Vet

    Amazon is becoming really bad with counterfeit/fake/re-branded/factious product listings. I routinely see products being sold on their domain which are exactly the same, but by a different seller that have attached a different brand name on the item. Not only do you have that nonsense to sift through but their user reviews these days are just atrocious scams.

    They need to clean up shop over there.

  • Hannah Montana

    I wouldn’t trust using that part on my rifle.The metal used could be some melted down trash steel for what we know.Items like this are a a hazard to the general public,just last week the Chinese got caught selling 300 tonnes worth of ‘branded’ paper products made from used toilet rolls.For all we know they could have been making the Lantac break in the same warehouse.

  • me

    I fell victim to the knock off flash suppressor as well. The guy at the gun show said it was a B E Meyers 249f