Uzi Pro Mags Now Available

IWI US showed off their new UZI Pro SB Pistol at the 2015 SHOT Show and finally released it earlier this month. Well they just recently made available their 9mm steel magazines for the Uzi Pro pistols as well. They’re made in Israel and are available in 20, 25 and 32 round capacities. Older Uzi mags won’t work with the new Uzi Pro Pistols (without modding them) but these new Uzi Pro mags should work fine with older Uzi firearms. The 20 round mags retail for $17.49, the 25 rounders retail for $19.99 and the 32 roundrs retail for $22.99. Check them out at

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  • Wow, first TFBTV video ever 🙂

    • northafrican

      it was just like yesterday

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Nice, ive been looking for a heavier, less accurate alternative to my Glock.

    • nobody

      Not if you get something on the front that you can grip (putting the charging handle against the skin between your thumb and pointer and just curling your fingers over the rail and some of the trigger guard might work, does on the Masterpiece Arms MAC 11 clones), possibly put some sort of muzzle brake on to keep your hand from getting in front of the barrel, and use a single point sling to push the gun out against. I have a Masterpiece Arms MPA930 set up like that and groups at 75 yards are only about 2″ bigger than what I can do with my SKS at the same distance, can keep all rounds center of mass.

    • Ethan

      The ability to mount optics and use fixed-barrel suppressors is a big plus. Now all it needs is a folding adapter with an arm brace.

  • USMC03Vet

    lol still cheaper than Springfield and Sig Sauer mags!


  • patrickiv

    Decent price.