MLP Solid Lubricant Pen From Birchwood Casey

It’s a must to keep your gun properly lubricated in order to ensure reliable function, especially if you’re using an AR platform. If you’re looking for a way to keep your gun lubed without messing with spray cans of oil or pots of paste, take a look at what’s new from Birchwood Casey: the MLP Solid Lubricant Pen.  With this new pen you can keep your gun going without the mess of many other products.

According to Birchwood Casey the MLP Solid Lubricant Pen is made with a combination of molybdenum disulfide and pigments designed to halt corrosion. The pen coats your firearms with a semi-permanent, lacquer-like film to prevent malfunctions and reduce friction. It’s designed to withstand a wide range of conditions, continuing to work in temperatures from -320 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and is made to MIL-SPEC standards. In addition, the MLP Solid Lubricant Pen is made specifically so it will not be affected by such factors as various solvents, acids, degreasers, and oils.

Running your gun dry can result in a number of issues from failure to feed to actual damage to your firearm. If you need a low-friction lubricant in a simple, mess-free delivery system designed to work in extreme temperatures, this new pen from Birchwood Casey may be just what you need.

For a closer look, take a look at MLP Solid Lubricant Pen or visit the company’s website at MSRP $12.70.

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  • Giolli Joker

    I like it.

  • BattleshipGrey

    That is pretty cool. Might have to pick one up.

  • Holding My Nose

    Seems a little pricy at $38 per oz. Think I’ll wait to see some reviews before buying it.

    • anon

      Well they say its semi-permanent, so you probably wont be using the stuff after every range trip.If it works well enough its probably worth the price of not lubing up after every cleaning.

  • Moly? Feh.. Pass.

    • guest

      Powdered moly, copper, soft graphite etc are all kosher as far as extreme temperatures are concerned. They outperform ALL hydrocarbon lubricants at those specific tasks, especially when compared by min/max temperature range. And that they are inherently solid and not liquid is a huge plus in case of guns that have no way of holding on to liquids other than the generally oleophilic surfaces.

      • Grindstone50k

        You’re an engineer, aren’t you?

        • guest

          No, I just know stuff.

          • guest

            Forgot to say perhaps the most important part: all those lubricants contain their active compounds in a solid state, or in other words no evaporation due to heat. They may have a binder of some sort (usually oil), but even with that gone the “main mojo” stays put. And guess what… guns do get hot, and a “smoking gun” means a gun relieving itself of the lubricant.

  • Mister Thomas

    Very intrigued with this.

  • Marcus D.

    I was interested until I read that this, along with a bunch of their other lubricants, “cannot be shipped to an address within California.” I have no idea why, just what the web site says. I’ve been trying to find a pistol lubricant that doesn’t dry out in our low humidity heat. I guess I’ll have to keep looking. Is graphite an option?

  • Nathan Means

    But does it smell like mint? Froglube smells like mint…..

  • steveday72

    I recently read (on a forum) that lubricants containing Molybdenum should not be used on aluminum surfaces… Apparently it has an effect similar to sandpaper.

    If it’s true, then this pen should not be used on AR’s.