ProSounds X-Pro Hearing Protection


ProSounds launched a KickStarter campaign to manufacture the X-Pro hearing protection. The X-Pro is a set of in-the-ear plugs that use a valve to allow sound in. When the wearer pushes a button on the outside of the X-Pro, the valve closes providing up to 30 dB of sound attenuation. Press the button again to open the valve back up.


Just a few days into the campaign, it is already fully funded. Now the company is working toward their stretch goals. $17 gets one set of the plugs, and the company has additional family packs to reduce the per pair cost even further. They estimate a shipping time of September.

Richard Johnson

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  • jeff k

    all good until you forget to push the button back in and fire your ak pistol lol

  • Don

    Obviously you didn’t really look at both products in depth since they operate off two different methods. One uses a valve where the other uses a cap to cover a hole. The ProSounds group have submitted a patent application for their product.

    • Dan

      Why look at the product when you can just ignorantly scream ripoff.