Next Level Arms Ambi Charging Handle

Next Level Arms makes Ambi Charging handles for AR-15 and AR-10. I got my hands on an AR-15 version to check it out next to my Raptor.


Below you can see it next to my Noveske Edition Raptor. The wings of the handle are wider on the Next Level Arms.

IMG_4980 IMG_4981


next 3



As you can see between this picture and the one above, the leading edge of the wings are taller than the Raptor. Making it even easier to pull the handle rearward.

Next Level 1

Next 2


The wings protrude a bit more but I did not notice them poking me in the stomach. YMMMV

Next Level 2


One issue I noticed, was with my Troy Carbine. When my Troy rear sight is folded down, the Next Level Arms handle hits the rear sight. You can see below where the rear sight is touching the charging handle. Not a problem on my Salient with Magpul Pro sights.

Next troy


The Next Level Arms ambi handle retails for $80 on their website. The AR10 version is $90.

Nicholas C

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  • USMC03Vet

    Do people really buy these things? If you’ve ever used an AR type rifle outside of the range that gigantic protruding metal will not only be unconformable but will snag on everything. Never once did I ever think “I need a Sasquatch sized ambidextrous charging handle that protrudes”.

    • JSmath

      Different application, but 3Gunners love oversized controls, makes them easier to manipulate at an unreasonably fast pace; And few ever kid themselves that they’d use the same things in actual combat.

      • Caleb

        I guess you guys know a lot better than the Canadian military overseas that use oversized charging handles successfully on their rifles.

        Ever served with them? I didn’t think so.

        • Westin

          The Raptor is simply the best thing on the planet. Maybe people have to use it for a while to get that. It even changed which hand I use for most admin tasks. Plus its size (and rounded shape) is perfect for index finger, reverse blade, pinky finger, palm, activation .. gloves or no gloves, without being snaggy/pokey/bitey like BCM etc. This is how it wears in on you: (also I should add that I’m a Righty) recently at the range a buddy and I were trading weapons back and forth, he had OEM charger and safety on an otherwise sweet rig, and I kept not being able to do things as quickly/easily on his and thinking “OMG WTeff is wrong with this gun!!” Normal isn’t just worse, it’s aggravatingly worse.

    • Vhyrus

      As a lefty, I definitely cannot feel the charging handle of a slung AR over the constant stabbing pain of the forward assist and shell deflector attempting to break three of my ribs every time I step forward.

  • TITAN308

    Another unimaginative product. Woopie.