Clearing AK Malfunctions with AKOU


With his characteristic blunt charm Rob Ski of AKOU breaks down the basics of clearing AK-series weapon malfunctions. With the plethora of videos on running the AR series through various malfunction drills, Rob’s video is refreshing showing the AK-47 series of weapon being run as Kalashnikov himself would recommend.

My favorite line “This is not a barbie doll, this is the AK rifle…”


Nathan S

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  • sean

    AK Malfunction? Isn’t that a oxymoron? 🙂

    • Zebra Dun

      “SACRILEGE!” to even say the two words together in the same sentence!

  • Phil Hsueh

    Here’s a question in regards to the foot on the charging handle technique, is something that’s recommended for all AKs or only certain makes/builds? I don’t know just how much AKs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer which is why I’m wondering if this technique is suitable for all AKs. I’m curious because I’ve seen a lot disparaging remarks made about certain AKs like those from Century so I kind of wonder if you could do this safely with a lower end AK or only lower end and not higher end.

    • KestrelBike

      I gotta imagine that if any AK (or rifle, for that matter) can’t withstand being placed butt-on-the-ground and charged with a foot, then it’s not reliable enough in the first place. Only issue I can see with that technique is grabbing a hot barrel/gas-tube with an exposed hand.

      • Sianmink

        Bayonet is for grab, comrade.

    • Sickshooter0

      Did this with my Century C39 Sporter (version 1) and it ripped the extractor out! This AK was riddled with QC problems from the start. Lucky for me, Century’s well known for quality and fine customer service…oh right, I was screwed…

      • SirOliverHumperdink

        Why did you buy it in the 1st place? Are you new to the internet?

        • Sickshooter0

          I was lucky enough to be one of the first unsatisfied customers. I gave up on their CS after 3 attempts; to first get the parts they screwed up during assembly and then later get an RMA.

  • LeverMan PA

    Hey – Does anyone know what that handstop that he’s using there is???

    • Squirreltakular

      I’m wondering the same thing. Looks good on that handguard.

      • LeverMan PA

        Yeah, nice and minimalist, but enough for how I use an AFG/Handstop on an AK (and small enough to stay out of the way on mag changes)… I can’t seem to find it on the interwebs… Hopefully someone can clue us in

        • Bear The Grizzly

          He’s very responsive on his Facebook page. I’m sure if you left a comment who would fill you in.

          • LeverMan PA

            Thanks, Bear TG. I asked and got the answer that Giolli Joker is referencing above.

      • Giolli Joker

        Following Rob Ski post, quoted below:

        http:// tdi-arms. com/evo-hhs-hybrid-handstop.html/?%3C!–%20fpc%20session_id_placeholder%20–%3E

        (broken link to avoid delay)

    • Giolli Joker

      From their blog:

      Rob Ski says:
      July 25, 2015 at 5:48 pm
      This is from TDI Arms, their upcoming product

  • USMC03Vet

    Racking the bolt to the rear via the foot is the only proper way to greet an AK. They take offense when you don’t respect their customs.

    Don’t be that guy…

  • ozzallos .

    And just based on the first picture I’m picturing his head as a shower of messy gore as the round passes through it.

    • Giolli Joker

      There’s no magazine for a reason…

  • Guido FL

    I own three different makes of AK74’s and when I shoot what’s left of my Red Army Standard I get jams /refuse to eject in all three. Thus the foot on the charging handle to eject spent casing’s. But I’m almost out of the RAS ammo and this issue will go away for me.

  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    The foot in the charging handle is old. Like twenty years old. I mean, i saw it once applied to a FN FAL

    • Canadian troops reportedly resorted to it with their Ross rifles during WW1.

    • Giolli Joker

      Well, nobody here is claiming to have invented it…

    • Steve Martinovich

      We did it with our FNC1A1s (Canada’s version of the FAL) back in the 80s and I’m sure it dates back much further than that.

    • Max Glazer

      I did that with my F88 when I got back from the field. The sucker simply wouldn’t budge otherwise as it had a bit of sand somewhere in the action and the return spring is far from soft on the AuSteyr

  • Zebra Dun

    As taught to me at Camp Geiger circa 1970 with a jammed M-16.
    We ALL got to try it once or twice while there.

  • scaatylobo

    REALLY, unless I am on the range = its DROP THE GUN and go for a BUG.
    Transition drills !!.