Another Glock Lawsuit – This Time by Glock’s Own Former Counsel

The legal saga at Glock continues to go deeper down the rabbit hole, that if true, shows that Gason Glock and the company has committed serious fraud and framed multiple former employees in an attempt to cover up his and the company’s own malfeasance.

Paul Jannuzzo is Glocks former counsel who was convicted of embezzling from Glock after an internal investigation implicated him and other employees of corruption. The charge went to the Georgia Court of Appeals where it was thrown out on statue of limitations expiration.

Jannuzzo’s falling out with Glock is supposedly over his wife, Monika (also a former Glock employee) who was entreated by Gaston Glock himself. When she refused his advances, he allegedly became vengeful creating the circumstances by which Jannuzzo was convicted off of what Jannuzzo contends are trumped-up allegations.

This lawsuit is on top of another lawsuit brought by Jeffrey Pombert, Glock’s former internal investigator.

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Nathan S

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  • MarcoPolo

    It’s Gaston Glock, not Gason.

    • DIR911911 .

      isn’t that the guy from ‘beauty and the beast’ ?

      • john huscio

        Nope, his name was Gaston too

        • doramin

          And he carried a silly blunderbuss rather than a Glock.

  • Cowboy Zero

    “Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun” by

    Paul M. Barrett – highly recommended book – and includes the story of Jannuzzo, his wife, and all the funny deals at Glock across the years . . .
    Fascinating reading.

    • KestrelBike

      Paul Barrett has been pretty anti-gun with a lot of his publishings after his Glock book (and I can only imagine prior to it, as well). Can anyone give some insight as to anti-gunnery in the glock book itself? If it’s more-or-less balanced, I’ll check it out. But if it’s leftist propaganda, I don’t want to line his wallet any.

      • Cowboy Zero

        Yes, he’s anti-gun and it shows here and there on the book – like when he goes training/competing with Massad Ayoob and his girlfriend, and calls them both nutjobs (but he’s subtle about it ;))
        But besides that – highly recommended. Tinted by his leftist agenda, for sure, but readable nonetheless.

        • Hyok Kim

          I and a few other die hard gun nuts have called Mas a nutjob.

        • Chuck Wagon

          Well I’m program to an extreme, but Massad is indeed a ding-bat. He’s a wanna-be cop that carries a reserve badge and is considered to be a joke amoung regulars. He’s a douche.

          • OldOldLawyer

            ReallyChuck: I spent time in a patrol car, an MP Jeep, a Park Ranger job and as a federal investigator working the highlest level cases in the nation…..and I do not regard Mas Ayoob as a kook….that was before I went to law school and worked 22 more years as a Prosecutor and government attorney. Ayoob is an expert witness recognized around the nation as an expert in fatal shootings…he created his own expert designation by his research, writings,consulting and testifying around the nation…every time he walks into a courtroom a local judge must determine whether he is an expert or not…and after a few dozen cases, he became nationally known…now folks like myself who got all my training and experience at your taxpayer expense can also testify as an expert….but Ayoob did it the hard way…so please don’t make statements that everybody in the business think him a kook….by the way, what have you ever done? Unless you have nearly 50 years in this business, 2 degrees in criminal justice (BS and MA) and a law degree (JD) like I do, then maybe your opinion is limited…not to be harse but too many mall ninja commenting here…

      • Dan

        I’m sure you can survive reading books you disagree with. I am left-libertarian and I don’t mind reading wingnuts like Glenn Beck.

        It’s called being grown up.

        • Yohei556

          calling people wingnuts isnt grown up…..

          • Nashvone

            Sometimes you have to use the best descriptive language for the purpose. As a conservative adult, I would agree with Dan’s childish assertation that Glenn Beck is most certainly a wingnut. And I’m not even talking about his politics. The dipshit boiled a frog trying to prove a point.

          • Yohei556

            You can argue all you want its still not “grown up”

          • Paul Epstein

            Dude, you are not the universally approved adjudicator of what is grown up and what isn’t. And in this case, you’re completely off base. Seriously, have you EVER heard a child call someone a wingnut?

          • Yohei556

            No but i hear adult children call people wingnuts.

            Its okay to hate on people on the right, but if i say Sally Kohn is an idiot im a homophobe, misogynist and its hate speech….go figure.

          • doramin

            I saw the video, no frogs were harmed. In the final sequence with the water boiling it’s a rubber frog. However, on YouTube you can also find the Live Frog Sashimi clip which is very real.

          • Dan

            Calling me a grown up isn’t grown up 🙂

        • KestrelBike

          There’s reading it, and then there’s contributing funding via purchasing certain goods.

      • Yohei556

        Half price books or used on Amazon. I thought it was an interesting read, and pretty much what Cowboy Zero said. Interesting company full of eccentrics with a story line that Hollywood writers couldnt even make up.

        • KestrelBike

          Actually I found quite a few copies available at local libraries! (Who knew??)

  • hikerguy

    I would be hard-pressed to decide which one of the European firearm soap operas are the wildest: The Glock or the H&K one.

    • Dan

      Showtime could produce one and HBO could have a crack at the other.

      • itsmefool

        “Masters of Guns!”

  • USMC03Vet

    Ugh. Nepotism work environments are the worst.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Coming soon! HBO America’s Newest comedy sitcom “EVERYBODY HATES GLOCk”!

  • Nicks87

    I thought they were supposed to be perfect derp!

  • Carmender

    Jeesh….. stop murdering the Queen’s english. It’s Gaston Glock not Gason and statute of limitations not statue !

    • itsmefool

      Actually, English should be capitalized here and Gaston Glock isn’t English anyway!

  • MrEllis

    One day an attorney is going to figure out how to sue himself and perpetually live off the legal fees and residuals.

    • BR549

      Priceless! …… the ultimate in learning how to become a social parasite.

  • Chi Wai Shum

    This is Hollywood stuff. It begs a movie.

  • BR549

    Didn’t like the Glock, anyway. It’s always been overrated and had an overzealous marketing plan.

    Kinda reminds me of the old Rusty Jones/ Auto Armor after-sales scam that people got schmoozed into accepting when they bought a new car. Cars still rusted out and customers compensated, but at least the company was able to make a profit through the actuarials.

  • OldOldLawyer

    Dudes: Calling names is not what real cowboys do..It make you look little and petty. Now, radical people on the left or right or terrorists are all extremists. I guess Jesus was an etremist too. Lucky for us we have a written set of rules that pretty well protect us and make us unique on this particular planet. It is that constitution that we used to rebel from offensive rules of religion, firearms restrictions and ownership of private property. Think about it, in old England commoners could not worship freely except at the Church of England, we could not own firearms or land…all else revolves around those 3 basic freedoms….freedom of religion and to own land and guns…..and I think we hd to kill something like 20,000 British to get away from that oppression, and they killed like 25,000 of us……now, when any person or group tries to take away those freedoms, they become extremists….now some folks like Glenn Beck, who I cannot stand, are far to one end, and another, Hillary Clinton, whom nobody can really trust, historically has been far to the other extreme…so please don’t call them douchbags just politely recognize and comment and vote your religion, whatever it may be….and remember, you can’t get to heaven if you vote contrary to your religion and that is the ultimate lie….duh? And as for me and my house we support the right to own and bear arms by all good guys and mentally competent people…

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I hate seedy tales of personality dysfunction such as this. The primary impact this story has upon me is when I wonder why we can’t have $400 Glocks, and the answer is… LAWYERS.

  • OldOldLawyer

    I bought my first Glock (19) in 1990 and always thought of it as the ugliest gun I ever owned….but I never owned a high point, anyway, I have carried them in law enforcement, CCW, and as a second gun while hunting and hiking in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas and maybe other states….so while I dont like the looks, the guns are perhaps the most reliable on the planet…my new Glock 43 shoots like a dream and fits my pocket…now, the lawsuits listed have nothing to do with the design or manufacture of the gun. And they have even less to do with the one you put in your pocket and how well it works. So who cares if the old man made a pass at his lawyers wife and who cares if there was internal corruption a decade ago. It’s like what Hillary Clinton said about the 4 guys murdered at Bengazi and long since dead on the day she testified;;;;;”what does it matter now anyway”