AK Guy’s AKs In The USA

Brandon Herrera, aka The AK Guy, has started an Indiegogo campaign to crowd fund a documentary of big manufacturers, builders, YouTubers, and other prominent people in the American AK Industry.



His goal is rather reasonable. $6,000 to fund the logistics of making this video series. If he can raise more funds, then even more content will be available.

He has perk levels setup from $5 up to $5000.

If you want to help out or check out the campaign, here is the link.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Hillary Clinton

    The AK is such an interesting weapon with a very rich obscure history.
    Did Hugo Schmeisser make or Kalashnikov? From its birth this rifle has been
    a conundrum. The weapon of the bad Guy.

    • Chris22lr

      Sudayev designed it.


    • Steve Truffer

      Kalashnikov designed it. Schmeisser worked out where rivets needed to go for a stamped receiver to work (Type one AK’s are basically crimped together, with the center support being the only major rivet. Fine for 7.62×25, not so much for x39)

      • Esh325

        I always wonder why it took the Soviets so long to perfect the stamped receiver AK. The Russians were no strangers to stamped sheet metal receivers with the numerous stamped sheet metal SMG’s and LMG’s issued in WW2. I suppose designing a mass produced lightweight sheet metal receiver for an assault rifle was a totally different ball game?

        • Steve Truffer

          Open bolts can get away with a lot of things, mechanically speaking. They can use a lighter than otherwise appropriate bolt mass in a blowback, significantly alters the stresses of locked breech systems, and the closed bolt AK offers a major departure from that paradigm. 7.62×39 has twice the bolt thrust and triple the energy of x25. What was perfectly acceptable in a PPD/PPSh/PPS simply did not hold up. The Russians spent some time on figuring out a good rivet pattern that did not require excessive milling (Which would mitigate 2 major advantages of stamped recievers, speed and cost) yet provided adequate strength. Even into the 74 they further refined it to cut weight at the stock tang.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Or people could simply read “The Gun” by CJ Chivers.

  • Esh325

    I’d say the only reason why the AK-47 is seen as a weapon of the bad guy is because of the dominance of Hollywood and US media in the world. I’m sure to a lot of Vietnamese they saw GI’s armed with M16’s as the bad guys weapon, or a lot of Iraqis probably thought the same.

    • The Brigadier

      Also its the rifle of choice for most jihadists, America’s bad guys.

  • Justin Officer

    And I want an Umpalumpa…

  • The Brigadier

    A question Nick. Has anyone ever fixed the AK trigger slap? I read a claim about five or six years ago that some American company had solved this, but I forgot the name of the company. Do you have any knowledge for this fix?