Reminder: Don’t Tamper With A Colleagues Gun

In an apparent attempt to “teach a lesson” to another offer, a Georgetown, Texas, police office has been fired after messing with the zero on another officer’s duty rifle after the other officer forgot it at the range.

According to KXAN, the officer took the firearm to a local gun shop to have the staff manipulate the firearm.

According to an official disciplinary memo from Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero, instead of returning the rifle, Bermudez took it to the Guns Plus gun shop in Georgetown — where he allegedly spoke with the clerks about manipulating the gun’s components, specifically the sights and firing pin.

When the clerk asked why he would want that to be done, Bermudez allegedly said, “To teach him a lesson to not leave his [expletive] laying around.”

The original offending officer (who forgot his rifle) reported to his superiors that the weapon was tampered with after the second officer notified the first when out to a meal the next day. Throughout the subsequent investigation, the second officer lied to investigators and has been  “indefinitely suspended.”

For the full story, click here to be taken to KXAN. 

Remember, guns are a matter of life and death. Don’t mess with your colleagues weapons.

Nathan S

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    Mess with another cops gun you get fired. Shoot civilians, tax payers will cover the expense.

    • sauerquint

      Isn’t the guy that’s still there in for a blanket party for ratting out one of the “brotherhood”?

      • Jeff

        I think we should worry about any brotherhood that’s ok with a member risking another members life by tampering his rifle.

        • If it was my duty rifle we would have a real problem! What if I was called on to take a shot at a suspect and missed and hurt an innocent because of this idiot’s actions.

          • RICH

            AMEN ! Stupidity at it’s finest ! !

          • uisconfruzed

            Or if it went click instead of bang & someone other than the perp got killed/wounded.

      • In short no—–

    • Bal256

      He a good boy, he dindu nuffin!

    • Usually because that civvie did something to be shot. Robbery, rape, murder etc.

      • RaunchyDawg

        Thumbs down.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    So this dipsh-t couldnt move the sights and remove the firing pin himself?

    • Budogunner

      Exactly what I thought. This guy is just another button pusher. If rather he be in prison for theft of a department firearm.

    • Kyle

      Apparently. Sort of a pot and kettle scenario. What an idiot.

    • sam

      Yep, needs help to do that but is teaching someone else a lesson. SMH.

  • USMC03Vet

    That officer that “lost” his rifle should be fired for not only being neglectful but also a major b****.

    What a ridiculous story.

  • Phil

    That’s the same officer caught on film tripping high school girls when they rushed the football field after a big win. He should have been fired then and charged with assault. Just goes to prove that criminals (Bermudez) typically escalate in their mischievousness.

  • A.WChuck

    A Hello Kitty sticker on the grip achieves the same “lesson” without risking anyone’s life.
    This agency sure needs some house cleaning…

    • DaveP.

      I was thinking, “Can of bright pink Cerakote” myself…

  • Robocop

    not condoning it at all, but it’s probably the lying that cost him his job.

    • True enough

    • Charles Applegate

      As a society, we cannot tolerate professionally dishonest police officers. Lie in an official capacity and you’ve got to go.

      • Robocop

        Absolutely. You can fix… Or at least minimize stupid… You can’t fix a lack of integrity though

  • Not_a_Federal_Agent

    Thanks for the “reminder”
    I was just about to go to the range with my Glock sight drifter and mess around with all the Glocks that got left there. It’s usually what I do on my days off but after reading this article I learned my lesson.

  • DannyBoyJr

    The thin blue line only works against civvies. If you mess with your own, you will get no protection.

  • Rooftop Voter

    Or an Air Marshall leaving his duty weapon on the floor in the toilet of an airplane.

    • mosinman

      yup. its this kind of crap that just makes em facedesk

    • Grindstone50k

      Or a federal agent leaving the gun that gets found on a beach wrapped in a t-shirt.

  • It sounds like this guy is the Steve-O of police officers. Glad he’s off the force.

  • DaveP.

    If y’all read the article, Officer Unemployed wasn’t fired for messing with his co-worker’s rifle or lying like a rug during the IA investigation (though I agree that that’s bad enough). He was fired for doing all this after being given the final warning by his boss, after the LAST time he made headlines by acting the fool… which was less than a year ago.

    • Charles Applegate

      “Last year, Bermudez was previously suspended for being seen on video tripping students rushing onto a soccer field in celebration.”

      What a jackass.

      • Paul B.

        If I committed assault and battery on an innocent person while on the job, I know I would be fired and charged criminally.

        Higher standards, folks, higher standards.

  • Grindstone50k

    Didn’t the rifle’s owner forget it at the range? I see two fails here.

  • iksnilol

    You don’t mess with someones weapon. A stupid sticker or something that can’t cause harm, sure. But messing with the firing pin and sights? That can get somebody killed.

    • Yeah, that rifle was *begging* for a My Little Pony sticker and a pink fluffy boa wrapped around (or replacing) the sling. Nothing that affects the mechanics (beyond maybe having to reinstall the sling), and nothing not reversible with a cleaning kit and effort.

      • iksnilol

        Exactly, humiliate but don’t do harm. Besides, it is more effective to have your coworkers snicker at you than catching a bullet.

  • john4637

    Where I worked that would have been settled down in the locker room!

  • John

    Note to self: Never buy anything from the chuckleheads at Guns Plus in Georgetown.

  • J S

    So, I take it this is the trailer for a new Dumb and Dumber movie?
    One leaves a weapon, another tampers with it.

  • Ryan

    What I have the largest issue with is the very idea that he would tamper with the weapon in a fashion that could have cost someone, likely his colleague, their life. I would like to think of our public servants as much more valuing of human life than this given the responsibilities entrusted to them. This story could very easily have cost many lives depending on the unforeseen situation that might have called for that weapon to be put into use. This story should serve as a deplorable loss of face for this department. We can only hope their civilian oversight has the will to ensure sweeping correction of such attitudes.

  • uisconfruzed

    Bad form

  • Jamie Clemons


  • I’ve done something very similar (albeit not as bad) as a drill sergeant, when some trainee left his weapon lying unattended.

    I like the s*** out of this.

  • Reminds me of the cop’s wife who was terrified of her husband’s loaded service revolver. So Dear Abby told her to unload it, but not tell him.