LUCID Optics Shipping the New P7 4X Optic

Regular readers of TFB know we’ve covered and tested Lucid optics several times since they began. I’ve always found them to give a lot of value and quality for the money. This new P7 promises the same. It’s good to see they now have this new 4x optic.

This is the new reticle on the P7:

P7 reticle view one

P7 reticle view one

4X view two

4X view two

From the Lucid press release:

Wyoming (July 2015) – LUCID Optics, a Wyoming based manufacturer of weapons mounted optics and firearm accessories, Is proud to announce the new P7 4X Optic is now shipping to distributors and is available for purchase.

The P7 offers fast-targeting with a highly useful ballistic MOA measuring tape in the reticle. This reticle is specifically designed to offer the fast target acquisition necessary in a combat optic, along with highly useful MOA measuring tape with ballistic hold-over information up to 80 MOA in elevation. This allows for the operator to manage any target with relative ease, near or far.

An auto brightness sensor is standard, as well as reversible mounting pins. The entire optic runs up to 2500 hours on a single AA battery. Waterproof, shockproof and fogproof the P7, weighing in at only 19 ounces, is up to the challenge of any mission.

Other key features include, an adjustable ocular focus, chemical rubber armor, 25mm ocular lens, auto shut off, 10 brightness levels, 30mm objective lens and eye relief of 3.25”.

“The P7 4X Optic is our new top-of-the-line product offering,” says Jason Wilson, Founder of LUCID Optics. “This optic competes with any other brand on the market today, at a fraction of the cost. At LUCID, we are dedicated to offering mission ready optics that are proven, responsive and affordable.”

The P7 4X Optic has an MSRP of $435.

Launched in 2009, LUCID has grown into a successful emerging firearm accessories company that delivers high quality and affordable gear for the shooting sports industry. LUCID manufactures red dot sights, rifle scopes, magnifiers and accessories for firearms. LUCID’s foundation and passion is in balancing quality optics with affordable prices.

For more information on LUCID Optics, visit them online at

Featuring the NEW P7 Reticle.
Auto Brightness Sensor – So the operator does not have to take a hand off the weapon to manipulate the reticle brightness when going from a bright environment to a darker one.
Reversible Mounting Pins – We made the mounting pins reversible so the Bull Pup weapons can utilize the HD7 without cracking the knuckles of the operator when the bolt carrier needs charged.
AA Battery – An economical and readily available power source for offering over 2500 hours on a single AA battery.
Mounting – A robust Picatinny rail mount is built in for secure and rock solid mounting to most weapons platforms.
100% Waterproof, Shockproof & Fogproof – Because you never know what environmental conditions you will be in when you need to rely on your weapon system.
Available“Killflash” filter.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • JumpIf NotZero

    Cha cha cha Chinese!

    And what have I ever done without a 1000y marking in my cheap 4x glass? Really, how have I ever gotten by without that seriously important marking!?

    I dont see how anyone could justify supporting still-wants-to-look-like-an-American-ACOG garbage like this. It’s knockoff filler, nothing more.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      Some of these cheap-o optics are pretty good quality. This, and Primary Arms. I prefer tried and true glass like Aimpoint and Zeiss as they are pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime. This is also why I can never decide what to buy.


        Who and where it is made does not matter, it is about quality control.
        Primary arms scopes are heavily abused and tested by AK47 union on youtube and passed with flying colors.
        In fact AK47 union guys recommend the scopes for anyone not born with a trust fund.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          “Who and where it is made does not matter” – yea… When it’s cheap garbage that’s styled to look like a knockoff. It’s does tho.

          And you’re comparing the AK47, one of the most successful designs of the entire 20th century to a piece a crap Chinese optic that will be replaced in 6 months.

          Kudos for the logical Grand Canyon there.

          • Larry Glitter

            Somebody switched out your decaf. Mauserman was not comparing the AK47 “to a piece [of] crap Chinese optic.”

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Some Chinaman took his legs in Korea.

          • Emfourty Gasmask

            He’s just trying to justify his expensive purchases without realizing that technology generally becomes cheaper over time, which is why you can by $200 scopes these days that are very comparable to bleeding edge Vietnam era scopes in terms of durability and visibility. Not the best, but it works if you’re shooting paper and soda cans and will work for years to come.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I see his point about buying American but the fact is a lot of that stuff is ridiculously overpriced. I will most likely never buy an ACOG for that reason. Lights and optics are the most insanely priced items on the planet so its no wonder people buy Chinese.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Try and make an ACOG, then tell us how overpriced they are. Hell, try and make anything in the US, then tell me how overpriced it is.

            You know the Trijicon facility in Wixom MI gets regular visits from the nuclear regulatory commission right? You think that’s free?

          • Timothy G. Yan

            ACOG was selling for $700-$800, then the US military start ordering it…..then the price jump in a short time to $1400-$1500. The military still paying the old price but for your dirty civvie… you get the -200% discount! There are fanboys and sucka born everyday.

          • Very true and the price jump happened quickly!

          • Hyok Kim

            How dare you begrudge a little price gouging for the patriotic company serving the troops?

            It’s called supply and demand, what free market is all about. Almost sound like a commie.

          • Hyok Kim

            It’s the American way, charge as much as you can while waving the flag!

          • Hyok Kim

            Since you’re big on US made, have you ever tried US Optics? Supposedly the best US optics company, and one of the best in the world, but I have never had a chance to try one. If it is equal to Zeiss, I would buy one, since they offer a long eye relief version, if not Scout unlike Zeiss.

          • MAUSERMAN

            Arms too.

          • Vince

            ??I thought it was his brains.

          • Rich Guy

            Do you ever give it a rest on here?

          • MAUSERMAN

            #1. You should start with reading first, or learn to read.

            Yes, your opinion really “matters”
            I am going listen to you, Mr mall ninja over spatsnaz, and sf guys. Not to mention primary arms track records speaks for itself.

          • sliversimpson

            I would never buy an AK… They’re imported!!! ????

          • Hyok Kim

            Aren’t some of them made in US?

          • Doug73

            Please stop with the “unfair labor” garbage.

            I work for a large company that often gets hit with the “they use unfair foreign labor” meme. But you know what? When we open a new factory in China or another (relatively) low-cost labor country, it’s not uncommon for 10,000 people to apply for one of the 200 jobs available.

            Why? Because working in an air-conditioned factory subject to independently-monitored safety and welfare standards beats the hell out of working the rice paddy’s or working for a local employer who most certainly WILL abuse their labor.

            Go tell the labor working in one of my company’s factories that they’re being treated “unfairly”, and then watch these workers laughing at your ignorance and naïveté.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        If you want a PA red dot for a 22lr, whatever, go for it. Know that it’ll break and its cheapening the market – but I’m a realist, it’ll happen and its ok.

        But when it’s a 4x modeled to look like an ACOG, exposed turrets, a garbage reticle with 1000y markings… No. Don’t support such nonsense.

        • Emfourty Gasmask

          Had my PA red dot for 3 years now, in and out of carbine courses and 3 gun games. I’m still waiting for my $100 optic to break or lose zero like pretty much everybody said over the last 3 years.

          • My Lucid has been used two years as of next month and it works as well now as it did on day one. Battery life is great. 2500 hours on a single AA battery.

        • Budogunner

          Just pointing out that your statement about Primary Arms optics is potentially actionable libel, as a friendly heads-up.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            No. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about but thanks for the laughs.

            Libel would be if I had some inside knowledge of the company and their processes, or I was a competitor making false claims to discredit, or if I had a vested interest in making hem fail….

            Me saying a company’s products are cheap Chinese knockoffs (they are) is not libel. It’s the truth that people look past because they like a good deal, which depending on what you are putting it on imitate be fine.

            The bigger issue IMO is people like you who are willing to hit POST on something that has no bearing on reality what-so-ever just you can join the circle-jerk.

          • Budogunner

            You are right, “Chinese knockoff” isn’t actionable as far as I know. I was referring to your statement that their product will break on a .22lr platform. If untrue, that is a statement to discredit the company in a way that could be materially damaging. I’ve seen this happen before, though it largely depends on how thick of skin the company has.

            I hit POST to inform you of this in an effort to protect you, TFB, and Discus from needless Cease and Desist orders and takedown notices. I’m not sure what you are referring to with your circle jerk comment.

        • Dracon1201

          I’m actually not sure you know what you are even talking about. PA does great. It passes every torture test that is thrown at it, and keeps on ticking. Some people don’t want to pay a premium for marginally better glass. Hell, their “cheap” red dot has survived for the past 3 years on my KSG on regular range trips.

    • SCW

      You’re one negative S.O.B.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Dude, getting pissed about every cheap piece of Chinese crap in this country is a recipe for a coronary.
      Stay out of Walmart for sure.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        No doubt! Fully agreed.

        In this case, I would say pick your battles. Lucid optics are bottom-bin Chinese garbage and there are reasonable priced / excellent quality alternatives readily available.

        If I need a bottle brush or a TV, yea, no point in even considering options. But in this case, I would say make a stand.

    • Not everyone wants to blow $1200+ on a range toy. Not everyone is going to Iraq, and not every rifle needs to have battle-tested high-end stuff on it, amazingly enough.

      And in this day and age, all you do by disparaging shooters for buying what they can afford is not getting them to buy kit made in the US, but rather just not getting involved. And this is the same reason that people don’t get involved in the shooting sports: People spend so much time and energy being negative about everything and trash-talking that rather than feel welcome and accepted and encouraged to learn and use what they can afford, they’re pretty much crapped on if they don’t have the best or the latest or whatever.

      Seriously, it’s guys like you that make new potential shooters go “uh, wtf?” and turn and walk out of the range/store before even getting there.

      You don’t have to buy this optic if you don’t want it. More power to you. But please for the love of god get off the damn computer and go for a walk and find something positive to do with your time instead of trashing things and turning off people that get the wrong impression of our community, hey?

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Yea.. What I’m talking about has nothing to do with the shooting community. I make a very decent living – I won’t buy garbage. I consider myself too poor to buy cheap. If you don’t understand those words now, someday you might.

        I suppose it’s expectedly-ironic that the people buying cheap garbage made in unfair labor conditions, rationalizing away the idea that they’re buying knockoffs of something because it fits their budget better – are the same people that will complain about job outsourcing, be the ones likely to lose their livelihood to knockoffs, and suffer the consequences of a race to the bottom effect (Walmart culture).

        But hey, it looks kinda like an ACOG, and it’s CHEAP! Go for it!

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          To be fair… $435 is not cheap. I can get a Trijicon Reflex sight for only $100 more. Does that mean Trijicon is cheap?

          $60 is cheap for optics.

          $435 is “middle of the road”. I can get Nikon glass for less money. Does that mean Nikon is garbage?

        • TheDudeAbides

          Unfair labor conditions? Unfair to who? We get goods we want (well all of us except you, since you only buy ‘merican!) for less money and some “Chinamen” (Donnie, Asian American please) gets to work inside a building with a roof and running water instead of being barefoot in a cold, wet, rice patty praying he doesn’t get sepsis so his foot doesn’t rot off.

        • Giolli Joker

          I’m curious: do you have an Asian designed and made* mobile phone or an American designed and Asian made* mobile phone that’s everything but cheap?

          Or maybe nobody would dare to call you so you don’t need a mobile? (Joking… I hope you’re a bit more cheerful in your day to day life 🙂 )

          *in unfair labor conditions

        • roguetechie

          this attitude is what lets certain manufacturers charge positively insane markup for products that sometimes aren’t even AS GOOD as the brands they scoff at! Interestingly enough I think a grad school psych major could do one hell of a ground breaking placebo effect and branding study as their post graduate or even doctoral thesis.

    • sliversimpson

      I understand your point. Still, it’s nice to know there are cheap options for us to put on our range toys, plinkers, and practice tools.

      Surely you understand that most products that you purchase and consume are (partially, at least) imported.

      I really do agree, though. Buy American when you can. However, let’s not war over the small things. Instead let’s unite on the big things!

    • You obviously didn’t see my review of the first optic they came out with. Similar in look it got great comments from the readers who owned one. I know I was impressed with it and still use it. Good product at a good price.

      • Hyok Kim

        How is this Lucid compare with ACOG, Aimpoint, Nikon, US Optics and Zeiss?

        My experience was that optically ACOG, Aimpoint and Nikon were nothing spectacular, well, in fact, most optics were nothing spectacular. Only optic that really impressed me was Zeiss.

        Problem is that for some reason, Zeiss doesn’t seem to believe in Scout concept, not even long eye relief.

    • patrickiv

      I bet you’re a big hit at parties.

    • Vladof

      Interesting, you always post crap about Chinese product, but in fact 90% of the “hi end” T7075 alluminium product “proudly made in usa” are CnC machined on Chinese/Japanese 5axis machines used by some of your “proud” company. Very interesting dude 🙂 (sorry for my bad english)

      That remember a topic on saiga12 forum when the owner of “ChaosUsa” tell some crap about chinese product, but it make ALL this product on Matsura CnC machine they get for 250 000$ over sea; again, really interesting state of mind … (and again sorry for my english)

    • …as you type on your Chinese made phone or computer!

  • GreatScott

    Lucid has always put out some good stuff at a reasonable price point, and this appears to be another product in that class. Sure, if I was rich, everything would be adorned with Aimpoints and Trijicons, Swarovski’s and Zeiss’s, but I am not a rich man. Nor am I an operator. My main ‘go-to’ Rifle does wear an Aimpoint, but that means that not everything else has to. Primary Arms, Lucid, Leatherwood/Hi-Lux (and others) have some good offerings these days that do the job pretty damn well, and without spending the kid’s college fund in the process. I like the idea of a light fixed 4x optic and this appears to be an option worth exploring further. Thanks for the write up, TFB

    • You bet glad to announce this new optic. I’ve already requested one to review. Since I reviewed the first impressive scope I thought I’d do this one as well.

  • tony

    Chinese optics are catching up in quality.
    That is great news for consumers!

  • powerwiz

    Always glad to see whoever continue to plow forward. If anything it adds to the market, helps lower costs, and forces others to innovate more. Won’t be buying one since I have a ACOG on my rifle but I do like it.

  • patrickiv

    Price tag makes me cry.

  • And word on minimum eye relief distance? Also, will it accept the flash kill and 2x extender from the HD7?

  • fmike15

    Too much going on in that reticle for that kind of scope. 1000 yards???? Really kinda hard to take it seriously.

  • IXLR8

    Take my money please!
    Lucid is still a bargain. The L5 and HD7 are superb. I can’t wait to give ths one a try.
    The quality of the reticle on the L5 is amazing. I hope this one is just as crisp.

  • CavScout

    You get what you pay for.

    • And what you get is comparable in quality, durability, and superior in price point by a huge margin to what top end Western companies were making twenty years ago.

      Lucid and Primary Arms aren’t as good as a 2015 (or 2010) Aimpoint or Trijicon, true. But they aren’t Leapers or NCStar, either.

      And, I actually have an Aimpoint and am thinking of an ACOG, VCOG, or Browse for another rifle. So it’s not like I’m just shopping the airsoft bins at the local funshow…

  • Hyok Kim

    As for Chinese made goods, cheap mass produced goods are one thing, supposedly high quality goods are another.

    It’s not that Chinese are not capable of building high quality goods. They are. Some of the best audiophile products are made in China, and they are not cheap. These are sophisticated artisan products hand made by the people who are truly passionate about music.

    Problem is with PPC, being so anti-gun, they don’t have the tradition of building high quality firearms (I’m not talking about cheap knock offs of Mausers they used to build), much less high quality optics.

    They only want to make money by producing goods cheap enough. As for the quality, it’s just more than performance in the short period of time, it also includes durability.

    The word is yet to come as far as the durability and the robustness of the product in the field. If I drop it at shoulder height, is it going to break? If it goes through downpour once, is it going to fog up, or worse unusable?

    Let’s just say I’ve burned too many times by Chinese made instrument over the years.

  • Hyok Kim

    I think it’s good they build fixed power, and long eye relief scope. Personally I am not in favor of variable scope (too fragile compared to fixed power), and long eye relief is really handy at short to medium distance, and barring professional snipers, there is no practical needs for people to take a 1000 yard shot.