EOTech Laser Battery Cap for the EOTech 500 Series Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTech Laser Battery Cap (LBC) is an unique product.  I would call it more of an add-on module than just a cap. The EOTech LBC replaces the AA battery compartment on the EOTech 512, 552 holographic weapon sights (HWS) and the latest 518 and 558 model with build-in riser w/ QD lever. It’s also available pre-installed with the 552 model.


The EOTech LBC added a bit of width on both sides to the 500 series holographic weapon sight. The installation is extremely simple by just lifting up the locking lever in the middle, then remove the stock battery cap and replaced it with the LBC. There’s enough clearance for either lasers to clear the widest folding front-sight. Although, if you prefer to mount the weapon lights at an angle around the 2 or 10 O’clock position on the handguard, you will need to make sure that doesn’t block the laser emission.


I like how the add-on LBC module integrates with the EOTech sight. Although the laser must be zeroed independently of the sight, unlike the more intricate single adjustment system used on the Meprolight MOR  that syncs both the sight and the laser together. However, zeroing the LBC laser is very easy. Just move the laser dot until it lines up with the center dot in the EOTech’s reticle.


Another limitation with the LBC arrangement is that if the shooter is using the C-clamp type hand hold, that may block one of the laser. The visible laser is on the right side of the LBC 2 dual laser model and it features a red laser that’s usable indoor or at low light. On the left side is the Infrared laser for use with night-vision device.


Each laser designator has its own activation switch. Flipping the lever up will turn on the laser. Just beneath each activation switch is an accessory port for plugging in the optional remote pressure switch (CLF-053-4). I wish EOTech would have included a protective plug for the accessory port and to cover up the shiny brass contact.


Overall, the EOTech LBC module is a good add-on to expand the capability of the EOTech sight and the weapon. It’s seems to be well made and at half the price as most affordable Laser Device discrete laser designator models.

EOTech Laser Battery Cap 2 Specification:
Length: 2.7 inch (68.5mm)
Height: 3.2 inch (81.2mm)
Width: 0.96 inch (24.3mm)
Weight: 4.9 ounces (140g)
Power: 2x AA batteries
Battery Life: 24-36 hours with 1 laser, 12 hours with both lasers
Water Submersible: 33 ft (10m)
MSRP: $429

Street price: LBC2 w/ dual lasers at $395, LBC w/ visible laser only at $265.

Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim’s direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at- gmail.com


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    So you could have two lasers on your laser sight?
    I don’t know if that’s enough.

    • ca

      The 2nd laser is infrared for night vision or for air support target spotting.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Thank God, the last time I needed an air strike I was SOL.

        • Timothy G. Yan

          Not everyone is as high-speed as you dude. Most of us need IR laser when working with NV gear.

  • kbroughton77

    I can understand the purpose of the infrared laser, but what’s the point of a red laser when you’re already running a holographic sight?

    • Canadian Vet

      I’m no expert, but I seem to recall a time when the US Forces in Iraq were considering adding laser sights to their M9’s, ostensibly as an “additional use of force” layer for the gunners on top of Humvees, citing that a pistol or a red dot might be a good way to get people to back off when they were outside of the arcs of their primary weapon.

      Also, perhaps it is meant to be an aid when they can’t get the weapon properly shouldered? I know an EoTech sight is pretty forgiving when it comes to the relative positions of the shooter’s eye and the weapon itself but I guess it’s a way to alleviate that small possibility?

      However, based on that, MIL/LEO EoTech sights have a switch to go from a visible-light reticle to one that is NVG-friendly. So by the same token you mentioned, that IR laser is kinda redundant, unless they are using the same kind of thinking I was in my other paragraphs.

      • Steve

        If they are co-aligned, having a visible laser makes sight-in of the IR laser infinitely more user-friendly. These are likely not co-aligned, however…

    • Jeremy Star

      Zero it for a different distance than the optic. If you flip on the laser, you get a second red dot in your sight.

    • Bill

      That is one of the great mysteries of life. I don’t want another red dot in my sight, one is hard enough to keep track of during an actual fight. And if you have a partner, stack, or platoon all with lasers, you can have a half dozen or more dots in your sight.

      • Dan

        Well thats easy, your dot is the red one 😉

  • Canadian Vet

    If anything, I’d be tempted to say that EoTech is looking at breaking into the market of combat-application lasers like the PEQ-2 or the PEQ-4 by integrating their capability into their optic instead of using a standalone device closer to the weapon’s muzzle.

    Other than the possible interference caused by canted secondary sights or the shooter’s hand if he uses the c-clamp grip, I think it’s a pretty good idea overall but I’m curious about zeroing those at all, or if they can even KEEP a solid zero when batteries are changed or if the weapon gets jolted.

    • Steve

      EoTech is part of L3. L3 manufactures the ITPIAL (i.e. PEQ-2(A)), ATPIAL (i.e. PEQ-15, LA-5, etc.), the PEQ-16 that the USMC use, and at least half of all other commonly seen military lasers and laser illuminators. It’s pretty safe to say they aren’t really trying to break into this market.

  • iksnilol

    You won’t have a problem with the thumb blocking your laser if you, y’know… HOLD THE RIFLE LIKE A NORMAL AND SANE HUMAN BEING!

    • Taylor TX

      Mine hand doth not touch the magwell lest I need to reload. Seriously though, I got a good laugh from your comment.

      • iksnilol

        Ah, you are one of those people… G****** C-Clamp heretics.

        Nah, I don’t really care. I grip the magwell because I am lazy and don’t want to shoot more than once. I am accuracy oriented like that.

        • Taylor TX

          Burn the Heretic! I suppose Im a mutant then, I actually prefer to use a stubby VFG like the BCM or MOE (which is currently on my Frankenrifle). Im also proportionate, so I dont have arms like Andre the giant to facilitate some epic C clamping. I dont see why the accuracy would change much at all, the fundamentals are still the same even if your hand moves a foot or so forward.

          • iksnilol

            Eh, hand back means a hand on center of gravity. Less fatigue over time.

            I have seriously considered just removing the handguard on my AK, I mean, I don’t use it. It’s just dead weight.

  • So it makes the EOTech’s short battery life even shorter? The weight you save in not having a separate laser disappears with all of the extra batteries you’ll need to prevent your primary sight from flickering out.

    • Joshua

      When I saw them at SHOT a year ago they ran on separate AA batteries.

      • The product manuals on the EOTech website don’t show separate or additional batteries for this product versus the stock optics. The number of batteries (2) doesn’t change between the stock battery cap and the two alternative battery caps. The battery life claims also call out a specific power setting for the optic.

        I suspect you might be thinking of the Laser Devices EOLAD, which was an bolt-on hood/shield for the optic with a built-in laser. EOTech and Laser Devices cooperated on marketing these for several years.

        • Laserbait

          I stand corrected. I did confuse it with the EOLAD too.

    • Laserbait

      1000 hours isn’t exactly short (41.6 days straight on time). And the lasers have their own power source, they don’t use the sights power.

      • Dan

        My last black ops call out to the range ran 39 hours, that’s cutting it too close

        • Laserbait

          Better get BUIS!