$49 Matrix Arms Keymod Handguards


Checkout this super budget friendly 15″ Keymod handguard I stumbled upon online. They’re made by Matrix Aerospace and they claim they’re 100% made in the USA out of 6061 Aluminum with a steel barrel nut. Anyone heard of Matrix Aerospace (Matrix Arms)? They retail for $149.99 at the Matrix Arms website and are selling for just $49 plus shipping from a site called Chandler Hardwoods, Inc that used to sell hardwoods but now sells gun parts. Pretty odd I know, their GunBroker reviews seem pretty good however. For $49 plus shipping I may try them out for a future build, they’re also available in 13″ as well. Check them out at chandlerhardwoods.com.

This is a Matrix Aerospace 100% USA manufactured keymod free float hand guard with one Steel Barrel Nut and three screw side clamp shrouds included. This is NOT the crappy Chicom stuff out there for about the same price with Aluminium barrel nuts and screw on shroud. Hand guard will fit all standard mil spec (1 1/4 x 18 tpi) upper receivers. With Delta rings, plastic hand guards and front caps upwards of $32, just the savings in busted knuckles and damaged parts is worth the additional $17. And I guarantee you, that you will love the feel of quality machine work when it all goes together “just right”.

15″ length makes this expensive to ship so maybe it is best to ship with other parts?

Barrel Nut is 1.25 inch x 18 TPI heat treated steel with four 1 3/16 flats to torque.
Torque to spec and gas tube clears low profile nut. No “extra” for alignment.
13″ 6061 Aluminum
1913 Mil spec rail with 35 slots
12 Key mod openings on the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.
Relief cuts for weight reduction and heat dissipation.
Total weight of 12.9 oz including BBL nut and three hex head screws.
Mil Spec type 3 flat black finish.

Ray I.

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  • ManBear

    Whoa … and I thought the $80 handguards on Amazon were a good deal

  • Jay

    Sold out…

    • #datamine

      Yeah, I was going to try one out.

  • Common Sense

    I’m only going to say it once: You get what you pay for!

    Keymod holes are pointed in different directions in the two pictures above.
    chandlerhardwoods looks about as sketchy as they come. No brand names on anything other than matrix.
    Use of a racial slang in a product description. Seriously?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Chicom? That’s more of an abbreviation I think.

      • flyingburgers

        I’m offended. The Taiwanese are equally capable making cheap crap as the mainland.

        • #datamine

          As are we.

          • flyingburgers

            Americans? No, we make expensive crap.

      • NAVORD

        Chinese-Communist, right?

    • SlippedThroughTheCracks

      “Use of a racial slang”

      You might want to go change your panties. Better unclutch those pearls, first, Agnes.

    • @CommonSense: Keymod holes are pointed different directions because the top picture is of a 13″ handguard and the bottom is a picture of a 15″ handguard. We’ve been asked not to include brand names on our items by the manufacturers because our prices would hinder their sales. If you’ve done a lot of builds, you can tell who the parts are from, though 😉

      • Paladin

        The keymod holes should not change direction regardless of the length of the handguard.

    • Right-wing Realist

      Kill yourself

  • stephen

    Looks good to me.

  • NDS

    I got a Matrix Aerospace upper & lower for a budget build a few years back, and they were your typical generic mil-std forgings. The finish on the inside of the upper was slightly purple in color, but who cares? They were inexpensive and fit extremely well, no accuwedge needed.

  • Jay

    I bought the UTG rail for my 308 build for $125. Solid and well made!

  • Nic

    Matrix Aerospace makes components for Rugers ARs including handguards, uppers/lowers. So that should be an indication of quality level.

    • Adam aka eddie d.

      Interesting info, could you specify your source?

      • Nic

        Well other than speaking with Matrix in regards to their products there are countless forums, threads, gb auctions on the web that state very clearly that Ruger has contracts with Matrix to produce large components for their SR weapon lines. I posted a response to Rick with more detail.

    • Rick5555

      Ruger rails for their piston line AR’s are from Troy. A quad rail to be precise. As far as their upper/lowers. They come from CMT (Cross Machine and Tool). Most manufactures get their uppers/lowers from either CMT, LMT (Lewis Machine and Tool). These companies actually, get the raw forged pieces and they machine the holes and mag well, etc. Some companies elect to anodize the uppers/lowers themselves. Which Ruger does their own anodizing. No Manufacture forges the uppers/lowers. That’s usually done by companies like Anchor Harvey, “A” proof mark, Cerro, who uses a key hole proof mark Or Brass and Aluminum Forger’s who uses a Square proof mark. All three forgers are well known, Anchor Harvey has the best reputation and they bought out Cerro about 2 years ago.
      Matrix, use to be a Hardwoods floor company located in Chandler, AZ. due to various regulations, The floor company subsequently went out of business. The family who owned Chandler Hardwood moved to TN and started a small gun (AR) parts business. I know for a fact Ruger doesn’t use this company. They have like 7 employees. And no way they could keep up with the demand of what Ruger needs. My source….I contacted Ruger.

  • Budogunner

    I hope this is legit and folks get a great deal. There is to much that feels off to me, though. If someone gets one, be sure to report back.

  • Beranimus

    Anyone know inner deminsion of the handguard?

    • Ethan

      Similar to MI Gen2 SS, but skinnier. Smallest profile I have seen on the market yet.
      (Installed mine 2 days ago)

  • Mark

    Never communists? The souls of many million a Chinese that were forced in to communes decades ago by Mao and starved to death during The a Great Leap Forward would like to have a word with you. I spent 2 years studying modern Chinese domestic policy 1910-present. Original source documents a plenty refute you sir. The special economic zones also vary from mostly free markets to politically controlled skimming and in the worst cases are outright provincial theft of leveraged capital. Why do you think the PBOC is so over leveraged the bond market has become decoupled from reality leaving Beijing as the only buyer? Anyways back to firearms…

    • Paladin

      Socialism is state control of the means of production, Communism is a stateless society where property is held in common and the means of production are controlled by the workers. Neither China nor the USSR ever dissolved the state, and so neither of them achieved “true communism”.

  • Name

    They have been communists since the MAO revolution. If you listen to Limbaugh at all, then you would know the meaning of the word Chicom: a term he invented and he uses every day.

    • Paladin

      They’ve been Maoists, and there may have been many who supported the principle of communism, but they are socialists in practice. Communism by definition requires the dissolution of the state.

  • Budogunner

    America isn’t a democracy either, we are a representative republic. Just saying.

    • Paladin

      And calling socialists communists is just as wrong as calling the USA a simple democracy.

      • William_C1

        Communists are communists irregardless of achieving their unobtainable utopian vision of society. There are too many differences between a “purely” socialist system to refer to the two as the same.

        • Paladin

          It’s the difference between principle and practice. It is more accurate to define a country by the actual fact of practice than by the principles they claim to support.

  • No politics guys

    • Paladin

      My bad, just trying to clarify a point of terminology.

  • Rachel Katherine

    Hello, my name is Rachel and I work at Chandler Hardwoods as an admin. I handle these products and more every day. AMA!

    • MBM

      You guys plan on stocking any styles other than the C cut anytime soon?

      • We ran out of the Victor (V-cut) hand guards before the Charlies, but we have more on order. We do not plan on stocking Delta-cut hand guards. However, we will have both Victor and Charlie cut, 13″ and 15″ hand guards in stock again soon, probably within two weeks.

  • Ethan

    Ordered mine as a result of this article, received and installed it 2 days ago. So far I am VERY impressed. I cut it down for a custom pistol build, but it has the smallest profile I’ve seen on a for end to date.

    I typically run MI Gen2’s on my other AR’s, but in some ways I think this system is superior. Its skinnier, feels (subjectively) a little more rigid, and (again subjectively) provides a better gripping surface with its angular profile instead of a smooth, rounded one.

    I doubt its quite as light as the MI Gen2, but its not too far off.