Winchester 1873 Sporter Octogon

Winchester 1873

Winchester Repeating Arms is now shipping the new Model 1873 Sporter Octagon with a case hardened receiver. These rifles were officially introduced at the 2015 SHOT Show and are now available to the public.

Winchester 1873

The rifles have Grade II/III walnut stocks with an oil finish to match the case hardened receiver. The forend cap, lever and buttplate are all case hardened as well.

Winchester 1873

The octagon barrel is 24″ long, and the rifle has a full length tubular magazine. Rifles are available in .357 Magnum/.38 Special and in .44-40 Win. Rifles will hold either 13 rounds (.357 Magnum) or 14 rounds (.38 Special, .44-40 Win.)

Winchester 1873

For sights, Winchester uses a semi-buckhorn rear with a Marble Arms gold bead up front. The receiver rear tang is also drilled and tapped for an optional tang-mounted rear sight. The suggested retail price of these rifles is $1,739.99.

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  • ostiariusalpha

    Now if Colt would start producing the Python again, I could complete my .357 Mag dream team.

    • Michael Guerin

      As a departed friend of mine, with a very nice collection of old Winchester rifles, once said about the Model 73:

      ‘The action only stays locked out of habit’

      Similar caution should be applied to the Model 76.

      Winchester, Marlin, UMC and others riginally made a special point of differentiating between loads for Model 73, etc and loads for the newer rifles such as the Winchester 1892.

      Chambering one of these rifles for a modern smokeless powder round, with its much higher pressures, is grossly irresponsible, in my opinion.

  • Budogunner

    That is a very classy, attractive rifle. Well done, Winchester.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Where are the rails?

    • Cal.Bar

      Yeah, maybe some nice black plastic furniture, some key mod rails, adjustable stock etc. (lol)

      • ostiariusalpha

        Don’t forget the NiB coated internals, Stealth Gray Cerakote, laser engraved Punisher logo, quick-detach suppressor enabled hybrid muzzle device, carbon fiber magazine tube, 45° flip-up iron sights, and polygonal rifling on your cold hammer forged barrel. And a forward assist just for S&G.

        • Porty1119


        • Believe it or not, Winchester introduced cold-hammer forge rifled barrels in their production back in the 1960s. They had even begun forming the chamber and throat during the CHF process as soon as the early 1970s. Yes, even the Model 94 lever action has been factory equipped with CHF rifled barrels for at least three decades, if not longer.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Ha ha! My little wink to all the Winchester barrels made at the FNH-USA plant these days. Much better than the CHF barrels they were putting out before the bankruptcy.

    • HenryV

      I couldn’t hit something by depending on open sights. I am happy Henry have brought out there less flashy Big Boy Steel. I just wish Rossi would clone Marlin. Or Mossberg made 464 in .44 or .357. These Winchesters are lovely but useless to me. 🙁

  • Bill

    For the first time ever I was surprised that the price is as low as it is.

    • Marcus D.

      Low? Uberti makes an 1873 in a variety of lengths (from a carbine 16″ to 24.25″), blued or case hardened, beautiful furniture, in .357, .44-40 or .45LC starting at $500 less. This is a Japanese made firearm–so what you are paying for is the name.

  • jake6348

    Love to have one, to put with my 2 Oct Marlins, but the price tag is just to high! Winchester will probably be next to say they could not keep the doors open. More like, the prices are to high for people.