POTD: Da, Rifle Is Fine!

Retiv sends us this photo of the personal AK-74 of a Russian MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) agent “KardeN”. The rifle sports numerous modifications that actually differ between the two photos, even down to the optics mounts:

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One theme common to Russian special forces users is that they do not flinch at the opportunity to modify their weapons to better suit their line of work. While the AK may not be strictly speaking as adaptable as the AR platform, it has still proven to be highly modifiable in most respects, and I suspect we’ll be seeing front-line users with customized Kalashnikovs for many decades to come.


  • Trey

    The steel magazines in the top two photos is odd. I can’t see Russians thinking Polish or Romanian mags would be practical or plentiful to use. Maybe there is something I don’t know.

    • Esh325

      On his website I believe he said they are Romanian

    • BrandonAKsALot

      You do know Russian made steel mags….

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    What brand of optics do the Rooskies use?

    • In that case? EOTech.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I would have thought that those items would be regulated by ITAR.

        • Steve Truffer

          They are. They don’t care.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            That’s messed up.
            Let the Russians invent their own damn scopes.

          • Cal S.

            But I thought iron sights were best sights?

          • iksnilol

            They are, you can stab people with the front sight if you use the rifle as some sort of pickaxe.

          • LCON

            good Russian gun sight… made in Areni… What you mean Made in America???

            They did invent there own… Even they don’t want to use’em

          • nadnerbus

            It’s almost like ITAR is retarded and is mainly designed to hurt domestic arms dealers.

  • Ajax

    I like these Russians!

  • ClintTorres

    hmmm…optics mounted on receiver cover

    I wonder if it’s modded so that it doesn’t move at all.

    • Cal S.

      I don’t think either of them is receiver-mounted. In the top photo they’re mounted on a side-scope mount. The bottom rail system actually appears to be attached to the handguard rail system. It’s a weird-looking system and I doubt it has a good RTZ as you suggest.

    • Weaver

      in the second pict it looks like a zenitco top cover. It mounts on the lower hand guard and is suppose to be very good.

      • Squirreltakular

        You’re right. Definitely the Zenitco.

        • Владимир Кондрашов

          It is just Zenit infact. Zenitco is just a domain name from Zenit COmpany or something like that.

  • Toshio Mifune

    And even with tall that stuff, it’s a nimble 50 lb !

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    How hard can it be to come up with a decent scope?
    What does Russia spend all its money on? Putins chest wax?

    • Hokum

      In Russia – everything is hard. You see those two massive pressure springs with screws? That’s just to keep the battery compartment cover in place )

      Obviously they don’t care about the money when it comes to government orders. They spend them on super-cars, offshore houses and other delightful things ) Perhaps the putins chest wax too )

  • Porty1119

    I can do better than that with a $40 optic ordered from Amazon. I only wish I were joking.

    • Hokum


    • Владимир Кондрашов

      You are either joking or you simply don’t understand what you are talking about. For $40 “optics” battery life doesn’t matter because that “optics” will fail before first battery dies….

  • Dracon1201

    That Zenit stock, though!

  • Squirreltakular

    Hehe. “Keep that crap off my AK!… Until I need to hit something more easily… or in a dark room, or at night, or more quietly…”

  • iksnilol

    To be fair, some of them are pretty good. I don’t like Russia but it is unfair to cherry pick their worst optic and say it is representative of everything they use.

    The Kobra red dot got over 800 hours on rechargeable 2300 mAH Ni-MH batteries. It is a bit heavy at 400 grams with mount. I would prefer an Aimpoint but the Kobra isn’t a bad optic (+ I really like the reticles on it). The PK01-VS got over 3600 hours battery life.

    Here’s a link to a test done on Russian red dots:

    russianoptics .net/ Battery .html

    I broke the link so the message wouldn’t be held up.

    • All the Raindrops

      There are many fine Russian optics, a lot of the above people don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • zenitco please now thanks

  • ghost

    Which end does the bullet come out of?

    • RedMenace

      All of them, comrade!