Lithuana Stops Buying G36s, Pending German Investigation

In response to the German government’s declaration that the G36 rifle had “no future” with the Bundeswehr, the Lithuanian government has announced it has ceased all procurement of the rifle, also used as standard by their armed forces, pending further results from the German investigation. has the story:

It responds to the army already a couple of months in Germany evolving scandal for the G-36th German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen already talking about the fact that such weapons, NATO has no place in the country’s army and our armed forces will soon determine whether to continue using for several million acquired “Heckler & Koch output.

The scandal of the arms went wide

In Germany the question of the reliability of the G-36 raised at the highest level. The Ministry of Defence acknowledged that one of the most reliable infantry weapon of the German war industry regarded as the G-36 has a “accuracy problems.

German armed forces established by the G-36 accuracy drops due to temperature fluctuations. Using a hot air gun or shooting themselves in long intervals significantly reduces the accuracy of the shots.

This is especially true for German special forces participating in the mission in Afghanistan. German media reports does not lack the potential of G-36 it is observed defect soldiers in Afghanistan, who had a gun to use in extreme conditions – both in hot temperatures and long clashes with militants armed to the teeth.

Scandal snowballed, Defence Minister U.von der Leyen said that the German armed forces, the G-36 has no future.

J.Olekas: plans to buy new weapons has put aside

Lithuanian troops this year planned to equip the new G-36 party. National Defence Minister Juozas Olekas confirmed that it was decided to postpone the deal – so far, for an indefinite period of time. Reasons for the decision – namely the scandal in Germany.

Our soldiers G-36 as a proven and very good weapon.

“We turned to Germany, what is their assessment. They said it is conducting an investigation and we will send the answer is probably in the fall. (…) No claims of other things went wide or did not have.Our soldiers G-36 as a proven and very good weapon. We were in this year, we forecast a significant acquisition. But since the Germans have some doubts, slightly paused, waiting for a final answer in German, “- said J.Olekas.

German political arena shook information that the military leadership about the potential problems of the G-36 has been informed yet of 2012. But NATO partners informed just now.

With contacting the German news channel SWR journalists by his country’s official position of the Ministry of Defense. In April, NATO partners to inform about possible defects weapons, together with recommendations on the use of arms. Main – weapon hostages, allow it to cool to about body temperature before opening fire again.

J.Olekas aspect of this scandal is not inclined to assess it more – for someone to blame former German military leadership.

“I can not say anything. We heard that they have such doubts. We contacted officially. And they promised to study the information presented.And we have suspended your purchase. But again I say our soldiers assessment, it is a good weapon, “- said the Minister of National Defence.

According to him, if not found significant shortcomings in the G-36, Lithuania will continue the “Heckler & Koch’s output acquisition transaction.

(In the original Lithuanian)

Taip kariuomenė reaguoja į jau porą mėnesių Vokietijoje besiplėtojantį skandalą dėl G-36. Vokietijos gynybos ministrė Ursula von der Leyen jau kalba apie tai, kad šiems ginklams NATO šalies kariuomenėje ne vieta, o mūsų ginkluotosios pajėgos netrukus nustatys, ar gali toliau naudotis už keliolika milijonų įgyta „Heckler & Koch“ produkcija.

Skandalas dėl ginklų taiklumo

Vokietijoje klausimas dėl G-36 patikimumo keliamas aukščiausiu lygmeniu. Gynybos ministerija pripažino, kad vienu patikimiausių pėstininkų ginklų Vokietijos karo pramonėje laikomas G-36 turi „tikslumo problemų“.

Vokietijos ginkluotose pajėgose nustatyta, kad G-36 taiklumas krenta dėl temperatūros svyravimų. Ginklą naudojant karštu oru arba šaudant ilgais intervalais esą pastebimai sumažėja šūvių tikslumas.

Tai ypač aktualu specialiosioms Vokietijos pajėgoms, dalyvaujančioms misijoje Afganistane. Vokietijos žiniasklaidoje netrūksta pranešimų, jog galimą G-36 broką pastebėjo būtent Afganistane tarnaujantys kariai, kuriems teko ginklą naudoti ekstremaliomis sąlygomis – tiek esant karštai oro temperatūrai, tiek ilguose susidūrimuose su iki dantų ginkluotais kovotojais.

Skandalui įsisiūbavus, gynybos ministrė U.von der Leyen pareiškė, kad Vokietijos ginkluotosiose pajėgose G-36 nebeturi ateities.

J.Olekas: planai pirkti naujus ginklus kol kas atidėti

Lietuvos kariuomenę šiemet planuota aprūpinti nauja G-36 partija. Krašto apsaugos ministras Juozas Olekas patvirtino, kad nuspręsta šį sandorį atidėti – kol kas, neribotam laikui. Tokio sprendimo priežastis – būtent skandalas Vokietijoje.

Mūsų kariai G-36 vertina kaip labai pasiteisinusį ir gerą ginklą.

„Mes kreipėmės į Vokietiją, koks jų vertinimas. Jie sakė, kad atlieka tyrimą ir mums atsakymą atsiųs turbūt rudenį. (…) Jokių pretenzijų dėl taiklumo ar kitų dalykų neturėjome. Mūsų kariai G-36 vertina kaip labai pasiteisinusį ir gerą ginklą. Mes buvome šiais metais numatę nemažą įsigijimą. Bet kadangi vokiečiai turi tam tikrų abejonių, truputį pristabdėme, laukdami galutinio vokiečių atsakymo“, – kalbėjo J.Olekas.

Vokietijos politinę areną drebina informacija, jog karinė vadovybė apie galimas G-36 problemas buvo informuota dar 2012 m., tačiau NATO partneriams apie tai pranešta tik dabar.

Su susisiekę Vokietijos naujienų kanalo SWR žurnalistai pateikė oficialią savo šalies Gynybos ministerijos poziciją. NATO partneriai balandį informuoti apie galimus ginklo defektus, sykiu pateikiant rekomendacijas dėl ginklo naudojimo. Pagrindinė – ginklui įkaitus, leisti jam ataušti maždaug iki kūno temperatūros prieš vėl atveriant ugnį.

J.Olekas šio skandalo aspekto nelinkęs vertinti, juo labiau – dėl ko nors kaltinti buvusios Vokietijos karinės vadovybės.

„Negaliu nieko pasakyti. Išgirdome, kad jie turi tokių abejonių. Kreipėmės oficialiai. Ir jie pažadėjo tą informaciją su tyrimu pateikti. O mes laikinai pristabdėme įsigijimą. Bet dar kartą sakau: mūsų karių vertinimu, tai yra geras ginklas“, – sakė krašto apsaugos ministras.

Pasak jo, jeigu nebus nustatyta reikšmingų G-36 trūkumų, Lietuva tęs „Heckler & Koch“ produkcijos įsigijimo sandorį.

In other outlets, suggestions have been raised of alternate weapons the government could purchase if the G36 is found defective, and even one of painting the rifles white to slow their absorption of heat from sunlight.

Thanks to Axel for the tip!

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  • Manny Fal

    I wonder if Mexico’s heavily influenced G36 rifle is better than the real thing, and by better I mean not a pos.

    • SP mclaughlin

      It very well may be, but El Chapo would probably earn a cut of every rifle sold to NATO if that ever happened. Kinda ironic since Germoney raided the offices of SIG and HK for selling weapons to Mexico.

      • Pappas

        The chapo scum has nothing to do with the mexican arms industry. And for the mexican rifle question, the early 2006-07 versions were made with cheap plastic and had issues with the magazines (also made of cheap plastic). The actual version that were issued with the army has very improved, but the bulk of the troop prefer the old but reliable G3 rifles.

      • john huscio

        They raided Sig for selling to Columbia and Uzbekistan (I think) not mexico….unlike many other makers, Sig doesn’t seem to have much of a presence in mexico.

    • Mazryonh

      I’d also like to learn whether Mexico’s official armed forces actually dodged a bullet after all, by not adopting the G36 like they were originally going to do.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Lithuania re-allocated the funds to install screen doors on their submarine fleet.

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      No, that joke was meant for POLAND

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Everybody knows Polish subs have beaded curtains.

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    I guess this was translated…

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    That’s quite understandable.

  • hami

    I hope all this means more G36 parts kits will be available in the future!

    • Vitsaus

      … so that we can have Century arms build a gun that was flawed to begin with, then muck it up extra when their fingerless apes put them together?

      • hami

        So I can have cheaper spare parts and accessories for my SL8/G36 conversion

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        Maybe they cancel each other out? Kinda like minus and minus becomes positive.

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      Believe it or not, I am not the only one who has done that.

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    …. oh man, that sweet smelin’ german plastic; my old trabant – I miss it so much!

    • Lol! Excellent reference.

  • john huscio

    Lithuania should take a page from Estonia and buy galils.

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      No kidding? That’s interesting. I wonder what Latvia uses.

      • john huscio

        Latvia uses the g36 as well

  • jorgecal

    G36 is a turd

  • gunsandrockets

    Seems like Lithuania has plenty of G-3 to use as a fallback rifle. I wonder what they will end up using as the eventual replacement for the G-36? No doubt something in 5.56mm, but what?

    With the problems of the G-36 and the French looking to replace the FAMAS there is a great opportunity here. NATO even has another chance at getting a standard rifle. I doubt that will happen though.

    Huh. Apparently the Baltic countries including Lithuania were given quite a few M14 rifles.

  • Frank Aking

    Its funny we take Glock as “battle proven” with WAY less rounds downrange in conflict than the G36…. Maybe we should only base opinions on platforms actually used in wars, and skewed by # deployed.

  • Bungameng

    When CZ rolled out the 805 there has been a lot of complaints about the fact that it isn’t utilizing polymers and other “new” materials the way “modern” rifles like G36 do. I guess they knew what they were doing in Uherský Brod after all.

  • Leigh Rich

    The Lithuanian Armed Forces consist of 15800 active personnel (~2,100 of them – civilian). Just saying.

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