CZ Scorpion Evo 3 922R Kit Update

CZ USA posted a photo on their Instagram page. The caption says that the 922R compliance kit wil be coming out end of summer and the price is set at $199.99:

Due out in late summer 2015, the 922(r) compliance kit and stock for the #CZScorpion will be priced at $199.99. Do you have plans to SBR your Scorp?


Here is a picture that CZ USA posted earlier highlighting the crucial parts that are the area of focus for changing the Scorpion into a compliant rifle.



If you look, they list the following 16 parts:

  • Receiver (10)
  • Barrel (3)
  • Mounting Block/Trunion (9)
  • Muzzle attachment (1)
  • Bolt (30)
  • Trigger Housing (42)
  • Trigger (62)
  • Hammer (57)
  • Sear (61)
  • Disconnector (64)
  • Buttstock (83)
  • Pistol Grip (23)
  • Handguard (6)
  • Magazine body (74)
  • Magazine floorplate (73)
  • magazine follower (71)

That makes it 16 parts. You need to bring the parts count down to 10. Adding US made parts does not cancel out the foreign made parts.  If you look at the picture that CZ USA posted, they replace 7 parts.

Butt stock (which is only the part that extends), Pistol grip, magazine followers, magazine floor plates, a new flash hider, trigger and a disconnector. By removing the czech made parts, the gun will be compliant.

Making the gun compliant is only half the battle. If you do not change the barrel length, then you will need to register it as a short barreled rifle.

Nicholas C

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  • Pmdata

    Strict legality aside, has anyone ever been prosecuted solely for 922r violations?

    • Nicholas Chen

      I haven’t tried in depth research but Google hasn’t found anything significant.

    • hking

      The only instances that have been found where people were charged with 922r violations, they were added on to much larger charges. If I recall correctly one was used in a robbery and another sold without being transferred. It appears there have been no 922r charges based solely on 922r violations.

    • Patrick M.

      Obligatory IANAL. The difficulty in prosecuting someone for it would be that in order to inspect the firearm for 922r compliance the person would have probably had to have already done something illegal to warrant the inspection.

      • Paul Epstein

        Nitpick- they would have had to APPEAR to have done something illegal. They could presumably be innocent of the initial accusation but guilty of the secondary charge. But very good point otherwise.

    • You should also ask if anyone’s been successfully prosecuted solely for constructive possession.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        But I heard on the Internet….

        Oh even better… I heard at my local gun store…

  • insertjjs

    My Scorpion and submitted the form 1, right after seeing this on CZ USA’S Facebook page. Can’t wait to be able to shoot it without torturing my trigger finger.

    • John

      Please enligthen us all – how did you calculate the overall length for your Form 1 w/o either having the kit nor knowing the length of the stock ?

      • Wikipedia lists the unfolded length – good enough for a Form 1. Send in a correction if it’s too far off.

      • insertjjs

        Combination of forums and the factory specs for the select fire evo a1.

    • pc299

      Get the safety delete, no more torture

  • Greg

    I could be wrong, but from what I understand 922(r) compliance doesn’t affect guns on the NFA registry. Is that correct?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Stupid can of worms. There are letters written both ways. Anyone who says the know for certain are wrong. CZ got a letter saying no, so this this kit.

      No one has ever gone to jail for 922r US Made Parts violation.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        Do you know of fines, or any prosecution at all?

    • Maxpwr

      If you mean “Do you need to comply with 922r for firearms registered as NFA firearms?” The answer is yes.

    • Dracon1201

      It can affect SBRs, and does in this case. ATF letter is floating about somewhere.

  • Steve

    “That makes it 16 parts. You need to bring the parts count down to 10. Adding US made parts does not cancel out the foreign made parts. If you look at the picture that CZ USA posted, they replace 7 parts.”

    Actually, I believe the stock is still foreign-made – they include 6 US-made components in the kit.

  • Want!!!

  • Maxpwr

    The US made magazine follower and floorplate are good if you want to go 922R route, but they need to import more magazine bodies and springs…and followers and floorplates for those of us looking for standard imported magazines. Where are the 20 and 30 round magazines they promised?

  • insertjjs

    Left handed.

  • The_Champ

    As a Canadian I just had to educate myself on “922r” compliance, and I must say its nice to see that other countries also have completely insane and nonsensical firearms regulations that only a law maker could find sense in.

    • Maxpwr

      It’s only the law because they couldn’t get a full outright ban on all semi-auto rifles like the Prohibitionists wanted in 1989/1990 time frame. This is what “compromise” looks like in America when the Stupid Party and the Evil Party get together. It’s almost as stupid as Canada’s 5 rounds in a rifle, but 10 rounds in a pistol unless they fit both so they are limited to 5 total (like a Hi Point Carbine situation), but a 1911 magazine in a Marlin Camp Carbine and use 7.

  • HH

    I’ve been waiting for this 922r SBR kit. That will make the gun awesome and a must own for me. Just wish it were full auto but thanks to Hughes that aint happening. SBR is next best thing I guess. Glad to see the kit come out though. Kudos.

  • MclarenF1Forever

    Any chance of a “factory” SBR straight from CZ-USA?

  • miamic70

    WTF is 922r even a thing still?

    • BearSlayer338

      I guess so,I’ve never complied with it though cause it imo serves no purpose.