Rainier Arms Avalanche Customizable Ambi Charging Handle

My friend Ancel, aka Shwell11, got his hands on a new Rainier Arms Avalanche. It is a new ambi charging handle that is customizable. You can pick and choose what handles to put on.



Here are some pictures he took.

Rainier Arms Avalanche 2 Rainier Arms Avalanche 3 Rainier Arms Avalanche 4 Rainier Arms Avalanche


I found these pictures from AR15News.com. According to AR15News, the Avalanche will retail for $79.95 to $99.95 depending on configuration.

Rainier-Arms-Avalanch-Ambi-Charging-Handle-1-copy Rainier-Arms-Avalanch-Ambi-Charging-Handle-2-copy Rainier-Arms-Avalanche-Ambi-Charging-Handle-3

Nicholas C

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  • Budogunner

    Snag? Snag.

    • Mike N.

      Truth. After buying a couple, the only aftermarket charging handle I found to be worth the money over USGI is the PRI Gasbuster. It actually does something and doesn’t poke me in the belly when the rifle is slung.

      • Dan

        You just stumbled on the next great invention. The AR charging handle belly poker shield, also add tactical in there somewhere and you’re rich

        • Giolli Joker

          Make it MOLLE compatible.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Looks cool but I will never know why these little pieces of aluminum cost more that $20.00.

    • Chief Homeslice

      Materials may be cheap, but R&D, CNC time, and business overhead are not. Plus, its not like they are going to sell millions of these, its a very small market.

      • Budogunner

        True, machine time is expensive. That is why it bothers me that they engraved so much branding on top : /

      • txJM

        Then their R&D is focused on the wrong market.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Well, good luck to them I guess but im for damn sure not throwing down over $100 for one.

        • Chief Homeslice

          Me niether!

        • Mohammed

          I’d rather put the $100 into a side charging upper from new frontier armory. And have a better all around ar15.

          • Budogunner

            For what it’s worth, side charging upper + .300 Blk = pure awesomeness.

      • Grindstone50k

        Don’t leave out “branding”

  • toms

    I’m willing to try it out Im a big fan of the raptor. Looks like it could channel backpressure into the eyes though.

    • Tom

      Yeah shooting suppressed with this would be a major pain in the face.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yeah the Raptor is awesome. But Rainier didnt make it. It is made by AXTS.

  • jeff k

    The best charging handle on the market imho

  • Joe Ker

    Ahh, I’d basically end up making a Raptor out of it anyway. (Hard to get much better than Raptor imo)


    My pa always said if it aint broke don’t fix it.

    • Mohammed

      Your pa still shooting flintlocks too then?

      • Dan

        Nope sticks and rocks


        Sure, better than a mall ninja with a $100 charging handle.

    • andrey kireev

      If it’s broke… don’t fix it is what i say…

  • no

    As a lefty, I made the mistake of buying a raptor…now I can never have a rifle without one.

    Why Stag puts a mil-spec left-side only activated charging handle on a left-handed upper with a forward assist sticking out on the left side as far as the latch on the charging handle is beyond me. Even if you shot right-handed, blading it is impossible without an aftermarket charging handle.

    • You can find them on Aliexpress for $18, shipped. I have two 😀

      • no

        “You must spread some reputation around before giving it to lalahsghost again”

        • “Butterfly style metal cocking handle”

      • no

        Thanks for turning me on to that. I hate to go off-topic here but I can’t find a way to send private messages/emails. Anyway, do you have any experience with the freefloat keymod/m-lok handguards on there? I’m curious if they are comparable to the ones they imitate and if so, if you could recommend one? I tried to find a Diamondhead VRS-T knockoff but didn’t have any luck (admittedly, I’m still trying to figure out how to find things when most of the original words have been removed or substituted…for obvious reasons), so I’m wondering about the other models that would work well.

  • mosinman

    yeah i think i’ll stick with the original charging handle, it’s much lower profile

    • Bodie

      What do you mean by, “the original?” Like the original Raptor, or the GI charging handles? If the latter, and you haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of the newer charging handles on the market today, I’d highly suggest you try one out. No need to fork over $100 for one like this (though I did get to try out the Raptor charging handle once and it was really nice), but a cheaper alternative like the BCM Gunfighter is totally worth its price tag.

      • mosinman

        by the standard GI charging handle

  • Devil_Doc

    I wonder if this is replacing the Raptor? Cheaper than I expected from Rainier too.. lol.

  • Mark Apsolon

    You would think it would have been designed with an attempt to divert the gas from a DI system. Just say no to the GASSSSS. Other than that its one coolio looker!