POTD: Built from an 80% Lower

Geoff writes  …

Some time ago I had my 1 and half ARs on the Weekend Photo. I finally finished the 300 AAC Blackout, so now have 2 complete rifles. (and somebody asked about the suppressor, yes, registered with BATFE on a Form 1 and approved by Diane R. Wood, 1/15/2015)

Ares Armor 16″ 1:8 twist, pistol length gas tube, low profile gas block.

Polymer80 GenII Phoenix nylon reinforced 80% lower finished.

PSA Freedom Lower Build Kit.

PSA 5.56 HPT/MPI Full Auto BCG and Mil-spec forged charging handle.

PSA A2 5/8″X24 .308″ flash hider with crush washer.

Stripped upper (unknown) and forward assist/dust cover kit.

Millet Tactical scope mount.

PSA M4 Style Carbine handguard I added a bottom rail for the bipod.

Crosman CenterPoint 4-16X40mm. Red/Green illuminated Mil-Dot reticle variable parallax 5 yards to 100 yards to infinity.

UTG TL-BP78Q Super Duty Tactical OP Bipod quick release rail mount.

Thanks Geoff. It looks good.

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Steve Johnson

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  • Joe Ker

    Good job man. Like the choice of 1:8 for 300blk. I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend that you should drop the $25 on a MOE or BCM grip however. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

    • Vitsaus

      Its entirely possible that he doesn’t mind the way the A2 grip sits in his hand. Not everybody jumps off a bridge because the cool kids are doing it.

      • Joe Ker

        …and that would be fine. Personally, I have postulated in the past that the A2 grip was secretly designed by D Feinstein as an attempt to dissuade future firearms enthusiasts from engaging further in the joys of the AR platform (I hate it that much). But hey, whatever floats your boat. It was just a recommendation. I know the BCM Mod 0/1 has made all the difference for me, having a bit of a tennis elbow/wrist issue at times. Just that little bit of upright angle takes all tension out of my grip. And $25 and 2 minutes of time to swap aint exactly jumping off a bridge, V-man. lol

        • no

          I haven’t tried any of the grips you guys mentioned besides the stock A2, but I replace mine with a Hogue and absolutely love it.

          • OBlamo Binlyen

            Ergo, period end of discussion. I’ve tried stock WTH grips, a MagPul, the Ergo is like sweet., good angle, great texture and very grippy, a pleasure to shoot. Ditto for their stock.

      • JQPub

        Well, I wouldn’t be half as nice about it myself, Vitsaus.

        Dude – if you do not go out and replace that damn A2 grip, you are not only NOT one of the cool kids, you are probably a freedom-hating commie and a retarded one at that. Do you still use a flip phone? Do you still wear those 70’s style shirts with the big collars? Do you like chicks with Big Hair? Get with it man. It’s the 21st century. They have some really cool grips now for real cheap. Dump the nub and get a real grip man! Sheesh. Maybe you can find one of those old triangle bakelite handuards to match that A2, so Vitsaus can think you’re cool! lol

    • MR

      Or the five bucks to Gunpartscorp for an A1 grip.

  • Mohammed

    Why does he feel obligated to tell us his can is legal. Who cares. People should build their own

    • Budogunner

      Because ATF agents browse the Web, too. They don’t necessarily share the view that people should build their own.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Yeah dude, have fun in prison.