DIY CNC Quick Detach Sling Adapter

John Saunders of NYC CNC posted up a short video and explains how to make your own QD sling adapter. Actually he just explains how to cut the hole to accept a QD sling. I don’t think this is quite DIY friendly since it does require a CNC and some knowledge of CAD. However, it does show how much work goes into what seems like a simple thing. Cutting a QD hole into some metal is not as easy as it seems.


Nicholas C

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  • Some Guy

    Maybe I’m missing something here by what part of that QD socket could you not make with a drill press?

    • micmac80

      You are not missing anything this this is couple of minutes of work max on drillpress

      • Nicholas Chen

        True, for this type of object where you have access to both sides. However say you want to cut a QD hole into a stock adapter? Im gonna have a QD hole cut into my CZ Scorpion stock adapter.

    • MarcoPolo

      For the piece that he made, yes you could do exactly as you say and just drill with two different size drills, one from each size. He is demonstrating how that feature is made when you only have access to machine from one side.

  • Dan

    Running a circle with the woodruff cutter would be impossible. You could rough some spots along the x and Y and let the qd only grab those areas (but not have the ability to spin).

    A radiused cutter I imagine is what the print called for, since the bearings that “grab” are round.

    • MarcoPolo

      Not sure why you think this would be impossible since clearly he just did it?

    • It’s not impossible but on a manual machine would require a rotary table which is not a cheap piece of equipment. We did make some pretty complicated things before the invention of CNC.