POTD: Cerakoted White CZ Scorpion Evo 3






Found this photo on imgur of a cerakoted Scorpion Evo3. It was made by Hammer Forge Gunworks, LLC. I like small details like the masked off portion of the grip and rails to keep them black. The safety, mag release, charging handle, trigger, and sling point are in red gives it a nice touch that keep the white from being monotonous.





Edit: thanks to Kevin Keys for emailing me and letting me know it is their gun.

Here is the pic he sent me.


Nicholas C

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  • noob

    It is beautiful, but I worry that some non-gun colors on guns make them look confusingly harmless, when they are very much not.

    • KestrelBike

      Eh, it’s just as dangerous as a car. Use with responsibility. Responsible people might use Nerf guns at the park to play around, but they wouldn’t take a real gun out there regardless of the color. A child shouldn’t have unsupervised access to a gun, also regardless of color. Don’t point anything gun-shaped at cops, whether it’s a toy/fake/BB/firearm.

      I disagree that guns must be a certain color to make them acceptable. Colors neither prevent nor cause accidents. Responsibility, education, and training prevents them.

      • Giolli Joker

        Small correction: just don’t be around a cop with a toy/fake/BB/firearm.

        • Bob

          Or a cordless drill

      • Kelly Jackson

        You can disagree all you want but changing Entertech waterguns from black to neon colors back in the late 80s hard marked decline in their users getting shot while playing with them.

        • Nicholas Chen

          True but perhaps the parents should have taught their kids not to play outside with scary looking guns. Same thing with Airsoft. They are toys and yet dont have neon colors. Other than a couple morons using airsoft against cops or armed robbery, no kids are getting shot by cops with them. As Kestrelbike mentioned, it comes down to responsibility of the individual using them.

          • st4


          • Tom

            What is this parental responsibility you talk of? It is quite clear to all reasonable peoples that they only answer to any given problem is government legislation, even if the problem was caused by the government in the first place. Won’t someone think of the children?

          • check it

            We used to run wild in our neighborhood as kids back in the late 70s/early 80s playing “War” with real looking plastic guns(MP40s, Tommy guns etc) and never had a problem- but that was back before roided-up, low-IQ, PTSDed thugs with itchy trigger fingers roamed the streets in MRAPs.

          • avconsumer2

            I miss playing “guns”. (well…. kinda still do)

          • Bob

            Early 70s did it with bb guns, unless your mom wouldn’t let you have one, then you were the grenadier with a sack of rocks.

        • NAVORD

          If what you’re saying is fact then there is nothing to disagree with. What are the numbers of people who had black water guns that got shot and what was the decline rate after the color change? I’ve never found any hard info.

          • Kelly Jackson

            Long before anyone heard of Tamir Rice there was Leonard Joseph Falcon.

            He was shot back in 1987 by police officers in Rancho Cucamonga while playing with the gun at night and an officer mistook it for real.

            It was this shooting that prompted the change from black to neon colored toy guns.

            Interestingly nobody burned down any gas stations of beauty salons after this shooting, but I suppose that’s another topic entirely.

          • Phil Hsueh

            Oh man, that picture brings back memories. When I was in high school there used to be a Photon arena(?) near my house and me an my buddies would go down there all the time.

          • avconsumer2

            Always thought the Laser Tag ones looked more bad ass.

      • Kelly Jackson

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Whoa, I could mistaking this piece either toys /airsoft/NERF or props from Neil Blomkamp newest movie

  • BattleshipGrey

    Looks like it’d make for some great snow trench clearing on planet Hoth.

    • avconsumer2

      Hopefully more accurate than those damn Blas-Tec’s!

  • Jolly

    Looks like a toy

    • Phil Hsueh

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • KestrelBike

    CZ needs to get the lead out with their 922r (or whatever *STUPID* import requirement law crap) compliant OEM folding stock!

  • Carlos V. Quevedo

    Looks like the original Nintendo Family Computer.

  • Matt

    It’s a CAD drawing, with white textures. Not real, not “cerakote”.

    • Kevin Keys

      It’s my gun and it’s 100% real

  • santi

    Awfully gawdy, I say. It’s like looking at a honda civic with ground effects rolling down the street.

  • Pseudo

    I don’t care what anyone says. I want that.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Red accents huh?

    Going for the mid-90’s Mustang look… Classy?

  • Vitsaus

    When guns become fashion accessories, they cease to be tools.

    • Tom

      Weapons have throughout history been subject to the whims of fashion. Sometimes usability suffers as a result, for swords think of Spadroons which were for the most part a bit rubbish but other times they continue to give good service like the Rapier (which was for most civilians are better defensive weapon than the backsword).

  • Geremy Tibbles

    Needs an MNU logo on the side of it. Looks like a gun out of District 9 now that it’s white.

  • El Duderino

    Look at me, I’m white and nerdy!

    • Paul O.

      Wow! An Al Yankovic reference.

  • Anonymoose

    It’s Nerf or nothin!

  • Swarf

    I wonder if it gets Stormtrooper accuracy to go along with the color scheme.

  • Cal S.

    >Cerakotes $800 gun and $180 Sig brace
    >Fills said gun with steel case ammo to save money

    Bro, I am disappoint.

    • Kevin Keys

      My gun. Easier to pick up in my yard with a magnet.

      • Cal S.

        Lol! Does look nice, though! Curiosity, why didn’t you accent it with an “Umbrella Corp” logo? Would have looked even better!

        • Kevin Keys

          I didnt really want any logos on it

        • guest4455

          John Hickenlooper WON and you worthless GUN HUGGING EXTREMISTS LOST. GFY and may your loved ones die of terminal cancer you spineless coward.

        • guest4455

          you worthless gun hugging psychopaths LOST in WA State (594), CT, CO, and NY State. Gun control democratic Governors CRUSHED you right wing gun hugging vermin. You lost you parasite. May your loved ones die of cancer. πŸ˜‰

        • guest4455

          In Colorado, you gun hugging vermin LOST both of those recall seats and were SOUNDLY DEFEATED and REPLACED WITH 2 GUN CONTROL DEMOCRATS. That make you sad you gun hugging vermin parasite? hahaha YOU LOST πŸ˜‰

  • Lance

    Looks like a Star Wars Storm Trooper gun!!!

  • Camilo Emiliano Rosas Echeverr

    It looks like a G.I. Joe weapon.
    I love it.

  • Blake

    Looks very cool. But like white cars, it would get absolutely filthy in about 5 seconds of real-world use…

  • Art

    Yeah, I do. Zoom in on the image, there are imperfections on the gun itself (right under the flash hider, the plastic mold lines on the foregrip, the mag) that you’d never see in a render.

  • Kevin Keys

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, the gun is real.

    • Huaien Su

      Nah it’s just a Crysis screenshot

    • Adam aka eddie d.

      Wow, so it is then.
      To be honest, I thought those pictures were some damn good artwoork
      mixed with real photo parts.
      You must be a very happy owner dude!
      Watch out on the range, this thing is going to be a head-turner! πŸ™‚

  • Kevin Keys

    It’s mine, and it is.

  • Turner

    Yes, it’s obviously real. You can see the seams and imperfections in the polymer from the injection molding on the top of the receiver, the mag, and the arm brace. That is obviously not a CAD rendering, did you even open up a larger window to look at it? If you really don’t believe me, message the guy who posted it on reddit, I’m sure he’ll give you more pictures. Based on his lighting and background set up I would guess he’s an amateur photographer.