Colorado Police Shooting Body Camera

Another successful shooting caught on body camera by a Trinidad, Colorado Police Officer. The suspect, identified as Todd Jamal Dye, was hiding in a vacant trailer. When the officer discovered him, Dye pulled a gun on the Officer. The Officer used a Sig Sauer, althought I can’t quite make out which Sig it is. It looks like a 226 with a light rail. Like many other shootings, the Officer could not remember how many times he fired his weapon. Only that he stopped shooting when the suspect was no longer a threat. The Officer shot Dye 5 times if Dye was unable to get a shot off.


Nicholas C

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  • cs

    Clearly a hate crime; cause the dude don’t like cops.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Is this the first time this officer fired his gun in the line of duty?

    • Bob Wintle

      First – tenth!! What does it matter?? He stopped when the threat was neutralized! Legit shooting!!

      • Xanderbach

        Seemed like a good shoot to me. He only fired enough to neutralize the threat, and only fired when a weapon was visible. His breathing sped up, but he was surprisingly calm. Admittedly, he didn’t check the rest of the trailer, but with how fast that happened, I think he did well.

        • He was focused on the guy on the ground and calling it in. No time or ability to check the rest of the trailer since he had to stay on the guy in case said guy was playing possum.

      • voldamane .

        Not for a law suit. A man in a wheelchair, a veteran who was injured overseas, is fired by a boss who is tired of having to trip over the guy’s chair. The guy sues and wins. He gets a new job and is discriminated against again. The jury should never take this into account – it is not the veteran’s fault he was discriminated against twice, but the jury is filled with narrow minded people, and are facing an attorney who will make them feel anger for each handicap parking space they pass by.

        It would not effect a criminal case, but a civil case is won on points, not KO.

    • Doesn’t matter he did well.

      • Azril @ Alex Vostox

        Agree with ya.

      • Zebra Dun

        He lived and no civilians got hurt or killed I’d say he did good.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Damn campers.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    Between this video and the previous one of the two officers at the restaurant, I’m amazed at how quickly these violent encounters happen. If you are in condition white when you encounter one of these violent criminals, you are going to have a very bad day. It doesn’t matter how they are armed, or if they are armed.
    Note to self- Get more training. Criminals don’t fight fair.

    • Bob Wintle

      Absolutely!! There is no FAIR in a gun fight!

      • Will

        “Fair” is where you go to eat cotton candy and corn dogs.

    • Koyote Tan

      Yeah. Definitely shows you how “high capacity” is a meaningless term. More like borderline not enough capacity. That was five shots with gun drawn and pointed at the assailant. Imagine if that had happened a few seconds earlier before the office has a chance to get his weapon indexed. There would’ve been many more shots fired due to the visual cover of that thin wall. 15 wouldn’t have been enough.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      If you really want to see how fast things happen, simunition or UTM training with a group who knows their stuff and has the ability to set up realistic scenarios.

      I’ve done it enough to think I won’t be surprised how fast it turns south anymore… But I am every time.

  • Leonard

    Surprised he didn’t dump his mag into that guy.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I wonder if he considered his bore axis right then? Maybe was debating wether 9mm or 45 would have been more effective. Or if his night sights could have been brighter? Oh wait… That’s all nonsense for the range, never mind.

    Listen to his breathing. Look at how fast it went from no-shoot to imminent danger. See how it’s only a single layer of drywall he’s using as cover? How right after the shooting he is entirely locked on to the guy on the ground (who albeit still has a gun) and only recognizes later that he hasn’t cleared the other side of the house? All these mistakes, and this guy still did really well with the stress. There is no plan, there is no second place.

    I love how everyone on the Internet thinks they have this great plan on how a defensive shooting would go – for them. The only way you know how fast it happens is to have done it, or at the very least had some force on force training. But training is a four letter word here. Only keyboard warriors and mall ninjas take formal training apparently.

    • Ethan

      Yes. Yes. YES!
      For once you have positively NAILED it.

      Speculation takes time.
      Guessing a person’s motives takes time.
      Logical decisions that include all the available information takes time.
      This time does. not. exist. in the real world.

  • ClintTorres

    Another great example of why all cops should be wearing body cams.

    • Gang members are already sharing how to disable those cameras when they have an encounter with a cop.

      • Ethan

        You forgot #ConspiracyTheory

        That’s right up there with the urban myth that became popular in the early 90s that “gang members would easily convert Glocks to full auto”.

        Physically possible? Yes.
        Likely enough to be relevant? Not remotely.

        • I speak from what I hear from those that are in the police dept and from those who hear what criminals are saying.

          Criminals did favor a particular companies guns cough Intratec in the 90s because they were easy to convert to full auto.

          • Ethan

            Very true, but not Glocks as the rumor stated. Full-auto Glocks did not sweep the nation as gun-control proponents and some of the more Statist-minded members of law-enforcement insisted. 😉

            I guess my takeaway is this: The viability of the body cameras movement is not going to be impacted (to any significant degree) by criminal technology. In regards to the validity of the LEO body camera movement, the possibility of criminal interference is more speculation than a legitimate issue.

            It is interesting concept to be sure – I’d genuinely like to hear more about it. It just isn’t really relevant in a discussion about the real-world viability of the body camera movement. That’s all I was trying to say, sorry it didn’t come out more clearly.

      • billyoblivion

        Let’s assume this is true.

        Unless they can destroy the underlying media (these are mostly “solid state” systems with flash/SSD storage systems) the events leading up are documented.

        If they steal/destroy the camera, well, that’s sort of telling right there isn’t it.

      • Randy R. Lebel

        Hopefully the PDS can utilize live streaming. This way even if the cam is compromised the footage is still stored securely. The ACLU has an app called CA Justice that streams footage live from the phone for when someone videos a police encounter. This way, even if your phone is taken and or destroyed by an officer or PD, the footage is recorded off site. This should also be used for the officers benefit.

  • johar

    and he had to get his snuff, as a Swede I get that

  • smartacus

    At the 5 minute mark, the second officer “Mike” walks right in front of his line of fire.
    At 8:57 mark; i noticed he grabbed his can of Copenhagen Straight Long Cut.
    At 10 minute mark he gets asked if the camera is on. Why would he turn his camera off?

    • Ethan

      Most likely wanted to know if the incident had been captured on film.
      Also works as a reminder: Don’t say something that sounds stupid because you’re loaded with adrenaline.

      • smartacus

        Yup, that’s true about not saying (or doing) anything stupid while pumped with adrenaline.
        His camera showed everyone his can of dip down to the variety: Copenhagen Straight Long Cut (which has one of the highest concentrations of nicotine too).

        -Now some hotshot lawyer can make a case for his breathing, his high systolic BP audible in his voice, and his increased adrenaline visible in all the directions the camera goes in collectively pointing to a need of catharsis release by means of multiple trigger pulls.

        • Canadian Vet

          I personally find it disgusting some lawyer would use his post-incident stress levels and reactions to possibly crucify him in court over a wrongful death suit.

          What’s worse if that if he had been as cool as a cucumber, the same breed of scumbag lawyer could see him branded as a socioath for failing to display any sort of distress or stress response after the shooting.

          • Ethan

            Yep – that’s pretty much how criminal court works. It is a place where all notions of morality, justice, truth, and “fairness” are completely suspended for the duration of the trial.

            You are *literally* damned if you do AND damned if you don’t. I use to worry about how things would look in court..until I sat in on a criminal trial. After that I stopped worrying about it – it doesn’t matter what you do, the prosecutor IS going to crucify. Your best shot is to buying a lawyer that is twice what you can afford and don’t talk to the press.

        • Ethan

          Lol… no doubt someone out there would try it too.

    • billyoblivion

      The cameras can be turned off, presumably so that the officer can take care of certain things w/out it being caught on video.

      I know I wouldn’t want video and audio of my trips to the bathroom (much less catching other men on video).

      There is always the possibility that the officer had turned it off for administrative purposes (lunch, bathroom, personal phone call etc.) and forgot to turn it on.

      I *assume* and is I know how that splits up that if an officer *has* the camera on then the that’s going to eliminate a lot of questions by other PD because they don’t want the officer remembering what isn’t on the tape–after all much of the event is documented in better detail than any over-evolved monkey brain is going to remember and nothing the officer is going to say at that point is going to help.

  • bob

    it was probably a sig 229

  • Canadian Vet

    What I’m mostly noticing here is the officer’s reactions once he’s relieved. The man obviously wasn’t cruising for a violent encounter and while we can’t see his face, between his breathing and what he’s being told I’d say he’s fairly freaked out.

    And I can’t blame him one bit for it. In fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he found himself a convenient spot to puke at some point.

    • Azril @ Alex Vostox

      Couldn’t agree more. That’s my point.

  • Everyone reacts differently. Some officers get excited right off the bat while some sound perfectly calm until it’s over then they get shaky. Did anyone notice the goosebumps on his right arm after the shooting?
    Listening to his breathing was downright painful for me to listen to. When his breathing gets back to normal and the adrenaline is gone he’ll be exhausted but he’ll be writing a very long report and be interviewed by IA. The next few weeks he’ll dream about it but hopefully that goes away after a while. Anybody who sees this and thinks we want to shoot people have lost their minds!
    This video just shows how fast things happen and not just to officers.

  • Vitsaus

    So true.

  • HeAGoodBoy

    He didden do nuffin.

  • SouthSideSkeptic

    Glad the Officer is OK. Crime control that works. Should have emptied the magazine.

  • patrickiv

    I think it’s weird that cops still clear houses alone.

    • It depends on how the people called it in. It could have sounded pretty benign so they just dispatched him.
      It should have been dispatched at least as a suspicious person which would have two officers sent.
      Still when things are busy and everyone is tied up on other calls I’ve had to search homes, businesses etc. alone.

      • Zebra Dun

        It is a good thing the owners did not walk into that room unarmed!

    • Zebra Dun

      Squatters don’t require SWAT.

      • patrickiv

        Nobody ever mentioned SWAT.

        • Zebra Dun

          Chill, a play on words is all that was.

  • voldamane .

    Probably not. Policy at most departments is to send an officer to escort the spouse and children to a safe place. When there is a police related shooting the predators come out and they are looking for revenge. You never know that the Mr. Dye had relatives watching the incident who might in a small town recognize the officer, and who will then be after the family. Lawyers and reporters will want to research the family before they are protected to get statements or trash talk, or to do a reveal on camera for a money shot. Civil rights protesters will want their shots in, and so will anyone else in the I hate cops club.

    In my own limited case a deputy was with my wife in 30- minutes of even a small in small incident

  • BD05

    I think it’s Sig Sauer SP2022.

  • gunsandrockets


  • Randy R. Lebel

    I’m curious as to why the officer covered the camera twice or so.

    If you’re a cop, my repect, cuz you volunteer to do this type of work, to help keep others safe. It takes big set of brass ones to get up in the morning and choose this life. Thank you, sincerely, thank you.

    • Canadian Vet

      Based on the camera’s field of view and how a chunk of it was filled with his right arm for much of the video and the audio pickup, he wasn’t deliberately covering his camera, he was reaching for his radio’s mike.

    • Many thanks Randy!

    • Drew

      His radio mic is probably mounted to the “V” of his uniform shirt and his camera is probably on his chest. He’s reaching up with his left hand to cue said mic, thus covering the camera.

  • I hope you are kidding! He was an escaped prisoner.

  • Randy R. Lebel

    Is it normal procedure for the regular officers to remove the body? I thought csi or the coroner did that. It seemed awfully quick for the body to be removed. Wasn’t there supposed to be an investigation from ia because of the officer involved shooting? Or have I seen took many cop shows? I can’t shake the feeling they seemed rushed to remove the body.

    Also, was his last name really Dye? Irony, no?

    • Zebra Dun

      The perp was still alive and in order to do any rescue work if any they needed more room.
      The rest of the trailer had not been cleared it could have other shooters or even booby traps rigged.
      Only if the perp/victim is proven dead is he left in place.

      • Randy R. Lebel

        Got it. Thank you.

  • Zebra Dun

    The nine mm has enough stopping power.
    Five shots later the perp (homeless man) is still moaning in the last throes of dying (the moaning) The Perp was stopped fro using his weapon by the Police with the nine mm.

  • Zebra Dun

    WARNING SHOTS are forbidden in all Police, and military Police shootings, as well as by homeowners.
    A warning during a weapons handling instruction while I was in service stated “The M-1911A1 .45 acp Ball has a maximum range of 1600 yards and is lethal at that distance, 1600 yards is the length of 16 football fields.
    Do. Not. Fire. warning. Shots.

    That 1600 yards is 4800 feet, a mile is 5280 feet.
    It endangers the public up to one mile away.