Exotic Shotgun Ammo From 1997

This video is from 1997. It takes a look at different shotgun ammo and demonstrates it on assorted targets. Some of these rounds I have not seen before. Like the dustbuster made of compressed lead dust. The video recommends wearing eye protection. I would think one should wear a respirator when utilizing that round.


Nicholas C

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  • tts

    Needs a ‘Edged Weapons’ style remix using the shotgun loading sound from the video

  • smartacus

    yeah, but which one of the specialty or exotics is actually worth a damn?

    • iksnilol

      Flechettes don’t seem to bad.

      Also the whole compressed dust thingy was scary.

      For expensive ammo to kill stuff with, I always recommend Hexolitt32. You get the regular big slug going through with the added bonus of small razor thingies popping out to the sides just to ensure the max amount of damage.

      • Fracking Saves

        Bought a couple hundred of the Hexolites when they were $4 a box…

        • iksnilol

          Mad jelly now… wait a second, in the US they are only 2 dollars per cartridge. Maybe I could import? Hmm.

          All I know is that Hexolit 32 is pretty much the only “valid” reason for me personally to have a shotgun.

  • john huscio

    “There are more deadly varieties of ammo available to the public than ever before”

    Even with the AWB, police still continued with the hyperbole….

    • raz-0

      Oh yeah, and the amazingly effective flechettes that didn’t even pass through the soft body armor while it had zero back face support. Lack of back face support on soft body armor will make it fail under a wide range of conditions, but the flechettes couldn’t even get through that.

  • Dan

    Compressed lead powder? Only causes cancer in California 😉

  • Kyke

    Okay did no one else find it hilarious when the narrator said people use tear gas for home defense?