McFadden Machine’s Lightning Grip .22LR Loader

My friend Tom has one of these loaders for his .22LR AR. It works so well and it is made in the USA. Even better for me, they are made locally here in Pennsylvania.

The Lightning Grip loader is not terribly expensive. It sells for $22.50 and you need to buy a $6.00 adapter for what ever magazine you want to load.

Here is their website.

I got mine with a M&P 15-22 adapter. I have a MFT magazine coupler holding two M&P mags together. It makes it difficult to load a full 25 rounds into the magazine. However, with the Lightning Grip, I can now load them full and faster. Take a look at the video below.


Nicholas C

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  • Julio

    This is a great tool for people who shoot .22LR from high-capacity magazines. I tried one back in February and was really impressed at how quick and easy it was to charge magazines. If I currently had a tactical .22 I’d consider one essential!

  • H65

    No BX25? :/

    • Nicholas Chen

      According to their website the 10/22 adapter is for aftermarket magazines only.

  • M.M.D.C.

    Pretty nifty.

  • Ross

    I bought my dad their cliploader for his Ruger mk2 pistol and it works flawlessly.
    I don’t really have trouble loading the mags on my 15-22 but I can’t load them nearly as fast as you do in the video.
    Great stuff – buying! Thanks

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yeah loading single MP15-22 mags is fine but as I point out in my video, mine are coupled. So loading them full by hand is difficult. Also the loader keeps my fingers clean.

      • Ross

        I was really just saying that for people that might think it wasn’t needed – I agree completely.
        I refuse to buy any type of speedloader for my 300blk because it’ll mean I’m shooting faster and spending money quicker.
        I bought 5 mags for my 15-22 a while back and can’t reload/shoot them fast enough. Great company