Battle Arms Develop Titanium Gas Block

Battle Arms Develop has some pretty good lightweight AR-15 parts in their lineup, there’s their Lightweight Receiver and Lightweight AR-15 stock. Well they just debuted their BAD-LGB-Ti-625 Lightweight, low profile titanium gas block. It’s made out of Grade 5 titanium and weights in at just .03lbs (.48oz). It’s made for barrels with a .625″ gas block journal and includes two stainless steel set screws. It retails for $84.95 over at


BAD-LGB-Ti-625 Lightweight, Low Profile Titanium Gas Block

Low Profile Gas Block for .625″ Diameter Gas Block Journal
Ultralightweight 0.03 lbs (0.48oz) with SS Screws
Precision CNC from Grade 5 Titanium
(2) Stainless Steel Set Screws Included
Distinctive “C-Shaped” Profile for Function and Elegance

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  • Let me know when they make a .750″ ♡

    • MR

      Likely a much heavier barrel, not much point to spending the extra fifty-five bucks on the light weight gas block. Having said that, they’ll be released any time now.

  • Cymond

    Of course, since it’s not adjustable, it can only be used with standard bolt carriers and buffers. If you want ultra light weight at any cost, this probably isn’t the block for you.

    • thedonn007

      Apparently SLR rifleworks makes an adjustable titanium gas block.

  • Vitsaus

    Too heavy, I would not be able to use this on my operations. Amphibious landings would be risky, might drag me to the bottom, drown.

  • Sianmink

    That’s.. not a terrible price.

  • michael franklin

    Yeah, you wouldn’t want grade 4 titanium, who knows what could happen!

  • Blake

    Just for reference, how much does a typical CNC’d aluminium fixed gas block weigh?

    How about an adjustable one?

  • Pranqster

    somebody should tell them what else LGBT means…..