Does Your 1911 Need a LEG?


Hogue announced it was now shipping the new Laser Enhanced Grip (LEG) for the 1911. The LEG is a replacement grip assembly that incorporates a red aiming laser, not unlike the Crimson Trace Laserguard line of aiming devices.

The LEG is very flexible according to Hogue. It uses a digital, not analog, control unit that allowed the company to build in user selectable intensity levels (high, medium and low) along with three operating modes: steady, flashing and something called stealth target. Unfortunately, I was unable to discover exactly what the “stealth target” mode is.

LEGs come in black, OD green, flat dark earth and pink. The black model is listed for $189.95. The other versions run $199.95.

Here is an installation video from Hogue. It shows some of the internal details of the grip assembly.

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  • hami

    Will they make it without the finger grooves?

  • Nashvone

    I like the concept but that grip takes all the sexiness out of the lines of a 1911.

  • Uniform223

    “Unfortunately, I was unable to discover exactly what the “stealth target” mode is”

    maybe its a IR laser that you would see on the PEQ

    • No I don’t think an IR laser can come out of a regular laser diode, can it? The stealth target mode comes on the grips with red lasers. Green lasers or IR lasers aren’t being produced by Hogue as of yet..
      I have one of these LE grips, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I’m still trying to figure out what the stealth target mode is. I emailed my contact at Hogue; we’ll see what they say..

    • We should have been more clear. In Stealth Target mode, when activated the LE Grip will flash three times, then go quiet. This would presumably enable target acquisition after which the shooter would (hopefully) avoid detection.

  • Lee

    I’ll take the crimson trace, wood style grips, thanks though.

  • Manny Fal

    You know those blue lights they have underneath cars to make them look cooler? They should make something like that for the 1911.

  • Hmmm, has the patent on CT grip activated laser grips expired? Or do the multiple modes change the design enough to be considered a new invention?

    • FightFireJay

      I was wondering the same thing. Maybe this is a licensed use of the patent?

    • J.T.

      Looks like CT has a patent on their laser itself (7472830) and on the design of their 1911 grips (D669957). The Hogue grips use a different laser and the design is different so there would be no infringement.

      • Thank you for looking that up J.T.

  • gunsandrockets

    Good price.

    • We believe it’s a great value compared to competitive offerings.

  • Captain Obvious

    I am thinking that “stealth target” mode is momentary on. If they have “steady’ and “flashing” mode then the only logical other option is a momentary push on, let off mode which they call stealth, as in you can’t trace the laser back when it’s off. That’s my best guess.

    • Cymond

      Considering the power button is under the shooter’s middle finger, it would be weird if it was an on/off switch instead of a momentary button.

    • We should have been more clear about what Stealth Target mode is in our press release. In Stealth Target mode, when activated the laser will blink three times, then go silent. This would enable the shooter to acquire the target, then (presumably) avoid detection after target acquisition.

  • Any idea if this will work with an ambi thumb safety? Being a southpaw, I’ve found that some aren’t quite compatible with a thumb safety on the same side.

  • Mystick

    Molded plastic + laser diode != $200

    $100, maybe. If it was really high quality. But not $200.

    • We think our LE Grip is an incredible value compared to competitive offerings.