Scott sent us this beautiful photo of his Benelli M2 shotgun. He wrote …

Benelli M2 left hand model with Nordic components +8 magazine extender. Took this photo while taking a break from shooting trap at the Arlington Sportsman’s Club here in Texas.

Alex and Patrick are both big fans of the Benelli M* shotguns. They have published two videos on the Benelli M1 (the M2 isĀ an improved M1). Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.



  • John

    Beautiful gun, far out of my price range but still nice if you can afford it.

    • olnacl


  • Giolli Joker

    I’m not a fan of camo finishes, but it’s still a great gun in a cool photo!

    • olnacl


  • shootintexan

    Never was a great shotgunner but the Benelli M2 improved my percentages! Bet that got some sideways looks if not downright rude comments on the trap range.

    • olnacl

      No comments but yeah, it does get some looks.