Sabre Defense to Be Liquidated… Again

Embattled gun maker Sabre Defense and its subsidiary Manroy USA have agreed to Article 9 liquidation, according to the press release:

Sabre Defence Industries, Inc. in cooperation with its secured creditors seek buyers for manufacturing assets in Spindale, NC. Spindale, North Carolina – Sabre Defence Industries, Inc. and its subsidiary Manroy USA, LLC have, in agreement with their secured creditors, agreed to work together to find a new buyer for the assets of the company. The Sabre’s manufacturing operation is located in Spindale, North Carolina. Manroy USA, LLC purchased the assets of the old Sabre Defence Industries, LLC of Nashville, Tennessee in 2011 and relocated to the operation to a 135,000 sq/ft facility in Spindale, North Carolina. The current, and new, Sabre Defence Industries, Inc. purchased Manroy USA, LLC at the beginning of 2014, which proved to be tough timing for such a purchase. Sabre Defence is best known in defense contractor circles for its production of the Stellite™ lined M-2 50 Caliber Barrels, as well as, M-2 bolts, M-10 charging handles, M-4 carbines and M-16 rifles. The civilian market once also held their MSR’s in high regard, many of which were hand fit with accurate barrels that were made in house. Michael H Blank who will be handling the deal on behalf of the company and its creditors said, “It’s definitely an operation that never realized its potential. The decision to not participate in the civilian market during the boom proved to be a mistake by the previous ownership and the present owners came in just as that marked ended. This left the current owners with a contracting market and no open market channels when no one wanted to add more vendors. On the military side they had to re-clear first article which takes time. At the end of the day it was just a matter of tough timing and not enough time to get this operation to sustainability.” All parties interested in making an offer on this companies assets are asked to go to and on the Sabre page fill out the SDI interested parties form. All parties will be contacted and verified parties will be given access the online documents and an extensive photographic database.

Manroy USA bought Sabre Defense in 2011, after the company was liquidated the first time. The company was raided in 2010 for illegally selling firearms internationally.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Ben Loong

    It’s a shame to hear another gun company having financial problems.

    On a tangentially-related note: Back in 2013 Manroy USA was a bidder for the Philippine Army and Marines’ big M4A1 contract ($78.4M for 50,629 units). In the end Manroy, Colt and Sig Sauer lost out to Remington Defense.

    I can’t help but wonder if things would have been different had they won that contract.

    • Paul Epstein

      Would they have been able to fill that large of an order? If so it probably would have saved them, but being unable to complete an order might have been an early death knell.


      Just like the blog post said, not getting into the civilian market during the boom time is a bad idea. Military contracts come and go, but general publics will always be around. same thing happen to Colt, they put out same over priced stuff year after year, and people just stop buying. The gun makers that are doing well like Ruger, KEl TEC. They alawyas come out with new products every year, keeps people excited and buying.

  • nova3930

    I had no idea they were still kicking. Thought they were gone years ago…

    • Dan

      Same here, bought my my AR then heard they were going away.

  • Jimmy_W

    Is Sabre still doing either the Tavor or the AUG parts?

    • roguetechie

      No,they are not matter of fact steyr killed their production license rather suddenly if I remember right…
      Less than 90 days later Sabre gets raided…at the time it was a huge part of the story and the speculation was a huge part of the conversation and rumors and leaks, counter leaks etc kept a normally fickle crowd very focused for quite an amazing time period.
      Realistically though I would honestly be comfortable predicting the whole story never ever comes out.