One of the things I like most about firearms is how long they last when looked after well.┬áSami writes …

CZ 75 made in Czechoslovakia in late 1980s. Customizations are from same period: Rubber grips from Browning High-Power, Millet sights and trigger modification to make it single-action only. Nickel surface treatment has been surprisingly durable: The gun was my IPSC and army reservists’ 3gun competition gun for 15 years and after that it has served as practice gun with Kadet kit for nine years. Surface still looks like new. Not bad considering that especially during 3gun competitions it had to face all weather and environment conditions Finland has to offer.

Thanks Sami!



  • JQPub

    awww man, that’s like porn for a CZ junkie like myself. That thing would like sweet in MY safe. One for the ‘heirloom’ shelf for sure. beautiful… oooo ahhhh

    • N_Lightened_1

      I’m a CZ junkie too and while I don’t own any safe queens, this would be the first. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

      I’m closing in on 10K rounds through one of my CZs (P-01). I hope to reach 25K rounds by the time my grandson is old enough to have it. Seems like that’d be a cool story for him be able to tell.

  • hikerguy

    I will have to admit, while not rally being wild about nickel finishes, that 52 wears it well.

  • sam

    I didn’t think nickel could hold up that well. No personal experience, just looking at what appears to be normal wear on old ones. GJ with the pachmayr grips.

    • Mike Roberts

      I have a satin nickel 75 from 2003. It has over 75K rounds through it, and I wore out the original barrel (I am both sad and proud). While the nickel is discolored in places, it’s in great shape and God knows that I haven’t taken it easy on her.

  • PeterK

    That is amazing. What a great gun.

  • Jim

    My personal favorite 9mm pistol, I own two, one made in ’96, the other in ’90. Both are holding up well and look good still. I have no idea how many rounds have gone through them.

  • Leigh Rich

    So many good -clone CZ’s too