New Frontier Armory 9mm Glock AR Lower

9MM AR-15s seem to be getting more popular these days. 9mm ARs are nothing new, they’ve been around for decades, but the new trend seems to be AR lower receivers that accept Glock magazines. Most recently there was the Angstadt Arms UDP-9 from SHOT Show 2015 as well as a few others on the market. Well New Frontier Armory just posted a sneak peak of their budget friendly AR lower that works with any 9mm Glock mags. They just started production and should retail at just $169.99. Check out for details.

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  • Stephen

    I couldn’t see any details on their website. Can someone direct me to the specific page, please?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Why not make the whole gun? Who has a 9mm AR upper laying around without a lower already?

    • Vitsaus

      Most “from the factory” 9mm AR uppers are poorly configured. Strangely, its easier to find an off the shelf 5.56 that has the right stuff on it, for me at least, than a 9mm. So many poor choices in forends, muzzle devices, etc.. If I did the 9mm it would probably be with a lower like this, then I’d put the upper together.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Interesting, so buying a stripped AR upper and the barrel and BCG separately works better than a complete?

        • KestrelBike

          That worked out for me with .300blk.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Good to know, ive been looking at doing the same.

          • Budogunner

            Same, but then I went with a side charging upper to minimize gas in the face when suppressed so I had very specific and odd requirements.

    • cbunix23

      If they make and sell the whole gun they have to charge excise tax. If they don’t make and sell they whole gun they don’t have charge excise tax.

    • Ergo

      it’s a glock mag lower. a 9mm bolt requires machine work to run on this lower. No one has an upper laying around to run on this thing. There are only a couple of places that sell factory new compatible uppers.

      This thing is for builders, and people that run a colt style 9mm that want to convert to glock mags and don’t mind paying the 50 bucks extra to have a machine shop do the work on the bolt.

      The closest complete rifles to this would be a thueryon defense, jrcarbine, keltec sub2k or that new little nano from mag tactical systems.

      Personally i’d rather roll my own upper and use this lower than spend the extra money on a thueryon rifle.

    • NFA MFG

      Many people like to build their own, especially with the AR platform. More build their own then buy them complete. HOWEVER, we will also be offering a complete rifle, pistol, and SBR very soon!

    • NFA MFG

      Many people like to build their own AR’s from components so they get exactly what they want the first time without buying one and taking off many of the parts as they customize it. However, we will be offering a 9mm AR pistol, carbine, and SBR soon, so keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page.

  • hami

    This lower and a cheapo 9mm Palmetto State Armory upper would make a great budget plinker.

  • nobody

    Um, don’t AR bolts/bolt carriers need to be modified to be able to feed from Glock magazines due to Glock magazines being single feed vs the normal double feed UZI magazines (only one round on top vs 2) normally used for 9mm conversions? On a side note does anyone know if that $450 3 lb buffer tube less AR pistol on their website is any good?

    • BattleshipGrey

      Yes, generally the bolts have to be modified to work with Glock mags. There may be companies that sell one already milled for it by now.

    • Ergo

      yep, adco firearms will mill a standard 9mm bolt to accept glock mags. the biggest problem is the magazine is to wide with a standard 9mm bolt.

      there are better offerings than their 9mm pistol.

    • The EXTAR EXP is fantastic. Has virtually no recoil. The downsides:

      I will get one if I go buy a 5.56 suppressor for it, first. That’s the only weay you can use it indoors.

      • Since it has a standard 1/2″ threaded barrel, you could mount any standard 5.56 can on it. I’ve seen a one for $599 that will suppress the muzzle noise level down to 134db. Of course, it would be higher with the EXP – but as long as it drops it below 140db, then I’m good.

        Seriously, you could slap a Leupold scope on this sucker and hit MOA’s out to 400 yards. There’s enough of a forend to mount it and for you to steady it – well, after mounting one of their shoulder braces that looks and feels a lot more like a real stock than the Sig Brace ever would.

        BUT, before going that whole route, I’d join a trust first and let them handle the paperwork and legal issues.

  • thedonn007

    I was assuming that this is a polymer lower, but from the pictures it looks like a metal lower. come on, we need some specs on this thing.

    • Ergo

      they pump out several 556 billet 7075 lowers. Joe Bob is the most well known and there are about 10 other labels made on a variance. They look to have proprietary 9mm parts.

  • Budogunner

    I built a 9mm AR on a standard lower with a conversion block in the mag well instead of a dedicated rig like this. Why? When you decide you want to register it as an SBR you can put any caliber upper on it you want instead of being limited to just 9mm.

    I like my gear to be versatile and modular. I’m not made of money, after all.

    • jcitizen

      You sure about that? The BATFE has become pretty picky about multi-caliber registrations these days. Maybe that is just for machine guns.

      • Budogunner

        I’m no BATFE agent, nor am I a lawyer, so I won’t say I know with certainty. That said, here is what I understood from the last opinion letters and policy statements I heard of:

        The BATFE used to allow SBR registration with the caliber engraved on the lower listed as “multi”. They stopped allowing that a few years ago. At that time, it was still OK to swap uppers, but you MUST have been able to return the firearm to the registered configuration (both in terms of caliber and overall length). That meant you could have lots of short uppers, but had to keep the originally registered upper handy. This may have changed without anyone notifying me.

        There was one important exception. NFA registered items were not allowed to be configured in a different NFA configuration. That is, you could not turn an AOW into an SBR (or vice versa), an SBR into an SBS, etc. So, dropping a short barreled shotgun upper on an SBR would be a no-no, for example.

        It IS true (as far as I know) that you cannot change the bore diameter of a silencer to something other than what it is registered for, but the industry heavily markets towards buying a larger caliber can and using it on lower caliber platforms. For example, YHM, SilencerCo, AAC, and others all make .30 caliber silencers with mounts that let them do double duty on 5.56. Many .45ACP silencers have mounts for .40S&W, 9mm, etc.

        I’m not as plugged in as I used to be, but that was the status of things last I heard.

        • jcitizen

          That makes sense, as I remember recently studying the regs on shoulder stocked pistols. Despite being curio rated, they still wanted original “designed” shoulder stocks to be used or available for the pistol to be legal. One didn’t even have to have an original stock, it just had to be design exactly like the original shoulder stock for the setup of an original registered item. You assessment sounds correct to me. Thanks for adding your post to this discussion!

  • BattleshipGrey

    That’s really affordable compared to other Glock mag lowers.

    • NFA MFG

      Thanks for noticing that! That’s what we were shooting for. We think it will become a much more popular platform once we make it affordable to a larger audience than the others have.

  • Grindstone50k

    Under $170 for a complete lower? Sign me up! Does it use a standard 9mm upper?

    • Ergo

      no, a standard 9mm bolt requires some machine work to function with a glock lower.

    • NFA MFG

      Any upper will work, but we will have a matching upper available also. The 9mm bolt will have to have cuts for the Glock mag and many companies are making that modification as the Glock 9mm lowers get more popular. We will also have 2 different BCG’s available that will work in both Glock style and Colt style uppers interchangeably. They are listed on our website now and we will be adding pics and more details shortly, but you can get on the wait list now if you’re interested.

      • Grindstone50k

        Thanks for the response, I’ll be looking into it.

  • William Wallace

    It’s just my personal preference but wish they sold a complete rifle that took Glock mags. I have a few 33 round fun sticks laying around.

    • NFA MFG

      We will be releasing a complete pistol, carbine, and SBR shortly!

      • William Wallace

        When you do, I will be one of the first to buy it!!!!