SKS Obrez


The pictures are a couple of years old (prior 2009), but interesting nonetheless. Apparently it is a picture from a seized weapons cache in Iraq, later in the war due to the ACU helmet cover on the kevlar laying on the floor. The gas tube is completely removed so I’m pretty sure it is a bolt action. Still, it’s an SKS pistol! The guns in the crate seem to also be of varying designs, some conventional such as the PKM with polymer stock and various AK rifles as well. I can’t tell right off the bat what the compensator is, but it certainly isn’t AR based, the birdcage goes all around, and it tapers from the bottom up. I haven’t included AK modified (Peshawar or otherwise) pistols in this post because they are far too numerous to mention and are a different operating system.

The picture is on several different sites and forums around the internet, 4cdn,,, Pinterest, and



This picture came from a graphic design website. All seem to be concept art ideas rather than drawings of actual rifles.


Much thanks to Steven Swingler for the tip!


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  • Sianmink

    Man, that short a barrel, you’ll be pushing a 123 grain bullet at nearly 600fps behind a spectacularly loud fireball.
    I’m not sure how useful that would be.

    • James

      Well most of those guys aren’t exactly marksmen…

    • iksnilol

      How long is that barrel? I know you can get 580-610 m/s from a 20 cm barrel in 7.62×39.

      • BR549

        I’m guessing 1″ – 2″, judging from where a SKS chamber would be located. This is like some brain-dead Iraqi bad-ass wannabe believing this gun would be viable just because of all the noise and flash it makes it makes.

        This is more like a large handled derringer custom tailored in 7.62×39.

  • Phil Hsueh

    FYI, the helmet cover is in UCP as in Universal Camouflage Pattern, ACU stands for Army Combat Uniform and refers to the actual cut/pattern of the Army’s fatigues. It’s like the difference between woodland camouflage and BDUs or MARPAT & MCCUs, one is a camouflage pattern and the other is a uniform pattern that can be in any color or camouflage pattern.

    • Honestly never thought about the difference. We wear woodland and desert marpart, anything outside of that is secondary to us. Although I’ve never hear our uniforms called MCCUs, they’re always just been “cammies”

      • Phil Hsueh

        Don’t worry, I see a lot of people confuse ACU with UCP. As a Marine I can understand not knowing the difference, since when do we really care all that much about what the Army does and uses, but as a journalist you should try to be a little distinguishing.

        Btw, it’s interesting to see that the term cammies is still in use, I’ve wondered about that. Back when I was in we always called our BDUs cammies and I’ve wondered if the term still persisted or not. Thanks for confirming that for me.

  • Zugunder

    This adds whole new meaning to “firearm”

  • Vitsaus

    SVS-30 might be my next garage project…

  • J.T.

    “I can’t tell right off the bat what the compensator is”

    It’s from a PKM.

  • Major_Tom

    SBM-25, the gun for those upset by the lack of red dot options for hip firing.

  • Blake

    This looks like it came straight out of the Fallout universe…

  • Ben

    That SVS-30 would sell like nobody’s business. Just from seeing it I want to make one.

  • joe

    In pic 2, the rifle in the corner of the box, the one captured behind the mag well, looks suspiciously like a rubber duck.

    • Cattoo

      That’s just to pique a child’s interest at an early age in booby traps made from a malleable explosive.

  • Phil Hsueh

    I was in back in the ’90s, a couple years or so after Desert Storm (close enough to the end that when we finally started getting new joins with no firewatch ribbons it was pretty odd sight) and I got out a couple years before 9-11, my official end of contract date was actually in 2000. By the time I got out they had just introduced the MARPAT cammies but they weren’t being widely issued yet and, at least in the Reserves, were initially authorized for wear by buck E5 Sgts. and E5s only as something of a leadership and/or morale thing.

  • Eurk Burkell

    You could buy those shorty SKS pistols all day at the Peshawar market in the late 1980’s.

  • Doom

    That SVS-30…I must have gained some weight, my pants are feeling tight…