Tian, a former corpsman with 1st Battalion 9th Marines in Camp Lejeune and a friend of TFB writer Miles, wrote …

Myself and a friend went a little out of our way with some basic spray paint. The rifle is a Daniel Defense M4 in .223, older model Eotech 512, Crane stock, Viking Tactical two point sling, Magpul iron sights and rail protectors. Not pictured but on the other side is an Inforce light. I used tan paint as a base, then working with sponges and laundry bag netting made the patterns with green and brown spray paint.

My friend had his Benelli Supernova in 12 gauge and Smith & Wesson Shield in 9mm. He took off the pump and Mesa Tactical shell carrier, then covered up the receiver and pistol grip with tape for the basic tan. Sling is an issue Marine Corps Three Point attached to a conventional sling swivel. Tube extension is an aftermarket part added on to the shotgun.

Nothing special about the Shield, just the same process. The most important thing to remember about spray painting is to be super careful about covering internals and parts you don’t want painted. Even to the point of stuffing cotton balls or q tips into small holes and crevices.

If you look at the shotgun there’s a little smudge just above the pistol grip that could have been avoided had tape been better applied. But the great thing about spray paint is that it is easily taken off with nail polish or acetone. Another thing is to take as many of the internals out of the rifle before painting, this gives it definition but also helps not get any paint inside the gun as it might start gumming things up.

They came out looking great in my opinion.



  • Jake Barnes

    Yeah, but what’s the POU in a WROL situation dude? Whiiichhhaaaa!

  • Swarf

    Or, How I Ruined My Guns In One Easy Step.

    Just messing. It’s your hardware, glad you had fun.

  • The CT Sentinel

    Never thought of using sponges with the mesh technique. Might have to try this. Wonder what sponges?

    • He used simple dish washing sponges from walmart, cut them up and sprayed enough paint on them to wet it, then patterned it however so.

      • Scott Tuttle

        I’ve been thinking about doing one of mine and I’ve heard that the sea sponges have the best pattern.

  • Grindstone50k

    It always amuses me when people do the ‘detail’ camo spray paint. If the enemy is close enough for those little tiny tan lines in the green to matter, then he’s close enough to see your black barrel and the whites of your eyes. Camoflauge isn’t to make something blend perfectly into the surroundings, it’s to break up the visual outline of the gun (and person holding it). Our eyes don’t notice fine details when scanning, but can notice anomolies and recognize certain features, especially humanoid and linear shapes. Your black, horizontal gun barrel will attract the eye more than your fancy mesh multicam Krylong job will do to hide it.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Thank you, General Armchair.

      • Grindstone50k

        Glad you found the information useful.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      He probably wont be hunting Al Qaeda anytime soon, genius.
      He just thinks it looks cool.

      • Yohei556

        for some that is a hard concept to grasp.

  • Cymond

    Can someone recommend a mainstream paint that closely matches Magpul’s OD green? (Not duracoat or cerakote)
    Just “close” would be fine.

  • SH

    Is the Supernova 922r compliant with that mag extension?