Pistol Caliber Kalashnikov

One of the 9mm models outfitted with a faux suppressor and a 9mm Glock magazine. The pistols/SBRs start from $800 and go up in price, compared to an American made competitor the AKX9 which begins at $1400 and doesn’t come with any of the options offered by Kalashnicohn.

Pistol caliber Kalshnikovs are nothing new at all, made in Peshawar and most notably with the Russian Bizon. But it’s the configuration that caught my eye with this gun shop out of Arizona called Kalashnicohn (Facebook page). They make standard SBRs or “pistols” with under folding stocks, chambered in .45 and 9mm (more calibers to come). But get this, they come with magazine conversion kits so you can use a variety of magazines (Glock, Sten, S&W, H&K). They use a blow back cycle of operations, and can be ordered threaded as well. Personally I’d prefer a side folding 74 stock but regardless, it’s pretty neat. Apparently Red jacket had similar designs on sale, but I don’t believe they did in this variety. This is what the owner has to say about them in a recent email correspondence.

Here is our 9mm AK platform with the Glock magwell adapter.. ( we made a removable magwell, changeable to other magazines. We currently do Glock, Sten, M&P and H&K MP5 mags. We build on custom Childers Guns receivers , the 9mm, .40 /10mm and .45 all use a custom length (shorter) receiver. The bolt and carrier are done in house. We spin our own barrel out of Green Mountain barrel blanks. 10/1 twist, all finishing of chamber is also done in house by us. Trunnions are of Romanian manufacture and are modified to suit our needs, we have entirely new trunnions and rear sight blocks being machined now. Same design but made in the USA. Front sight/gas block are from Kvar. The .45 AK platform is the same as the 9mm but as of now we are only doing magwells for Glock, M&P, single stack 1911 and grease gun  mags. We use under folder rear trunnions in all our pistol builds so it’s an easy SBR project provided you get the tax stamp. The .40 and 10mm are the same as the 9mm and .45 in mag choices minus a couple obvious ones. All pistol caliber’s are blowback action and we will soon be offering all models in a milled receiver with many stock options as well as a brand new gas driven system.

One of the pistols they offer, looks like this one has a Glock magazine inserted. Apparently gas operated designs are in the works as well.

They also do traditional AK builds from parts kits and the like. So if you want an authentic looking AMD or Egyptian rifle, they’ll build you one, down to the respective country markings. The old stuff is pretty cool, but its those pistol caliber ones that really catch my attention.

As far as keeping it traditional, that is our prefered style but have taken beaten up WASR rifles and had them redone with Magpul, Zhukov. We do use Tapco or customers preference on trigger assembly. Always with correct markings and Full Auto notch and y chromosome indent. No holes are drilled so it looks proper and is legal, trigger, gas piston brings it to full 922r compliance.


A cheap WASR the shop fixed up with Magpul components and a Zhukov stock.


The odd Uzi charging handle meets AK looking thing…


Much thanks to the owner of Kalashnicohn, otherwise known as “The Fobbit”  for the information and pictures!


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  • HenryV

    Yum. 🙂

  • Giolli Joker

    So… we read a lof of hype about how groundbreaking it was the new Atlantic Arms 9mm AK and there was already somebody doing the same in a better looking package?
    Did I miss something?

    • Kelly Jackson

      It’s a game chang-ja

      • KestrelBike

        Neva been don’ befoh!!

    • Vitsaus

      Every time something gets hyped, there’s a half dozen guys pointing out that its been done already (often times better), and usually for less money. The gun industry has pretty much become like the movie industry… repackaging of things they think the current generation doesn’t remember, or rehashing of things that they might remember but that slipped under the radar. For example, its no accident when 4 companies reveal some new -insert proprietary attachment system name- rail or mount and they are suspiciously similar. At the risk of starting a flame fest, the almighty Keymod is just a knock off of shelving thats been in use for 40 years. Its sad to say, but at this point, hype is all that separates most of these products from one another. What’s the real difference between a VP9 and PPQ? One got more hype. Glock 43 and M&P Shield? Hype.

      • This is the reason I’m starting to look into the actual materials and manufacturing processes that go into firearms (which I still don’t know much about) as opposed to listening to reputations and news. You’re completely on the dot with the design thing. You know Keltecs pump action bullpup shotgun or whatever? Compare it to the South African Neostead. Same exact thing on the inside. Will someone say stolen design….

        • Giolli Joker

          Well, the neostead feeds by gravity, I think the KSG has a different approach to that bit.

        • Ben

          Yeah, but try to buy a Neostead, or even find one for sale. Closest you’ll get to it is in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

      • Dan

        I so wanted to post pictures of my some shelving attached to a rifle and call it keymod.

      • All the Raindrops

        There is some truth in that, but the more guns around, the better. New stuff to get the pajama boy COD players outside with a rifle in hand perpetuates the RKBA, in its own weird way.

        As far as ppq vs vp9 vs glock vs m&p, it’s good to have options!

    • Plumbiphilious

      I would assume that the price on the AA/DA 9mm AK is that you pay more for the vaguely more premium design that also includes the fairly helpful BHO that it can do.

      It’s priced extraordinarily high though, I admit, even if it does that.

      They say that they had to include the fact that they had to figure out a lot of entirely new parts of their own design, but at that price, it’s going to be slow going to recoup those costs (though I also admit that guns do tend to sell out to production maximums, regardless of utility or cost), much less gain a market niche to hold onto.

      I used to want one myself and was getting ready to save for it, but they didn’t have any 16″ carbines I could cut down to my own desired length once I got a stamp for it.

      • Giolli Joker

        What I prefer on this one, beside the price, is that the receiver is shortened to pistol caliber lenght, whereas in the AA uses a standard lenght receiver, somehow filling the voids left by the use of a shorter cartridge.

  • Zugunder

    I really like the look of that WASR with Zhukov stock and drum magazine.

    • Squirreltakular

      There’s something wrong with putting $200 of furniture on a $500 rifle…

      But that isn’t going to stop me from doing the exact same thing to my WASR. =)

  • MountainKelly

    I’ve been thinking about doing a bizon type build in x25 or 9mm. Glad to see people state side are embracing the pistol caliber carbines, though it’d be nice if we could just get saiga 9’s. Alas

  • Bj

    I’ve never seen a wasr with dimples. My SAR had em, but never a wasr

    • madmarv55661

      It’s more than likely a wasr 10/63 newer production model.

    • Giolli Joker

      According to their FB page it’s a SAR-1 in Magpul dress.

  • AldanFerrox

    The only proper pistol-caliber AK is the Vityaz SN. Too bad that can’t get it as a civilian anywhere.

    • Giolli Joker

      Saiga 9 is the civilian version… not available in USA, however.

  • El Duderino

    Rad, a 5lb Glock.

    • Geremy Tibbles


  • Blake

    good call with the magwell adapter kits.

    BTW if your eyes don’t hurt yet, this should do the job:


    • Zugunder

      Ha-ha! Wow, is this even a thing?

    • BryanS

      I seriously looked at their stocks for a while, but after really looking at other examples, I am glad it never got past the “it might be neat” stage.

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    Miles, do you know something about that “new gas driven system” the release mentions?
    Sounds really interesting!
    I’ve seen some 7.62x25mm converted AKs and “Krinkovs” with shortened piston assembly etc. on the net, and I loved the idea, but those were all custom one-off projects.
    Would be exciting news to see a manufacturer offering non-blowback pistol caliber AKs.

    • Adam, no I don’t know much about it other than that it was being designed, if you want I can get you in touch with the owner so you could ask him about it…

      • Adam aka eddie d.

        Thanks Miles, I’ve already checked their FB site!
        Just as I’ve thought, there’s a PPS magazine compatible
        model in the works.

  • BryanS

    Needs a calico mag adapter.