Glock 42 in Flat Dark Earth

Glock 42 FDE

Perhaps no gun color has caught on with the buying public quite like Flat Dark Earth (FDE.) FDE, and all of the other shades of brown currently being offered in the industry, have proved to be quite popular with many shooters. It is no surprise that firearms distributor Lipsey’s is now offering an FDE version of the Glock 42 to its dealers.

Lipsey’s already offers many Glock pistols with FDE frames. Some of these pistols have black slides, while others brown. The G42 being made has a flat dark earth frame with the standard black slide.

The frames are molded by Glock in this color, so unlike some aftermarket finishing options, the color will not chip off.

All other technical details about the gun are the same with a standard Glock 42 pistol: caliber, capacity, weight, etc. The suggested retail price of the FDE frame guns is $480.

Richard Johnson

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  • Lance

    NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go with OD!

    • KestrelBike

      Just not Glock’s idea of OD (it’s always terribad)

  • Nashvone

    $480 for the frame from them, $450 for the complete pistol from Glock. Granted it’s not FDE but still…

  • Chris Schear

    That color always looks like baby poop, it is not a good color… At all.

    • Zachary marrs

      Unless you want to blend in with other earth tones

      Pointless on a handgun meant for cc, but still

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    When I was a kid we called that “brown”.

  • hikerguy

    I cannot remember the company, but someone refers to this color as SHTF brown. I think it is a good color in any environment except, well, arctic ones.