POTD: 9×25 Dillon Muzzle Flash!

FTA writes …

Muzzle flash! Me running a Glock 20 with 9×25 Dillon conversion barrel at a local IDPA match. Stage required strong hand only shooting. 9×25 is a 10mm case necked down to accept a 9mm bullet.

The 9x25mm Dillon dates back to the late 1980s. The most popular load for this “hand cannon” round is a 115 grain bullet being push out the muzzle at an impressive 1,800 ft/s. This works out to 827 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, more muzzle energy than heavy 10mm Auto loads.

Steve Johnson

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  • jng1226

    Impressive. If that course of fire was 5+ rounds at the same target from that position, that sheet could have ignited!

  • John

    Question: Doe a huge fireball mean you have a ton of unused energy leaving the barrel? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have less powder or a longer barrel?

    • Nebelwerfer

      It’s meant for use with compensated IPSC/USPSA open guns. These days, 38 Super and 9mm Major are able to meet the minimum power factor (160) for major loads, but in the good old days, 9×25 (and similar calibers) was necessary. With a comp, you actually get muzzle dip instead of muzzle rise with the huge amount of gas the 9×25 produces.

    • Erlend Berg

      Also, it was designed specifically for the (Winchester) 115 JHP bullet. Used about 17 grs of N-110.
      Laser-beam, but loud.

      • J-

        Now I want to load some 90 grain XTPs into one and see if I can break 2,000 fps.

        • FTA

          That’s me in the pic with a factory length non ported parrel. Have reached 2,000 with the 90s and a longer barrel with a custom compensator I built. Had to add side ports to the comp because my winchester 296 and 115gr load was pushing the gun down. It still dips down a bit when firing.

          • J-

            I’m glad I’m not the only crazy person out there.

            I have always wanted to make a modern, double stack, locked breech. semi-auto in 7.62×25 Torkarev. It could easily hold 18 rounds, and with a 5 inch barrel push an 85 grain XTP at 1,700 FPS. The problem is the OAL for the 7.62×25 is too long to put it in a .45 ACP/10mm frame. I’d need to make a new frame and mag.

            I have always liked the idea of very fast, light weight hitting with a lot of energy, which dissipates rapidly and doesn’t over penetrate.

            The 90 grain CORBON 9mm+P is a great round for that. I finally got a Glock 20 gen 4 (I need the beaver tail or I get Glock bite badly) and tuned it up with Lonewolf tactical (5.15″) barrel. Don’t ask why, but I’ve wanted a Glock 20 ever since I saw the Nuge shooting one.

            I think I’m going to have to get a Lonewolf 6 inch 9×25 barrel for it too.

          • Lolinski

            That already exists. Norinco makes a Sig clone in 7.62×25 that holds 17+1. Just google Dominion Arms P762.

          • J-

            I shouldn’t be surprised that somebody makes double stack 7.62×25, and by what I read online, Americans would be interested in buying them. That said.
            1) I can’t get it in the US.
            2) I wouldn’t buy one even if I could. Civilian Norinco guns are crap. Fit and finish is awful. As a metallurgist, I do not trust Chinese steel. At. All. I refuse to buy a Chinese clone of anything. I wouldn’t buy a Louis Vuitton knock-off purse. I’m not going to buy a knock-off SIG.

          • FTA

            Kindred spirit. First thing I did when I took home my G20 years ago was try to fit 7.62×25 in the mag. That stuff used to be super cheap back then and I really wanted a hi cap modern pistol chambered in it.

            I agree with the light and fast bullet having its place in some situations. My street carry choice for 10mm is a 135gr nosler jhp pushed to 1600fps. I know the whole 12 inch minimum penetration dogma but I feel that is more for regular pistol calibers. I find it hard to belive that a round dumping that much energy won’t be effective. And like you said, over penetration won’t be an issue.

          • J-

            The 12 inch thing came from the the famous 1985 Miami FBI shootout. A 9mm hit one of the bad guys in the arm, went through his arm and into his chest laterally (side to side) but stopped before it hit his heart. The FBI measured the distance of a side shot through the arm to the heart and got 12-14 inches.

            Front to back most people are less than a foot thick and most of that space is hollow (lungs). For most “civilian” shootings at close range, 7-8 inches of penetration with a massive permanent wound cavity should do the trick without sending a bullet completely through somebody.

          • FTA

            Yeah. I actually have the forensic analysis of that gunfight by Dr. Anderson sitting on my bookshelf. Seemed to me that the FBI was eager to find some reason for that disaster other than mistakes by the agents of course.

          • J-

            I have talked to hunters who have hit deer with 55 grain .223 soft points and dropped them in their tracks, and other hunters that hit deer with 3″ 12 gauge, rifled slugs, and the deer ran a few hundred yards before going down.

            That one bullet, in one gunfight, did not kill one bad guy instantly, doesn’t prove anything about the stopping performance of that caliber or ammo. There is a US Army Soldier named Channing Moss who TOOK AND RPG ROUND TO THE GUTS AND LIVED!!!

            My usual CCW gun is a .357 snubby loaded with 110 grain .38 SPC +P+ (the old Treasury Load) SJHP. I don’t feel under gunned with it.

          • Blake

            Not much in common with these competition guns, but the fun factor is pretty high with a Tokarev-chambered Sterling:

  • Sledgecrowbar

    9mm Dillon: The air overnight early morning delivery with tracking and signature confirmation of handgun chamberings. When you absolutely, positively have to kill a bear that is charging you… from 800 yards away*.

    *Because 10mm is thought of as a good bear defense round due to being a high-power autoloading cartridge.