1980’s Rob Leatham – Shooter Ready

A friend and USPSA Grandmaster, Shin Tanaka, posted this on Facebook.

It is a video posted by Gunworks of a 1987 instructional video on pistol fundamentals by Rob Leatham. Even though this film is from the late 80s the instructions are very relevant to better your pistol shooting skills


Nicholas C

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  • gb7

    Delta Press. The source for firearms information before the Internet.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    That’s what Bob Ross would call a happy accident.

  • joe

    It’s funny cause I see Rob a lot out at Tuesday Night Steel, at Rio Salado, and he’s a great guy, and always happy to give pointers.

  • Core

    Is this a 9mm SA?

  • Ben

    I haven’t really seen many older training/competition videos so this was surprising in how similar it is to what is taught today, with the obvious exception of stance and equipment, especially in regards to maintaining a firm grip without doing push-pull or similar nonsense techniques.

    The only part that stands out as being very different is that there is no discussion around trigger control and firing cadence. If you go to 5 mins in it looks a lot like removes his finger from the trigger after each shot. The El presidente drill also has the “bang-bang*pause*bang-bang*pause*bang-bang” cadence, rather than the “bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang* you get from top-tier shooters nowadays.

    That said he is clearly consciously going slower when you compare the on-set shooting to the competition video cuts, (which may explain why his finger was coming away) and discussion around trigger control might be a bit advanced for a 20 min vid which includes covering how to draw your gun. So I might be reading too much into this 🙂