KAK Industries CZ Scorpion Adapter

With the popularity of the CZ Scorpion Evo3, parts from CZUSA is sold out. So step in third party. KAK Industries makes a buffer tube adapter for the CZ Scorpion out of 6061 Aluminum and anodized black.



Here it is with their shockwave buffer tube.Evo 2


The buffer tube adapter sells for $50 on their website and it is in stock.

Nicholas C

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  • Mark

    Not sure if it’s a design flaw but the safety selector on these bites in to your hand terribly if you’re a right handed shooter. Imagine a thin quarter inch protrusion digging in to the underside of your knuckle on the right index finger the entire time you shoot. That’s the Evo3.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Yep. I discovered that in the Czech Republic last year. But CZ sells a safety delete for like $12.

    • Sianmink

      If it gets any market traction, expect someone to make an altered selector switch.

  • zach

    Just so you know, the aluminum adapter is made by CZ-USA. KAK buys it from them to sell on their own.

  • Ethan

    Now make it a side-folder and Increase the market appeal 10-fold.

    • Nick

      Was that pun intended?

  • Dear CZ,
    Please provide the 922r kits already as promised.
    Thank you,

    • theheineken

      Well, yesterday was the first day of summer. The kits are supposed to be out ‘late summer.’ It’s a little early to be saying ‘already as promised.’

  • Jane

    DO NOT SHOULDER !!!!!!

    • Spencer W

      And if you really want to obey the BATFE do not use two hands….

    • Ethan

      The tragic thing is, no matter how many boots you lick, there will always be more that need a-lickin’. Amaright? ;-P

  • USMC2090

    I’m pretty sure that the adapter is made by CZ and not KAK….fact check the article?

  • JQPub

    I had one of these in my hand last week and like I suspected, the one thing I just can’t get past is grip angle. It’s a real wrist-breaker for me personally… especially on anything short like this. So not gonna dive in and spend a mint to SBR one. Your mileage always varies of course.