Glock 43 Magazine Extensions

Looking to add more magazine capacity to your new Glock 43? GlockStore now carries Double Diamond aluminum magazine extensions for the Glock 43. They’re available in +1 or +2 rounds with a +0 version coming soon for those who just want the extra grip length. They’re available in silver or black, the +1 version goes for $19.95 and the +2 version goes for $24.95. Check them out at


The new Glock 43 is the perfect concealed carry handgun. Slim, lightweight, low profile and easy to fit next to your body. But these advantages also come with a couple of small disadvantages…the magazine capacity is only 6 rounds of 9mm and, because of the small size it’s somewhat difficult to get a full hand grip on the gun. Remember, accuracy starts with a consistent grip!

Our new magazine extensions solve both of these problems. It’s machined in our custom shop in San Diego, CA out of aircraft grade billet aluminum and provides a larger grip with the capacity to hold additional rounds. You’ll notice that the part fits the gun perfectly allowing for a full hand grip and, ultimately, better accuracy and control of the gun. Simple installation – watch the video online.

Available in +1 in Black or Silver. +2 and +0 configurations coming soon!

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  • Patrick M.

    why a +0? Whats the point?

    • Darkpr0

      More surface area to grip on for people who like having a good pinky grip. I personally find subcomps really uncomfortable to shoot with compared to a full size grip because I have large, spidery hands and I can put a lot of strength through my bottom two fingers. But it’s also nice having a frame that can be a subcom by putting the original mag back in if you need to carry it in a tight spot.

      • David Sharpe

        But what’s the point in putting an extension on if it doesn’t increase the capacity?

        • Darkpr0

          “The new Glock 43 is the perfect concealed carry handgun. Slim, lightweight, low profile and easy to fit next to your body. But these advantages also come with a couple of small disadvantages…the magazine capacity is only 6 rounds of 9mm and, because of the small size it’s somewhat difficult to get a full hand grip on the gun. Remember, accuracy starts with a consistent grip!”

          Taken from about 12 inches ^ that way

          • David Sharpe

            I’m not disputing the longer grip.

            Patrick and I are asking what’s the point of a grip extension is there is no more capacity? Why buy a +0 over a +1 or +2?

            I would bet the +0 doesn’t sell.

          • Darkpr0

            It doesn’t matter whether it sells or not. They have decided to make it. If someone happens to be in a scenario where the need a 0, then they can have it. There are certainly demented laws/competition rules in the country that I’m sure somebody somewhere has a use for it.

          • David Sharpe

            I don’t know of any state that has a max capacity of less than 10 rounds, if you do then by all means tell me.

            With a 6 round mag, a +1 or +2 baseplate doesn’t put it over 10 rounds.

          • Darkpr0

            Glocks sell all over the world, as do Glock parts, including those made in USA. People in Canada are permanently limited to 5 rounds in a centrefire rifle (and they’re not even the most draconian of laws), but routinely buy 5/20 and 5/30 limited mags just because they like the feel, they like the look, or just because. Anywhere with especially nasty laws surrounding firearms may find a 0 to be a method around mag restrictions to whatever end they may want.

          • David Sharpe

            How does a 6 round mag go over a 10 round limit with a +1 or +2 baseplate? I don’t know of anyone who would put a +0 baseplate on a mag if they did not have to.

          • Darkpr0

            Your math isn’t in question, merely your assumption that no places in the world exist that have limits below 10.

          • David Sharpe

            Give me an example of somewhere that has a restriction less than 10, but that also allows short handguns like this.

          • Darkpr0

            The NY SAFE act was originally drafted with a seven-round magazine limit. While the law was not passed as such, the possibility loomed quite heavily over many owners. If it had gone through, people would have been clamoring for -3 extensions.

          • David Sharpe

            NY owners could have still gotten away with a +1 extension…

          • Darkpr0

            You asked for a number less than 10. 7 is a number less than 10. Also, 7 is a number that was pulled out of the air at the best, specially selected to cause difficulty for gun owners at worst. If some jurisdiction decides they like 6 instead, or less, then these guys may look like geniuses. Otherwise, they make a variant of a product they already do for little (or no) additional overhead and the Earth spins toward another day.

          • David Sharpe

            Yes, thank you, I wasn’t aware that 7 was less than 10…………………

            A +1 extension does not put a 6 round mag over the proposed 7 round limit. So what real world situation can there be that someone would go through the trouble and expensive of buying and installing an extension, but say no to an extra round. There is no law than says you can’t put a +1 extension on a 6 round mag.

          • Eric S

            Okay, I’ll throw this out there:

            What if someone was nervous about magazine reliability when you add a capacity extension? They might want the extra finger space, but not the risk of feeding reliability because the mag spring doesn’t have enough tension to push the last round into position.

            I’m not one of those people and I don’t own a Glock 43.

          • David Sharpe

            Is that a problem with extensions? If it is, fair enough.

          • Nashvone

            Think of it as a grip extension that just happens to be mounted to the magazine.

          • sam

            Sounds like a valid concern to me. That’s all I can add. I mean, I’ve never seen an account of a +2 or +1 causing issues. But, you know , keeping the inside shape close to factory is a relative bird in hand in terms of reliability.

          • Not_a_Federal_Agent

            Dude you need to chill out, if you owned a firearms accessory manufacturer you could make all (or in your case none) of the plus zero grip extensions your heart desires. But you don’t. Instead, you’re sitting on your computer arguing about one of the stupidest things you could possibly argue about, and seem really offended that a plus zero grip extension exists.

          • David Sharpe

            I’m not offended, I can’t think of any scenario why a +0 would be necessary or desired, can anyone else but Eric think of one?

          • Sianmink

            I’ve got +0’s on my 740 because it helps the grip a lot, and nobody makes a +1. >.> Even if they did, I feel like it might add a little too much bulk. the +0 is hollow-bottomed and only extended in the front so it doesn’t hurt the concealability any.

          • David Sharpe

            But as you say, nobody makes a plus 1, so if there was a plus 1 available, would you spend money for just the extension, or would you get an extra round as well?

          • Sianmink

            I’d have to say, it depends? I’d probably keep the standard extension in the gun and put the +1 on my spares.

        • nadnerbus

          It would require less machining, perhaps it is cheaper, for those that don’t need the added capacity.

        • Extra grip area

          • David Sharpe

            Yeah I kinda sorta knew that.

            Why go with a +0 over a +1?

          • Standard Velocity

            I prefer 7 round mags for my 1911. I have never had any malfunctions with my 7 round mags. I have had malfunctions with 8 round mags. My brain tells me that the spring on an 8 round mag is having to extend incrimentaly further and even with a slightly longer spring there is diminishing force being applied on that last round which is the very spot it is prone to jamming.

            Therefore I chose to keep a reliable 7 round mag in my 1911 and to forgo aftermarket extensions for other guns that could hamper reliability when I need it.

            Real world scenario in which this product is justified is when I want to get a better grip on this tiny gun I would chose the +0.

            Are you satisfied with this answer sir?

            For the love of God please be satisfied with this answer as I am inexplicably drawn to read pointless reposts of the exact same comment like a moth to an increasingly pointless flame.

          • David Sharpe

            I suggest you look into new mags or new springs if they jam on the last round. The only problems I have with 8 round mags is inserting them on a closed slide.

    • Phil Hsueh

      My guess would be for CA & other states that restrict the capacity of the mags. This way you can get an extension for the grip without going over the 10 (or however many round) limit.

      • David Sharpe

        Yeah but the cap of the 43 is 6, so a +1 or +2 still doesn’t put it over.

        • Phil Hsueh

          Hmm, good point. After doing a quick check, it seems that nobody has a limit of less than 10, with that in mind, I really have no idea of why a +0. If I’m going to buy a mag extension and the base magazine is already well below the cap then why not a +1 or +2.

          • David Sharpe

            Yeah that’s why I’m puzzled. If it was for a Glock 26 then i can understand a +0 for certain states or countries (Canada only allows 10 rounds for pistols, so if I had a 26 I could only have a +0)

          • Joey JoJo Jr.

            It’s specifically made for sale in Dontbuyitifyoudontlikeitstan. Maybe you’ve heard of it. I think it’s also aimed at the market it beatingadeadhorseoversomethingyourmomwontletyoubuyanywayia. Another under-rated, little-known jurisdiction.

          • David Sharpe

            So once again, no real reason to go with it over a +1?

            Didn’t think so.

          • simmoc04

            one word could be “Merica” or could be “Troll”

          • nadnerbus

            Didn’t NY just put in a restriction to 7 rounds?

          • Phil Hsueh

            I don’t know, when I looked things up, the couple of websites that I looked at listed no state as allowing any less than 10 rounds, that includes CA & NY. It could be that NY has changed things recently and the websites just haven’t been updated yet, I don’t know. Regardless, even if it is 7, a +1 extension would put the G43 right at 7 then,

          • kipy

            When they passed the SAFE act the law was for 7 rounds initially, so if you had a 10 round mag for your glock you could “legally” only put 7 rounds in it. Someone took the state to court and proved how ridiculous it was and we won our extra 3 rounds back lol

          • David Sharpe

            I don’t believe it went through.

      • Phillip Shen

        Maybe for other states. CA doesn’t even allow the Glock 43 unless special circumstances.

    • Extra grip area—

      • David Sharpe

        We understand this…..why go through the expense of getting a grip extension without also getting an extra round or two?

        • Mag2

          It makes my head hurt thinking of the logic behind a +0 extension other than to milk money from dummies.

  • MatKep

    For an extra $325 you could buy an M&P shield that comes factory with 7 or 8 round capacity and good three dot sights.

  • Mag2

    +0? That’s just dumb. I’d like someone to honestly try to explain why a person would want to pay money for no additional carry capacity.

  • MrEllis

    The +0 magazine should be 50 bucks. As a test of sorts.

  • Bal256

    The +0 arguement only proves that glock fans will argue and defend literally anything about their platform.

  • Sianmink

    The irony that this product is made in California is not lost on me.

    • Phil Hsueh

      I always find it amazing whenever they post up an article about anything gun related that’s made in CA, esp. when it’s something that we can’t even use here like a suppressor, or in the case of this extension, for a pistol we can’t even own/buy in CA.

  • simmoc04

    David sharpe to answer your question…Cuz ‘Merica

  • Mike Trester

    so entering the conversation late here. I see all the discussion on using +1 and +0. is there concern with the tension on the spring? guess my question would be with using the same mag spring for a +1 or even a +2, is there concern that the rounds won’t advance properly?