Blitzkrieg Components Tritium Chevron Sight

Blitzkrieg Components makes a pretty sweet replacement chevron front sight post for the AR-15,  last year they released a night sight version. They just released their new Tritium Dot version. Their “Luminescent” night sight model needed to be charged by a light source before use, their new Tritium Dot version doesn’t need a charge and is good to go right away. They’re available now and retail for $67.95 at They also have them available with a front sight tool for $74.95.

The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post (Patented) provides the ultimate iron sight picture with both a perfectly sharp aiming point and a bold, fast sight picture. The Tritium Dot model provides a very effective low light capability with the bold, bright glowing chevron and a Tritium Dot at the top of the chevron The Tritium and Luminescent stripe are only visible on one side, so there is no glow toward the enemy. The Chevron gives the perfect blend of speed and precision. The Chevron design has many unique advantages. The tip of the chevron gives the shooter a sharp aiming point for precise aiming and high confidence on difficult shots, while the bold chevron shape is easy to see and pick up quickly without obscuring the target. The contrasting Luminescent Chevron Stripe gives the shooter an eye catching sight picture that excels in both bright-light and low-light environments and the Tritium Dot adds a night capability for when the Luminescent Stripe has not been charged. Minimum adjustment for elevation is 4 clicks or one full rotation since the Luminescent Stripe is visible on one side so that no luminescence glows toward the enemy. The Chevron Shape makes for an improved sight picture with any type of protective wings, whether using standard wings, semi-hooded HK/Troy style, fully hooded, Magpul MBUS or diamond shaped. This sight post improves the sight picture of all of those designs. It also works great when co-witnessing sights and optics.

Precision machined and threaded from one piece of billet 416 Stainless Steel to the tightest tolerances for an outstanding sight picture and precise fit in any AR-15 front sight housing. The matte black finish is a melonite finish for a super hard and corrosion resistant surface. The Luminescent Green Stripe appears more yellow in daylight and glows green in low light. It is a 5 layer paint application into a machined grove on one sight of the sight. this gives you a bright yellow contrast stripe in daylight and a bright green glowing chevron in low light and darkness. The Tritium Dot adds the advantage of a visible dot in total darkness when the Luminescent paint has not be able to absorb any light.

* Chevron Height is 0.25″

* Fits into any AR-15 Front Sight Housing that uses a standard threaded post – Any Mil-Spec fixed front sight gas block or aftermarket front sight housings made by companies such as Troy, Daniel Defense, Diamond Head, PRI, Magpul, Mid West Ind, Samson, GG&G, YHM, and any others that utilize the standard AR-15 post design. Fits Magpul MBUS, but not the new MBUS Pro. Does not fit LWRC Skirmish sights due to 11 o’clock position of detent.

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  • Bill

    I would have picked a different name for my company, just like I wouldn’t name my Rottweilers Himmler and Goering.

    Kind of cool, might work, but sort of busy: do I use the dot, the chevron, or the tip of the sight itself?

    • Giolli Joker

      Blitz and Krieg would be much more suitable for your canine companions. 🙂

    • Ergo

      you know i named my russian blue Stalin

    • iksnilol

      Depends, I presume the tip of the chevron is for precise aiming. The dot or the entire chevron itself for less accurate shots.

  • J-

    The original chevron sight with the luminous paint is fantastic. I have put it on two of my ARs with fixed front sight posts, and am slowly adding them to my ARs with folding BUIS.

    The sight picture is fantastic, and they glow is very bright after a few seconds with a flashlight. A UV LED gets it even brighter.

    To me, adding the tritium is not worth it. I went through two tritium sights, the Trijicon and the TruGlo TFO and neither was bright enough to be seen well on the end of a 20 inch AR.

    If the guys from Biltzkrieg read this, I hope they decide to make a replacement front sight for the Springfield M1A style rifles as well. That is a gun that could really use a front sight upgrade.

    • El Duderino

      Is it actually usable with the A2 peep? Looks more like CQB quick acquisition is their “target” (pun intended).

      • J-

        I love the sight on the A2. I have a RRA AR15, 20 inch barrel, with the the A2 upper, and went through several different carry handle mounts to try and put and optic on it and never found one I really liked. Finally went to the Blitzkrieg and love it.

        Have it set up for a 50/200 battle zero. The sight picture puts the group at 50 yards right on the tip the the chevron, like using a German post reticle. At 100 yards POI is about 2 inches above POA. I can keep the group size inside of a 4 inch Shoot-‘n’-C target, which is about the same for my AR carbines with red dot sights.

        Close in, you can’t lose the front sight. It is a big, off-white, triangle. Even in dim light.

        I run a Trijicon Accupoint 1.25-4 on one AR carbine, and a Accupoint 2.5-10 on my AR MDR clone. I love the German style reticle. Accurate and quick, which is why they are so popular with dangerous game hunters. The Blitzkrieg gives the same type of sight picture, but with iron sights.

        • El Duderino

          I ask because I’m pondering building a very simple but functional lightweight AR along the lines of the Shootrite Katana from a few years ago (not the present iteration). DD A1 style rear, triangle FS, carbon fiber handguard, pencil barrel, etc. Looks like the Blitzkrieg is something to consider.

  • The 90’s called…

    Neat product…if people still used open sights on their AR’s.
    (Maybe install one of these on your front BUS?)

    • J-

      I have an older style Ar15 with the A2 carry handle upper. Mounting an optic on one of those has always been problematic. either the optic mounts way high above the carry handle or it mounts on a less than stable gooseneck mount. Either way, the sight channel in the carry handle is filled in and the use of the irons for back-up is either reduced or eliminated.

      The Blitzkrieg front sight breathed new life into that rifle. The sight picture, in daylight and low light, was improved. Accuracy is the same as other ARs I have with red dots on them. I ditched the optics for that gun and have been shooting it irons only. Makes a great truck gun. I enjoy shooting it with iron sights and don’t have to fiddle with carry handle optics mounts.

  • iksnilol

    A tritium chevron sight? I have waited a while for something like this. Stupid question: Would it work with Tech-Sights?