Weekend Photo: What Kind of Gun Did We Shoot?

Below is a picture of some spent brass from a recent TFB writers’ shoot. Over at The Firearm Blog’s Instagram and Twitter pages, we ask our readers: What gun did this brass come from?


Here is the hint for our readers:

The ammunition was designed and made in America, and was never adopted by any military or commercial party.

Be sure to comment or head on over to our Twitter or Instagram pages with your guesses! The answer will be posted there tomorrow!

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at nathaniel.f@staff.thefirearmblog.com.


  • Alex Nicolin

    Cases are pretty beat up and show oxidizing. The necks on some of them have cracked. So there is definitely old. Old ammo is pretty unsafe to shoot and/or has collector value, so if one shot it it is probably obsolete. I also notice the taper on the case is very visible, comparable to 7.62x39mm at least. The diameter of the neck is large compared to the shoulder and the shoulders are long, shallow. It’s difficult to get a scale on the cartridge, but it’s either something that has a 12 mm head and a 9-9.3 mm bullet, or an 11 mm head and 7-7.62 mm one. There is no 12 mm case that has that amount of taper (if it weren’t for that aspect I would have said 9.3x62mm Mauser, but that’s far from obsolete), which would serve as a parent case, so the latter is much more plausible. In this care the parent case would most likely be one the 6.5 mm cartridges used in the first part of the last century. The Arisaka is semi-rimmed and has a narrow groove, so the 6.5×52 mm Carcano is much more likely as a starting point.

    So my final conclusion is that most likely it’s an experimental cartridge which fires a 7-7.62 mm bullet, from a rimless case with an 11-11.5 mm head (probably derived from Carcano). Many countries experimented with intermediate rounds in the 1920s-50s so it’s probably one of those. It’s not the 7.35×51 mm Carcano, because that kept the original taper (they rebored old barrels for it). So that leaves only one option, which being American, is much likelier. But it’s hard to believe someone could get their hands on it, let alone shoot it if they did.

    • GearHeadTony

      Wouldn’t it have been easier to just say, I don’t know?

      • M.

        but then he wouldn’t have looked so smart.

    • Dan

      I don’t think the ammo is old, just looks dirty, I’ve had split necks from factory ammo and seen necks split on cases necked up to a larger caliber.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Well, Alex has pretty well given the game away. That’s neither oxidation or grime, it’s mostly the remains of the wax coating that made this ammo work in it’s firearm.

    • Well, we did, and we did. 😉

  • Jeff

    .276 Pederson.

    • d_grey

      The exact same answer came in mind!

    • Big Mick


  • Hokum

    Pedersen’s .276 caliber rounds?

  • Coctomus Prime

    Original Garand caliber design, the .276 Pedersen.

  • Tassiebush

    .35 whelen?

  • Isaac

    British .303

    • GearHeadTony

      “The ammunition was designed and made in America, and was never adopted by any military or commercial party.”
      Good guess though ????

      • Swarf


        • GearHeadTony

          NAILED IT!

        • Dan

          Doesn’t exist, mythical round. Quit spreading lies, LIES I SAY!

    • Graham2

      Wrong, sorry. .303 is rimmed.

  • Asdf

    I can’t get any scale so I can’t make a guess, throw that brass away befor some try’s to reload it.

    • Dan

      Crush it then throw it, seen enough people with their head in the range garbage can digging for brass to sell as “once fired”

    • Bal256

      Someone needs to place a banana next to it for scale

      • Swarf

        That’s your answer to everything.

    • Patrick R.

      No. The brass is far too rare and important to just discard. It will never be reloaded, just kept as a curio.

    • The brass does look really corroded, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a reason for that. 😉

  • Mystick

    A rifle. .28 something?

  • Wolfgar

    Wilson 7.62X40

    • Giolli Joker

      I smell sarcasm.

  • ExGOP

    This weekend is another example of why we need to repeal the second amendment and eliminate the danger that firearms pose in the nation and become civilized.

    • Ned Weatherby

      Right. Eliminating natural rights, and having only governments and their agents arms is “civilized.” Just like it was when kings denied arms to anyone but their own soldiers. And of course governments murdered hundreds of thousands of their own people last century, according to that Right -Wing bastion of information, the University of Hawaii.

      • ExGOP

        Guns aren’t a “Natural Right”. The best governments in the world limit guns. So do the worst. We would be one of the better ones without guns. You gun nuts want to compare us with Nazi Germany and third world dictators. You refuse to compare us with civilized countries, all of which have gun control.

        • Ned Weatherby

          The right to self defense is a natural right. With the same tools available to government agents and bad guys. BTW – Where did I say anything about Nazi Germany? You did that. So – perhaps a “gun nut” is a hoplophobe like you – not a law abiding gun owner.

          I always thought a “gun nut” was something that held parts on a gun.

        • Dan

          Who do you think you’re going to persuade here? Just because a government has gun control does not stop someone from going on a shooting rampage. 2011 Norway Massacre, Terroists in France. Laws don’t stop criminals, but you anti gun people don’t care what is really to blame, you just want gun control.

          • ExGOP

            You didn’t mention that in those civilized countries with effective gun control, these shooting rampages are extremely rare. Unfortunately, in countries without effective gun control, they are altogether too common. Even if they don’t totally eliminate them, effective gun control prevents the vast majority of them. You can find dozens (unfortunately) of examples in the US. You can find fewer than a handful in Europe, Australia and Canada–similar countries with effective gun control.
            Gun control is good for the country. We would be MUCH safer.
            Laws alone don’t stop criminals if the laws are ineffective (Mexico for example). Effective gun control does effectively reduce gun deaths (Europe for example). If we repeal the second amendment and pass strict gun control laws, the country wouldn’t be safe immediately, but within ten years our gun homicides would reduce from 10000 per year to fewer than a thousand. Without those actions, it will continue to be 10000 forever. No one who wants what is good for the America n people can support the NRA.

          • Dan

            Lets repeal the first amendment as well, lets start taking away rights, just because it is inconvenient to dig down to the core issue of why we are so violent. We will always have guns, we will smuggle them in, we will build them in our sheds, if someone wants to kill a lot of people they can drive a fuel truck into a school. Sorry bro troll somewhere else. None of these mass shootings would have been prevented by any law. You would literally have to search every square inch of this country to remove guns to achieve your goal. So no, gun control is not the solution. Anyone in Europe with a permit to own a firearm can go on a shooting rampage. Why don’t they? Laws are always ineffective against people who chose to ignore them. Take my gun Ill build one that you cannot regulate. Only the military should have guns. We would be a safer country then too.
            Also I am not am ember of thr NRA

          • ExGOP

            Why would you repeal the first amendment in order to repeal the second amendment. There is no logic to that.
            Yes, most of these mass shootings would have been prevented with effective gun control. Instead of one a month, we would have one every ten years.
            In Europe they don’t go on a rampage because only people with good character references can get guns. The laws and strong enforcement are the reason. Also the argument “Laws are always ineffective against people who chose to ignore them” is an ostrich argument–head in the sand. Just because people do kill each other is not a reason not to have laws against murder. You made a poor argument. Just because a few people might escape good gun control is not a reason not to do it.

          • Core

            Drunks continue to drive despite the fact that they have no license. So we should ban cars so drunks can’t get behind the wheel? Strength comes in the form of education, not submission and control. Criminals will commit crime no matter what we do, we choose to empower law abiding citizens, not penalize them for the acts of monsters and madmen. We are free citizens, we do not need to be controlled. All we need is education. ExGOP you need a great deal more education before you can claim to solve all of the evils in the world. I’m also not convinced you have the right to voice your opinion in regards to something you clearly know nothing about. You come across as having an uneducated European perspective, if this is the case we definitely don’t need your opinion here. Take your politics elsewhere.

          • ExGOP

            Guns are like drunks. Drunk driving laws and strict enforcement means there are a tiny fraction of the drunk driving deaths there would be without the laws. If we had similar gun laws, there would still be gun deaths, but they would be a small fraction of what they are now.
            You come across as not caring about America. You seem fine with 10000 Americans killed by guns each year. That is totally UnAmerican

          • Dan

            Also why is a gun death anymore tragic than a stabbing death? Or being beat to death? If i ran around a city and killed 9 people with a hammer in 1 month is that somehow less tragic than killing 9 people at once with a gun? Are you as passionate about reducing drunken driving deaths? How about reducing violent deaths combined? Nope seems like your just focused on gun control so you feel safer without actually doing anything to solve why Americans love to kill each other

          • ExGOP

            Not more tragic. Just easier to control and many more of them. All the things you mention are worth reducing, INCLUDING and especially guns. We have drunk driving laws and programs that vastly reduce the number of drunk driving deaths. Without these laws and strong enforcement we would have many times the number of drunk driving deaths. We need to do the same for guns.

          • Wolfgar

            Federal prisons have complete firearm ban’s and the government is in control of everything. Yea, those are safe places to live. Did you notice the victims were once again killed in a gun free zone? I would suggest you should move to France or England where the radical Muslims can kill with out the scary proposition that an armed red neck would more than likely blow them away with a scary firearm. ExGOP you are a complete idiot.

          • ExGOP

            you make such silly arguments that you probably think are cute. We don’t really have any gun free zones in the US. Firearms are so mobile that without a national program, local zones are meaningless. In this country there are numerous gun killings each year and no one blows them away before they can do it. Just another silly argument.

        • Core

          We don’t want people wearing aluminum hats drinking the coolaid telling us what we sound or shouldn’t do so piss off. My family has lived here prior to the Revolution and we don’t have a problem with guns, we have a problem with leftist wing nuts who take away rights to justify a false sense of security. Go take a hike to the UK and sit patiently until the day comes when you will once again need Americans to ship our weapons and children to save your useless skin…

          • SP mclaughlin

            You guys gotta stop feeding trolls.

          • Please don’t feed them. I can take care of it when need be.

          • Dan

            For a few comments a day, you can give a troll access to food, attention and eventually the ban hammer. Sorry Im guilty of feeding. It’s just so addicting. You do it once thinking “what’s the harm” and you just keep going until it ruins the post! Im so ashamed I need help!!!!

    • Gordon J Davis Jr

      I’ll give up my guns when the Secret Service gives up their guns. Deal?

      • ExGOP

        Why should the Secret Service give up theirs? Stupid idea. Giving up yours is a good idea. The two aren’t related at all.

        • Gordon J Davis Jr

          If I don’t need a gun to protect myself, neither does the President or anyone else guarded by the Secret Service. In fact, the police should give up their guns as well. And every Federal and state agency.

        • Spencerhut

          So you are pro gun as long as the guns are in the hands of government? Because no government ever turned guns on defenseless citizens right?

          • ExGOP

            We do have some bad cops, but that is no reason not to repeal the second amendment.

          • Spencerhut


          • Banned—-back on topic guys—

          • Kevin Harron

            Thanks Phil. Obvious troll was obvious. Freaking paid shills…

  • Christopher Edward Penta

    35 remington.

  • ostiariusalpha

    It is indubitably .276 Pedersen.

    • 😉

      • Ben

        You are hanging out with Ian aren’t you?

      • ostiariusalpha

        Did you capture some video in slow motion?! All you would need to make it complete is a top hat or pith helmet with superfluous gears glued on it, because that rifle is so damn steampunk.

  • Lance

    .276 Pedersen

  • chuck

    276 Pederson rifle

  • Jim

    Ouch…40+ rounds of .276 Pederson…not cheap. Also, there can’t be much of that ammo left.

    • Less expensive and rare than you’d think. They made quite a bit of it. Still not a gun nor ammo you’d dare to shoot without good reason.

      • Jim

        I’m a little surprised by that…I’ve watched that ammo from afar for years, and never seen more than a few boxes at a time, and never for less than several dollars a round. Pretty cool if yall have a source (or stash) for it.

  • Tassiebush

    Okay it’s already late into tomorrow morning here in Van Diemen’s Land…Can you let me know??? 🙂

    • Check our Twitter or Instagram for the answer!

      • Tassiebush

        Cool I just did and it’s awesome! 🙂

      • Marcus D.

        I’ve heard of them, but I don’t know what either of those things are, and I don’t think I want to find out. So post the answer here, since it is already “out there” for the technologically motivated, but not us old foggies. Twitter is for twits. Instagram–that requires a smart phone, yes? Don’t have one, and as long as they are GPS enabled with an FBI backdoor, I’ll stick to a flip phone–which I wouldn’t even have except that my wife insists on calling me when I go to the store and the kids like to text more than talk.

        • iksnilol

          You can disable the GPS, that’s what I do. Then again the reason I have a smartphone is because I got it cheap and I don’t like dragging my laptop everywhere.

          Though I agree on the Twitter part. That stuff is just silly.

        • In this day as a major blog we can’t say no.

          I did post the answer here a while back, but you can view Instagram via browser, just the functionality is limited.

  • Jim_Macklin

    Since the Bill of Rights was written to assure the people that the government would never infringe or limit those rights which were written and ratified in order to get the Constitution of the United States ratified. Any attempt to repeal any of the first ten amendments void the entire constitution. Such an attempt to repeal or openly violate the Bill of Rights, is effectively such a violation the the officers in the Army and Navy [all branches] to uphold their oaths to protect the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. In other words a coup to re-establish the Constitution as the foundation of our nation.
    When the Aurora theater killer attacked, he passed over many theaters that did not ban weapons, he was seeking a location with unarmed victims.
    The Charleston church shooter spend an hour before beginning his rampage. That was probably to assure himself that his gun was the only weapon present. SC law bans carrying guns into a church unless the chirch has given written permission. Killers want to complete their evil plans. I understand that that church has armed guards sometimes. Why they did not the other night may never be known.
    If one or more of the nine victims had been armed, the killer might have decided to go elsewhere. If he began an attack, he could have been stopped.
    Anyplace that posts a “no guns sign” or has other means to prohibit legal firearms, killers will come because they want social impact by killing the helpless and the children.
    The failure of acquaintances to report what they knew, the disarmed condition of the victims and the insanity of the killer [killers at every scene] creates the killing field.
    The killers cannot be given a place where they feel safe because the law or policy means that victims will be unarmed.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Okay… So, any guesses about what rifle they were shooting? You know, just to pretend you’re interested in the actual topic of this blog post.

      • Jim_Macklin

        I was multitasking and cut and pasted a reply intended on another topic into this.
        I tried to enhanced the photo of the cases but the resolution is too poor and all the data had been stripped.
        But I’ll go with the .376 Peterson that was to be the Garand ammo until the Army said they wanted to be able to use the WWI stockpiles. Thus we got the M1 Garand in .30/06. Didn’t even get teh M1 BT 172 grain .30/06, but instead got the flat base 150 grain M2 Ball.

    • Jim that has nothing to do with the topic. Please don’t bring this into the conversation.

  • He’s gone Swarf let’s get back to our topic.

    • Wolfgar

      Thank’s Phil W, Sorry I was feeding the troll, it’s just reflex to step on a cockroach when I see one.

  • Remember guys, you gotta check in to our Twitter or Instagram pages to find out the answer!

  • Y-man

    Definitely .276 Pedersen. And I know this from my wealth of knowledge and experience in my little corner in the world… And no, I did not read the other comments below where it may or mayn’t have been mentioned….


  • Bruce

    Just look on the bottom of the case head. Caliber should be there.

  • Like the other guys, I guessed .276 peterson, but I saw a ’68 headstamp, I think. So perhaps one of the Project Salvo .308 variants. It’s obviously military manufacture, and one of them has a split case neck.