Dan sent us a photo of his very nifty Lancer L30 LTR chambered in .308 Win. He writes …

Some F-Class and Long Range Practice in Mifflin, PA with Some Coworkers.
Lancer L30 LTR in 308 Win.
Bartelin 24″, 1-11.25 Twist Barrel Chambered in 308 Win Match
Rubber City Armory, High Pressure Bolt
SLR Adjustable Gas Block
Sightron SIIISS 8-32×56 LRTD/TDT
EGW 30mm Rings
EGW Thread Protector (Orignally came with Lancer Viper Brake)
Sinclair Bipod
Lancer L7, 10 Round Smoke Magazine.
Originally a 20 MOA Full Rail but front half removed to get scope closer to bore.

2015-06-11 13.37.35h



  • Will P.

    Gorgeous rifle! But question. Why have an adjustable gas block if you can’t access it because of the handguard?

    • Wetcoaster

      I imagine that once he has it adjusted to give the softest recoil for his regular load, he doesn’t really need to adjust it any more

    • akfanatic

      slr gas block is adjusted from the front with a hex driver so should be able to access in the field with a tool.

      • RICH

        AMEN….. All you need is the right tool weather it be a hex nut or allen socket.

        • Dan

          Or a doohickey with a handle

    • Timothy G. Yan

      It comes with a long allen wrench that could access the gasblock at the front. I’m workoing write on this.

  • James