Haley Strategic’s MP2 Magazine Insert

Travis Haley is always all about speed and economy of movement. Since the famous Magpul video, he has expanded from being just a high-speed trainer into a low-drag innovator (I admit it, I own and regularly use an Incog holster).

His latest release is a rather nifty piece of plastic to assist with ammunition retention and management. It is (as expected), designed to work with his own design chest carrier, but seems that it would work in many systems out there.

Video below on the “MP2”.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Nicks87

    Notice the tactical breath control during the video? That’s right, nobody is as operator as Travis Haley. He is the Godfather.

  • tony

    I no longer bother to watch his videos

    • Nicks87


  • Grindstone50k

    Neat product, but I have no need for it. I think the tacticool market is getting a little over-saturated at this point.

    I have far more respect for Haley than for Costa. The only thing I really respect Costa for is his facial hair.

  • Chey Wilsher

    Travis Haley is such a bad ass…


  • Gregor

    What plate carrier is that in the beginning of the video and the title image of this article? It looks futuristic enough to be a movie prop

  • Travis

    Marsoc and Force Recon’s official title for their shooters is CSO, Critical Skills Operator. Probably starting gaining traction as a term when Det1 was spun up.

  • Core

    The Department of the Navy PQS system for weapons qualifications are mostly referred to such and such operator. Like “M9 Operator,” “M60 Operator,” etc. when the Sailor or the Marine becomes special operations qualified they essentially become an operator, operating in operational environments.. Sorry couldn’t resist.. This is where the term operator comes from. I’m a former Shipboard Security Engagement and Weapons (SSEW) Operator and Trainer and Many others. If you’re spec ops you typically work in that role as an operator all the time, so you are therefore and operator.