Chris sent us a photo of his Saiga chambered in 5.45mm converted into a AK-74 style rifle. It installed a Tapco G2 trigger, Magpul Zhukov handguard, Magpul grip, K-Var stock. It think its looks great. If a few years ago you told me Magpul furniture would look good on an AK I would have said “Never!”, but I would have been wrong. Magpul looks just as handsome on an AK as it does on a AR.

Chris also sent us a photo of his custom Short barreled AR-15 featuring a Aero Precision upper/ lower, Timney trigger, JP silent capture spring, Rainier BCG, Daniel Defense 10.3″ barrel, Daniel Defense MK18 rail, Daniel Defense flash hider, Syrac Ordnance adjustable gas block, GEAR QD mount, a Magpul grip and a CTR stock. It took looks great.


Thanks Chris.



  • Plumbiphilious

    Huh, the long Zhukov handguard looks less derpy than I originally thought, since it doesn’t have the little gas tube shield. I’m impressed.

    However, since Saigas aren’t going to be imported for the foreseeable future, I’m looking for some Vepr-compatible furniture, Magpul… *WINK, WINK, INCONSPICUOUS WINK*

    • Stompy

      It will work with modification to the barrel clamps. Veprs have heavier barrels all magpul has to do is make larger diameter clamps.

  • Jack

    Not a big AK guy, but that looks good.

  • Carl

    Someone is bound to say “Nyet! Rifle is Fine”

    Go Ahead….I dare you, I double Dog Dare you…

    • Nyet! Rifle is Fine

      • mosinman

        Да! глупые капиталистические свиньи думаю, что они делают славную Калашникова “лучше” Ха! Григорий смеяться над глупыми западных! Калашникова лучших в мире, и винтовка отлично!

  • iksnilol

    How does the handguard attach to the gun? Does it clamp onto the barrel or does it attach onto something else?

    • Stompy

      There is a aluminum chassis that attaches the the front of the reciever and bolts on to the barrel similar to the ultimak gas tube that this is compatible with. You also have to remove the handguard retainer if the rifle has one so this is perfect for unconverted saigas that don’t. The plastic handguard slips over the chassis and bolts on. The handguard is really solid and sleek compared to the old style AKs. the mlok slots combined with the new kinect mounting system and extra length make this a great setup especially with the barrel cut down to 14.5 with a muzzle device pinned and welded to 16.1 oal. Still waiting for the magpul moe fixed stock for the AK, don’t really care for the Zhukov folding stock.

  • The Magpul forend ribbing matches the magazine ribbing quite well.

    • Grindstone50k

      Ribbed for your pleasure.

  • roguetechie

    I like the Zhukov folder quite a bit for several reasons.
    1. Silly rabbit buffer tubes are for armalites:
    I detest that trend more than words can describe…. And so should you! It’s not a coincidence IMO that this trend really ramped up just as groups like Cerberus decided to try to do to guns what they did to so many other industries!! I mean, how many of the AR tube adapters out there can’t even get the angle correct? (that angle is not arbitrary, ergonomics people… Not just for carpal tunnel syndrome prevention webinars… )
    2. It’s probably as close to the folding telescoping AK12 stock as we’re going to get.

  • Sam

    Small nitpick, the trigger on the AR is a CMC.

  • Gahrison

    Plastic furniture, no longer just for ARs comrades.

  • highhammer

    Damn it! Read the title fast and thought they were comming out wtih 5.45 mags. Guess ill just shut up with my stupid million dollar ideas.

    • Seamus Bradley

      Me Too!!!