Self-Defense Hat From FAB Defense

A few months ago there was a hat hitting the market that was being touted as “bullet proof” and now there’s a hat coming out designed to be used as a self-defense tool. It’s the Gotcha hat from FAB Defense, and it includes a hand-held tool that’s mounted to the brim of the hat. The company lists the tool as being made from a polymer so it won’t set off metal detectors and the tool itself is supposed to have multiple uses. Those uses include use of pressure-point tactics and restraining and disarming moves.

A hat with a self-defense tool built into it is certainly an interesting idea, and one FAB will undoubtedly benefit from. The company’s press release doesn’t say whether the hat comes with some sort of use/training sheet to show individuals how specifically to use the tool. What do you think?

From FAB Defense:

When it comes to personal protection, why not be proactive? The ultimate concealed self-defense tool from FAB Defense, the Gotcha hat can go with you where other weapons are prohibited. The less-lethal self-defense tool is hidden in plain sight adding confidence to any individual wearing the hat under any set of circumstances. The tool is made of MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite, so it won’t trigger metal detectors and is mounted into the brim of a stylish hat so your attacker will never see it coming.

Martial arts experts Dov Granchrow and Yaron Hanover designed the Gotcha hat so that individuals, even when wearing little clothing (such as shorts or swimsuits), would never be caught empty-handed. The Gotcha can be drawn easily from the holding mount within the brim of the hat in a non-threatening motion, which will catch your attacker off guard. Not only will users confidently defend themselves, they’ll have the last word: Gotcha. The personal-defense tool enables quick pressure point standoff as well as restraining and disarming techniques.

The comfortable baseball-style hat is available in four colors, black, coyote tan, dark earth (brown) and OD green. The front of the hat can be personalized with interchangeable Velcro patches.

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  • Zachary marrs


    i am so shocked right now.

    The people who buy this never should have been given the money to spend on it in the first place

  • Ron Fox

    Why not just put a knife on top of your head and cover it with a normal hat like I’ve been doing for years. ????

  • Menger40

    Assuming this plastic piece would be useful for defending yourself, why does it need to be hat-mounted? Why not slip it in your pocket? I don’t understand.

    • 3Gunner

      This would be faster.

    • Sianmink

      I guess it could be easier to access if you have your hands up

      • Menger40

        That’s true, and I guess reaching over to touch your hat brim is less suspicious than reaching into your pocket.

        Still, if someone’s got me holding my hands up, chances are they have a more dangerous weapon than I do and theirs is already drawn.

      • Grindstone50k

        I’m sure the people who buy this have the tactical ninja training to take on an assailant armed with a firearm using a bit of pokey plastic.

  • Phil Hsueh

    Interesting idea but unless it’s meant to hidden in or underneath the brim you’re going to look really stupid with that thing sticking out. I’m trusting that the pic is only meant to illustrate the tool and not the way it actually is supposed to be.

    • Zachary marrs

      Its FAB/MAKO. They have a monopoly on stupid looking products of questionable quality

  • John Yossarian

    It’s obviously a tiny, plastic Bat’leth.

  • Patrick R.

    Oddjob approves.

    • master race

      I’ll stick with my bread helmet

  • Anomanom

    You could just buy a sap cap for like 1/3 of the price. Cap with a pouch full of shot in the back.

    Step 1: Remove hat.

    Step 2: Hit someone with it.
    Step 3: …
    Step 4: Profit!

    • Bear The Grizzly

      I have been told most places consider that a “blackjack” and is incredibly illegal. The carnage an old man could unleash upon some unsuspecting muggers is too great a power for mere mortals to wield.

      • Budogunner

        Various by State law. In my state of residence the slap cap, while still considered a blackjack, is legal for carry as long as you have a CCDW license. Of course, you could also carry “death stars” with said license. I’m not kidding, those exact words appear in the law books.

        I have no idea what the new hat product might be classified as. That might take a legal case. Again, where I live, with a CCDW license what you are allowed to carry is quite permissive so they will sell here, I’m sure.

        • J-

          I knew a guy in NYC who carried a old style 5 D cell Maglight flashlight in his briefcase or gym bag. I mean, it’s a flashlight. There was no law against flashlights. But I’ll tell you, that thing was nearly a foot and a half long and weighed a solid 3 lbs at least. I wouldn’t want that back end of that crashing down on my skull.

          • Anomanom

            You can still get those 5d mag lights. I keep one of those in each car, and one in the house. With LED conversions in them.

          • J-

            I have a 6 D cell with the LED. Left it on one night by accident, was still on and bright over 12 hours later. The 6 D cell is rated for 11 hours with the incandescent bulb (which is why I have it), with the LED my guess is that it would last over 24 hours. The big ones were popular in So Fla where I’m from a “hurricane lights” since they would last as long as the power would be out.

          • Phil Hsueh

            That’s fine unless you’re LAPD, in which case hitting people with your big ass Maglight is considered bad. What makes it worse than say, hitting them with your baton, or just shooting them I don’t know, but apparently hitting people with flashlights is just somehow worse.

          • J-

            I’m not a lawyer, but what I understand the law to be, is that hitting anybody with any item constitutes armed assault. A hammer is a tool until you whack somebody with it, then it becomes a weapon. Some items, designed only for whacking people with are considered weapons as is (guns, knives, batons, etc.). But there is no law, as far as I am aware, about a maximum legal mag light length in NYC. There is rumor of one in LA, but I have not found any evidence of someone being prosecuted under it. Either way, if the choice is between hammering someone with a D-cell flashlight and then hiring a lawyer, vs getting stabbed in the guts on the subway, I’d rather have a lawyer than a colostomy.

          • Phil Hsueh

            I’m sure that you’re right on that but I was referring specifically to an incident a few years or so ago in where the LAPD got into trouble when some of their officers were caught on video beating a suspect with their Maglights. This caused a big stink and a big deal was made out of the fact they were using their flashlights since it’s apparently so much worse to be beating someone with a flashlight than with a baton, or just pepper spraying, tazing, or flat out shooting them.

          • J-

            Oh. I figured everybody, even the good people over at Maglight knew that the reason to have a 4+ battery flashlight was to beat people with. I worked part time as a security guard while in school. Was a better late night job than stocking shelves. When we couldn’t carry weapons as per the client’s request, we could – and did – carry 4 D-cell Maglights I still have one in the door jam of my car. I added a “bust-a-cap” to it for use as an emergency window breaker too. Doubles as my car survival tool.

        • Grindstone50k

          Where does one purchase a concealable Death Star and does it still have the same capability to blow up Alderaan?

          • Mystick

            “Nobody needs a super-laser for hunting whomp-rats. Mister and Miss’s Galactic Empire, turn ’em all in![felch-slurrp-BLEEP]”

            – Senator Chuglan Fenstooine(D-Ghlornac 7)

          • noob

            No I think you need the five inch barrel for that.

      • J-

        I always wondered if you made a “blackjack” like device that was leather, about 8 inches long, and on one end held $5 worth of quarters, instead of bird shot, would that be a a legal change purse? That is until you hit someone with it. But just to carry, it’s a change purse.

        • Lee

          Fred Perrin, the designer of the La Griffe knife, makes one. Google it, its what you have described.

          • J-

            Wow. Didn’t know that. $60 is steep though, and I’m not sure if I wanted Fred Perrin’s name inked onto it, that seems like a red flag, that this was designed by a guy that makes hand-to-hand weapons.

          • Peter (BE)


    • Grindstone50k

      I saw some of these cylindrical spikey things at a gun show a while back that you’re supposed to slip over the size adjustment strap of your hat that it supposed to accomplish the same effect.

  • 3Gunner

    I got that hat – with the “option” – already in early 2014. Illegal in a lot of countries as it’s considered being a knife, or under the “knife law”.

  • STW

    I think they are being honest and straight forward right from the start. Once you get your hat and see what you actually received then, “gotcha!”

  • Budogunner

    A tool is only as useful add your training with it. Just buying a gun won’t make you safe, nor would just biting a hat.

    I’m curious how they will address this. In guessing either the cap will be very expensive and come with a short ‘training’ DVD, or it will be cheap but heavily advertise several training video products (beginning, intermediate, advanced).

    *Note: As a martial artist, I don’t believe you can learn from a video or book alone. With a competent instructor they can serve as resources but more often than not such things are produced to be cash cows.

    • noob

      maybe the intent is that you just use your regular boxing skills, only now you have a bit of pokey plastic sticking out of your hands.

      so now your punches jam the pokey plastic into wherever you regularly punch.

  • sean

    The Peaky Blinders had a better idea back in the late 19th century.

  • E M Johnson

    +1 on maglight. When I worked in a prison many of the guards loved their small bright lights. I had one for searches too but my companion for 1st watch counts was my 5D mag. They tried to clown me about being old fashioned until I asked them ” what is your plan for the illegal alien getting released the next day to INS and decides he doesn’t want to go back? He figures he’ll just clock you and get to stay. Of course your broken jaw and the resulting medical complications don’t concern him.” Since it has happened before they immediately saw the light. It’s in my hand and there isn’t any ninja move jumping out of a bunk that’s going to keep your brain cover from getting split. The 5 cell is a bit much to carry around but the 3 cell is a pretty damn solid substitute that won’t raise eyebrows if your carrying it around at night.

  • Grindstone50k

    Does it work with my Notch hat?

  • noob

    go go gadget hat!