Questionable Live Fire Training

This video was posted on Facebook.

If you look for the best training in South Africa and you serious about your safety and your family or you law enforcement or close protection officer, Then I can give you what you look for. I serve in one of the top unit in Israel Serve in the Israeli security services for many years I developed the KALAH SYSTEM. I will definitely can’t train you in 5 hr to become a fighting machine “like other organizations promise they can do it ” But with good mine set and understand combat in general no matter if is for you own protection or you are a law enforcement etc is a serious and must to have proper and hard work and to put time and effort if you understand that then I can help you
Please don’t try this at home


Idan Abolnik is a self defense trainer. His English skills need a little polishing. But it is not his grammatical skills that I question, but rather his training regimen. There are many instances, in just this video, where he or someone else is down range of a live weapon. Even worse, he has live weapons pointed at him that are loaded AND chambered!

So it looks like Idan was taught the same manual of arms as other Israeli instructors. If you recall, I posted about another Israeli instructor and he would “chicken wing” his pistol while in the “straddling a fat horse” stance. Idan does the same thing in this video. However there is another aspect to the manipulation that I do not understand. The “chicken wing” is to get the pistol into position so you can grab the slide and rack it as the shooter punches the pistol outward. It is silly but I can understand the reasoning behind it.Β They are required to carry chamber empty, so leave that argument aside. What I do not understand, is Idan’s consistent tendency to flick the weapon and chicken wing it after each string of shooting. Perhaps he is looking into the chamber when using the AR-15? But if that was so, why would he need to do that with the pistol? Look closely at his shooting technique. When he stops shooting and goes back to retention, he always flicks the pistol sideways.

Pistol wing


Please do not try the things you see in this video. They are extremely dangerous.

Nicholas C

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  • Anton Gray Basson

    I dont even know why people like this allowed to conduct business. Or why anybody would allow a loaded pistol to be pressed against their own head for training.

    • American Diaper

      He’s a #ew…

    • Idan Abolnik

      Well me as idiot please I live in South Africa were are you from South Africa I want to come can have good challenge I am from Pretoria but willing to come to you or any were this is my number 0711198652
      Or my email address!

      • Anton Gray Basson

        Really man? After what I saw in that video do you think I want to be anywhere near you and a firearm? You put this on the internet, its clearly dangerous and anybody can see that.

        • Idan Abolnik

          Well c
          Then come and show me what you can do i will just watch so what you say…

          • Anton Gray Basson

            Grow up.

      • Lian

        you do know the entire SA firearms community thinks you’re a bad joke, right?
        with all our firearms politics, we dont need kak publicity like this.

      • Oopssorrymybad

        Idan, you are an idiot. I will be going out of my way to ensure that you are closed down by the South African Police Service. You are contravening the Firearms Control Act and the Competency provisions and deserve to be S102’d (declared incompetent to possess a firearm).

        We do not need cowboys like you operating in our space.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    f.ucking idiots.

  • Al Ra

    Just to answer your question, it is probably nothing more than an atavistic remnant of his training with a beat up FN High-Power, that used to be the standard choice for special forces training. You had to flick it slightly to identify the malfunction. And those were numerous and frequent. At this point of his life he is not even looking at the chamber, but the his body is still flicking it up.

    • stephen

      If you have to flick your gun after every shot, its time to get a better gun.

      Just saying


    • Joe Schmoe

      Actually, the idea is from IDF training to check the ejection port for type of jam. However, you don’t check your weapon (ejection port) after every friggin shot, you check when the weapon stops to see if the magazine is empty (bolt back) or you have a jam (bolt middle, front); and you actually have to look, not just do the motion….

  • Pete Sheppard

    He must have a leak somewhere, with all that hissing…

    • Dan

      Ok I’m not alone then, I couldn’t tell if it was him hissing or the piss poor camera

  • Stephen

    Ok… I love the tire shoot-house range thing. I wish I have money for land to do that.

    That being said there are so many wasted movements. He is supposedly in South Africa and I don’t think they have a law saying you can’t have a round chambered in your gun so why waste time by NOT having a round in the chamber. I also don’t understand the AR flipping after ever few shots – is that carbine so prone to malfunctions that he has to do this? If so, he needs a more reliable carbine.

    As everyone else noticed, doing live fire disarms, retention, etc is no good ju-ju. That is asking for trouble. Then again he is in South Africa.

    The biggest problem I see is that one of the hundreds of thousands of tactical firearms instructors in the U.S. will see this and put it in his class… “Tonight at news at 10, firearms instructor killed…”

    Nuff said.

    • Anton Gray Basson

      We have extremely competent and well trained instructors in South Africa none of the ones I know would condone or teach this garbage. I dont know how his allowed to operate but that more telling of our law enforcement than our firearms industry.

      • stephen

        Its good to know there are more good instructors than bad ones in SA.

        Hopefully no one will take this guy’s classes.

  • Phil Hsueh

    Is it just or does this guy seems a bit slow? His draws seem a bit slow and his double taps seem slow too, either that or I’m too used to watching Jerry Miculek do his thing.

  • Swarf

    This is likely a self-correcting problem.

    • antiliberalcryptonite


  • Sianmink

    Where to start?
    His condition3 draw technique adds about 1.5 seconds to what would be otherwise be a pretty quick and decent draw if he had a round chambered already.

    The 90’s called, they want their video camera back.

    The guy tapping him gently while he’s doing push-ups and shooting. What? Is that supposed to do anything? BTW if you train to slap-fight, in a real situation you’re going to default to slap-fight. good luck with that.

    having a fully loaded and ready to fire gun pointed right at his forehead for training. There’s no possible way that could end poorly.

    at 4:56 after he takes the rifle, it looks like he didn’t get it running again.

    • Bj

      Looks like a cz p07 to me

  • USMC03Vet

    Just like his weapon handling his push-up form is terrible. Somebody’s teach these guys how to do a proper push-up please.

    • Tassiebush

      Oh that was push ups! I thought it was training for parents on how to cope with being interrupted during love making!?…

    • stephen

      I kept thinking back to my days in the army. If I did pushups like that the Sarge would be going “none, none, none, none…”


  • thetruth


  • Mig

    My first question… why is a “South African” teaching an “Israeli system”?
    My second question: Why is it that if you put the word “Israeli” in front of anything firearms or self defense related, that people go ga-ga over it?
    Israeli training systems were developed to overcome the inadequacies of the kit they carried… they aren’t special systems and they don’t work any better than the stuff that is already out there… in fact the only benefit one gains from training in the Israeli systems of firearms training is that if one is a member of the IDF then one can function on the battlefield with the old and often poorly functioning equipment that they carry…
    I think I’ll stick with the stuff that I already know…
    As for using a live loaded firearm for force on force training… what does this guy think he is? Spetsnaz?

    • master race

      Israel and SA have a history- look it up

    • LNel

      He isn’t South African.

  • Budogunner

    Resident safety nazi here. I don’t think I even need to get started on this one. Testosterone is a hell of a drug, I guess.

  • master race

    this is why #ews shouldn’t be given guns

  • Bal256

    I notice from tge comments section that this style of training seems to be less acceptable when anyone besides James Yeager or the Russsians do it.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      James Yeager is an effin tool…

    • stephen

      JY teaches stuff that will put you in prison if you use it in a self defense situation.

      Anyone remember the “full mount shoot the guy in the head” technique?


      As for the Russians, their badassery is legendary so they get a pass.

    • Tinklebell

      James Yeager…wasn’t he the guy who challenged people to sign a waiver and fight him to the death or something? On his Facebook page at that…

  • toms

    Isreali, Russian, South African, Chinese ect sof all have very different training regimes that they have evolved over a long history of intense combat operations. They don’t think like us, train like us, or understand our mentalities. They think we are metro transgender stripper dust twinkled wimps who can’t fart without a permit and a lawyer. We think they are macho retarded psychopaths drunk on vodka and propaganda. Using loaded weapons for dynamic force on force training is something they do for several reasons that may or may not help in a real situation. They say it adds realistic stress, makes screw ups potentially fatal and therebye increases focus and controlling adrenalin, creates confidence in your partners (esprit de corp), and also simulates the real thing as closely as possible. At face value none of those things seem bad. Do blade masters fight with fake swords? Does the training work? Attack one of the above listed people with a weapon and see. I wouldn’t want to nor would I want to train like that either. But then again I’m not a South African former massad mercenary either.

  • Chey Wilsher

    There’s a huge a difference between having the jagaloon you train with “robbing” you and having a loaded gun to your head and actually having some hardened stick up man with a loaded gun to your head. I’ve talked/pseudo interviewed many of these types(often with convictions) and theres a running theme from a song that comes mind,”He put a gun up to my head,He made it clear he wasn’t lookin’ for a fight, He said give me all you got, I want your money not your life, But if you try to make a move I won’t think twice”. They seemed more than willing to kill a stranger. After trying a few drills I was convinced I wasnt fast enough to stop a trigger pull. Lol

  • American Diaper

    I think all #ews should be encouraged to train like this

  • themason90

    I don’t know but I got a feeling all this ain’t gonna end well for someone.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Just a few comments:

    1) – His “top IDF unit” is just the Battalion 51 of the Golani brigade, just one in the dozens of regular infantry battalions in the IDF and in no way considered SF or special in any way.

    2)- His “advanced course” (from the certificate posted on his website) is just a “Personal Protection” course that takes about 100-300 hours given by one of many security colleges in Israel.

    3)- Once again, like the previous people shown here, almost none of the stuff here is sanctioned by the IDF. You don’t check your weapon (ejection port) after every friggin shot, you check when the weapon stops to see if the magazine is empty (bolt back) or you have a jam (bolt middle, front).

    4)- Can’t speak for the Krav Maga, just that it isn’t IDF taught. Pistol seems OK though.

    5)- Not saying the guy doesn’t know his stuff, just that I don’t like some of the things he was doing with the live fire (hearing the click on an empty chamber would prove the same point).

    • Idan Abolnik

      For your information 51 is a stra to go to the Golani special unit
      Secondly I complete the GR course in the Israeli government second the college you talking about iis done for me to recognize internationally
      So your comment NOT SO CORRECT

      • Joe Schmoe

        Sorry buddy, I served in the IDF as well, 51 is just another battalion. The Golani special units (Sayeret Golani and Egoz) have nothing to do with being recruited to battalion 51. Not deriding your service, I’m sure it was hell. About the GR course, I only went by what you posted on your website.

        Like I said, I’m sure you know your stuff and I never questioned that; just I don’t like some of the methods you’re using (my opinion, doesn’t make it fact). Perhaps if you could explain the reasoning behind some of your methods then I might change my mind. πŸ™‚

  • Hickock45

    All I can think is James jagger

    • Todd


    • highhammer

      Are you thinking of Mick? I cant see why this guy would remind you of him. Does not have the moves like Jagger

  • Gideon Joubert

    As a South African I am embarrassed by this. I would like to assure you that we have some excellent firearm trainers in this country, many of who have trained with the likes of Frank Proctor, Mike Panonne, Larry Vickers, and others. We are not all clown shoes idiots like this.

    • Idan Abolnik

      Well me as idiot please I live in South Africa were are you from South Africa I want to come can have good challenge I am from Pretoria but willing to come to you or any were this is my number 0711198652
      Or my email address!

      • Gideon Joubert

        Sod off Idan. I am not willing to risk my life being trained in your dangerous and irresponsible methods.

        • Idan Abolnik

          Well come and show me how is need to be done!!!

          • Gideon Joubert

            I am not interested in sharing a range with an unhinged person who clearly has little regard for firearm safety.

          • Toxxyc

            Unhinged is a great word to explain this dude. He’s so confident that he’s the best that he’ll risk his life to prove it. No one in their right minds would do this.

      • Lets not issue challenges to each other—-

  • Idan Abolnik

    To all the south African say I am idiot please
    I am in South Africa and willing to come for a challenge
    Any were any time this is my email
    This is my studio/shooting range address is attbetuy value mart shopping center under the Nike shop
    Pretoria east
    Or I willing to come to your shooting range and do the challenge in your shooting range!!
    So put your big mouth in action
    All the rest here I wish I cold meet all of you but is not go to happen Due the distance !!!

    • Rouen

      Why do you want to fight everybody?

    • DanR

      This is just embarrassing. I think I am the 4th or 5th ex-IDF combat soldier to join into this. We have a good name because we train harder, work incessantly, and fight as if we have no way out- we don’t. Usually, staying quiet and out of the fray is the way we are, but to this phony whose only way to defend his horrid training is to challenge everyone to a fight – just go away. I don’t know how old you are, or which war you actually fought, but I sure as hell would not want to be in your unit. You were obviously the one fruitcake in the bunch.

  • Rouen

    We have so many good instructors in SA. Many of them from KM/Israeli backgrounds and other from other styles.

    Believe me when I say they do not teach this nonsense.

    In actual fact many of the really top guys in SA actually get along well.

    • Toxxyc

      Oh come on dude what do you know? This guy is AWESOME, can’t you see? I mean, his mom told him that “you can be anything you want to be”, and he took it to heart. He wanted to be the most unbeatable hulk strong powerful undefeated guy who kicks everyone’s ass, so that’s exactly what he is.

      Or he confused this feeling with being a douchebag, which is more likely.


  • Idan Abolnik

    David de beer bla bla bla
    Come and show me how the training need to be done come your brave online
    Come show me my number 0711198652

  • Mark

    I would much rather not train with an instructor that thinks putting a loaded weapon against my head is a good idea. There are many, many instructors in SA that can train safely

  • Yigal134

    This guy is a liar. A fraud. And a criminal. He has already had a case against him for shooting a student in the stomach. I am ex Yamam and no body has ever heard of him here in Israel. He is under investigation

  • Brian M

    This guy sounds like a complete moron and what they’re doing looks like the kind of stuff immediately following the redneck’s famous last words, “Hold my beer and watch this.”: I’d rather get training from Bubba.

  • Oopssorrymybad

    Oh dear…

    The dreaded Attack of The Tactical Muppets.

  • Tinklebell

    Haha those push-ups….positively erotic.

  • robocop33

    Allow me to agree with Anton! I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer and was involved in firearms training and even fired competitively in Combat Police Pistol Competition and if I ever saw you doing ANYTHING like you did on the range or on range property you would have been immediately disarmed and quite probably arrested! I have been around firearms since I was a pre-teen having my own .22 cal. rifle and hunting and target shooting at 12 yrs old and I am now 65. I KNOW firearms and I also know and train in disarming another person. I have no doubt that if I can touch your firearm, I can take it from you but again, that is a last resort and we NEVER, EVER train with a loaded weapon and now since they can make plastic non-firing replicas we use them instead of real non-firing pistols/revolvers.

  • ditiswatditis

    Idan, there are none so blind as those that will not see. We practically live in a war zone, training to survive the life threatening situations our people are faced with requires training as close to reality as possible. I thank you and Etienne for the efforts you put in despite these naysayers. A combat system, which kalah is, either works or it doesn’t. How many of you protesters would put your training or systems to test under live conditions? ? It either works or it doesn’t! Thankfully not many as your friends and family would miss you. If you really believe what you say, then take Idan up on his offer of a demonstration. Listen to ALL he has to say before mouthing off on the bits and pieces you have seen. The SADF was once one of the best prepared bush war forces in the world. We trained with live ammunition under pressure for months on end. Skerp punt ammunisie (sp??) Real bullets, real grenades, real mortars, real claymore. … you fight like you train. To survive what the thugs in SA are dishing out today, I hang my hat on the TKM and KALAH hook.

  • One_Jackal

    I will pass, I do not have a good mine set.

    • Tinklebell

      I’m a few ores short of a shaft myself…