New Tactical Choke From Trulock

Shotguns have been the preferred home-defense weapon for some time now due in large part to their enormous power. Not only can a 12-gauge shotgun breach walls and blow the locks off doors, it can disable a vehicle with a well-placed slug. Of course, when pellets are fired from a shotgun the resulting pattern can vary widely, which is why it’s important to pattern your shotgun with various loads. There’s one specific way to a
affect the outcome of a round fired from a shotgun. and that’s by installing a choke.

There are quite a few chokes on the market, each of which has a specific purpose, from turkey hunting to tactical purposes. When it comes to tactical shotgun use, you want a choke designed for accuracy and terminal performance, and that’s where Trulock comes in. Trulock has been manufacturing chokes for some time now and has built up a solid reputation in the industry. Not only are their chokes backed by lifetime warranties but all components are made in the U.S.A.

The new choke from Trulock is the Trulock Tactical Choke, which is made for 12-gauge shotguns. It’s designed for versatility and can be used both for hunting and home defense. The choke is made of a durable steel and has a black finish, so it blends in with your gun and doesn’t reflect the sun’s glare. If you’d like to check it out online, take a look at MSRP $58.99.

From Trulock:

“The Trulock Tactical Choke transforms the most popular models of 12-gauge shotguns into versatile tactical weapons. The Trulock Tactical Choke also improves downrange accuracy and performance for big-game hunters using slugs and buckshot, in addition to providing better results from breaching rounds.

Whether you want to build a tactical shotgun for home defense, as a menacing weapon for wild hog hunting, or you want a great combination of tactical gun that also gets the job done on deer and other big game, the Trulock Tactical Choke won’t let you down. This one choke optimizes performance with three types of ammo: breaching rounds, buckshot, and rifled slugs. This eliminates the need to change muzzle devices when alternating ammunition.

As a tactical application, the Trulock Tactical Choke Turns your shotgun into a powerful breaching tool. A shotgun is the preferred method of ballistic breaching. A breaching operation is best performed with the muzzle in contact with the door, and the Trulock Tactical Choke employs a crenulated muzzle that ensures positive grip with the door. As a standoff tool, the Trulock Tactical holds the barrel securely in place while providing a slight standoff to allow powder gases to escape. Of course, the Trulock Tactical Choke should not be used for breaching purposes unless the operator has received proper training and uses specified breaching ammunition.

The Trulock Tactical Choke is available for Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 gauge, Winchester/Browning Invector Style 12 gauge, and Remington Rem Choke Style 12 gauge. All are multi-purpose tactical chokes that provide improved downrange accuracy, come in black oxide finish, and are made in the USA.

Made from high strength alloy steel (150,000 psi U.T.S.) with a matte lack oxide finish to eliminate glare, the Trulock Tactical Choke is knurled for easy installation or removal. Like all Trulock Tactical Chokes, the Tactical is backed by a lifetime warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.”

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  • Don Miles

    I’m new to shotguns. This work with ksg?

    • thetruth

      Listen noob…1st, you aint got no keep wishing

  • Tassiebush

    looks like a simple and relatively cheap way to change the role of a shortish shotgun to a fighting shotgun. Muzzle break, breaching tool and open choke presumeably in cylinder or improved cylinder choke in one item. while a breaching tool is probably very low on most peoples list of uses I have read the idea that it can be a useful thing to help retain the gun from someone who tries to grab it since it’d really bloody hurt them if you jab them with it! They’d look like they got attacked by a big lamprey!

  • derpmaster

    “The Trulock Tactical Choke also improves downrange accuracy and
    performance for big-game hunters using slugs and buckshot, in addition
    to providing better results from breaching rounds.”

    I’d like to see some proof for that claim. To me, this looks like just another marginally useful “pimp my gun” accessory.

    • thetruth


  • WhiteKnockers

    Breaching for home defense?

    ‘Did junior lock hisself in the potty again?’

    How about disabling an engine block. Whenever did anyone ever do that?

    ‘Junior you are grounded and if you even try to get the Trans Am of those blocks I’ll disable it toot sweet.’

    Just a fantasy toy attachment and bottle opener in one.

  • thetruth

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..When are we going to be done with the word TACTICAL….99% of people with “tactical” gear could not run a mile.

    I was at the gun show and saw a booth that said “Tactical Fatman”…The dude was selling the shirts for $20 each..On the front was some bla bla kill ISIS or anti Obama crap…and on the back was “Tactical Fatman”

    He was making a ton of money…4-5 people that walked by chucked as their huge belly’s bounced. They gave him the money and now they have a “Tactical” shirt that fits their obese selves..

    Im going to come up with a shirt that says…

    “Dickydo”….It will read if you stomach sticks out farther than your dickydo…then your not tactical…your fat!….Do some situps!

    • Ben

      Preach. As a private citizen, I own a pretty fair amount of tac gear. I live in a not as nice part of town, so I like keeping it around. However, I’m also fairly athletic, train frequently, and dry-fire a lot. It bugs me a heck-ton to see fat mall-ninjas who need 24*30 size plates, and yet never wear them because of the weight. The gear is not the problem-I believe every citizen should have a rifle, and some gear on hand to assist in its use. However, every citizen soldier also needs to be in shape-I certainly believe fitness is crucial to a well-regulated “militia”-the collective citizenry. John Mosby has some legit stuff on this topic. Have a good one.

    • MIKE


      • Rick Shaw

        What’s wrong with ridiculing the fat? They cost the economy hundreds of billions annually. They make us dependent on foreign oil to lug their lard in their oversized SUVs (that also make the roads unsafe). The truth is there isn’t enough fat bashing. They got themselves into that condition, and others pay for their irresponsible behavior.

      • thetruth

        Fat shaming….hahahahah…Sorry to offend your kind…Please tell me one wonderful thing a fat person has ever done for this county?

    • Rick Shaw

      Obesity. Don’t take it lightly.

      • FUNNNY


  • Leo Atrox

    What year is this? Wasn’t the Trulock Tactical Choke released eight or nine years ago?