New Ruger Redhawk in .45 Colt/.45 ACP

Ruger annoucned a new Redhawk revolver that is chambered in .45 Colt, but will also shoot .45 ACP. To make this possible, the revolver has a cylinder that is recessed so it will accept full moon clips for .45 ACP ammunition. According to Ruger the .45 Colt cartridges headspace off of the back of the cylinder. The .45 ACP headspace off of the moon clips in the recessed area of the cylinder..

Specifications and Features:

  • 4.2″ barrel
  • 6-round capacity
  • 44.0 ounces
  • satin stainless finish
  • hardwood grips
  • adjustable rear sight
  • ramp front sight with bright red insert
  • MSRP $1,029

For more information, and to see the gun in action, watch the video Ruger put together below:

Richard Johnson

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  • J-

    Yes, I will take one please. The MSRP is kind of high, I might wait until I see my first used one.

    • Swarf

      As someone on another gun forum said; it appears they accidentally cut-and-pasted S&W’s pricing list.

      • MR

        Ruger’s MSRPs always seem extremely high, to me. “HOW much for a bolt-action 22lr?!” Hey, whatever keeps the shareholders happy, they seem to be doing fine without my money.

        • Bal256

          How much for a bolt action 22lr? Are you kidding me? There’s only about a $50 difference from savage, their main competitor, plus they come with adjustable stocks and share magazines with the 10/22. Sure Marlins are quite a bit cheaper but are owned by freedom group and have no aftermarket.

          • MR

            Before the “American” line came out, I was looking at the M77’s. And they’re considerably more than $50 more than the Savages I’ve seen.

          • Jack Burton

            I’d also imagine they’re considerably more expensive to make than the Savages, like most CRF bolt actions.

      • J-

        Speaking of S&W, I assume (hope) that the moon clips that fit this are going to be the same size as the moon clips that fit the N-frame S&W .45 acp revolvers. Those are cheap and easy to find. If I have to get a different size, Ruger only, moon clip, than this is a no-go.

  • Sulaco

    Now do it in an SP101 please!

    • Anonymoose

      9mm/.38/.357s don’t work as well as you’d think. 9mm’s taper mean that a cylinder cut for clipped 9s could cause case-splitting and poor accuracy with .38s. They could do swappable cylinders like in their Blackhawk Convertibles, but the price difference between .38 and 9mm just isn’t worth it (while .45 Colt can be quite pricey and/or rare compared to .45 ACP).

      • Cymond

        Thank you, I’ve been wondering about 9mm/357 for a long time. I’ve wondered why they weren’t more common. Ruger offers a Blackhawk, but that’s about it.

        But according to ammoseek, 38 special costs about $50 more than 9mm per 1,000 rounds (I excluded steel cased and remanufactured ammo). From what I’ve seen in the past, that’s a pretty good deal on 38 special. Last time I checked, the price difference was more like $80.

        • AC11

          Cymond, see my comment above.

          • Sulaco

            I was thinking more along the lines of a SP101 revolver in five shot interchangeable .45 acp and .45 LC. Would sell like hot cakes. The 9mm out of revolvers out preforms in most cases the .38 by a large margin but I don’t think they (38-9-357) would interchange in the same gun unless its one of the special multi caliber guns built for it.

          • AC11

            Well they do interchange, just check their website if you feel so inclined. Again, it uses two cylinders. Reviews of the Rhino are pretty good. The company needs to get their act together on the customer service end.

  • Maxpwr

    Start standard firearm blog complaint comments about price or caliber in 3…2…1.

    Seriously though, I like it and while it may not have match grade accuracy especially in 45ACP with the cylinder-to-barrel gap it is versatile and I look forward to getting one.

    • BattleshipGrey

      I was personally hoping for an 8 shot .357 Redhawk, but this is a good start. I’m glad they brought the Redhawk back at all.

      • Paul White

        and 8 shot .357 mag from Ruger would go on my “YES NOW” list. Smiths’ are too pricey and Taurus….eh

        • Swarf

          Ditto everything you just said.

        • Tim Pearce

          Heh. Didn’t notice the MSRP on this new Ruger? If that eight-shot .357 Mag Redhawk cost just as much, you’re not saving anything compared to the Smith.

    • tony

      3, 2, 1…
      Price is important; it is what makes or breaks a deal.
      Having said that, 1K is high

      • Maxpwr

        Yes, but you don’t run a gun company nor are in the business of making a profit on making firearms so you have no idea what it costs or what their price point needs to be. Ruger does. Don’t worry, it will retail below $900. Besides, a dollar ain’t worth what it used to be. Gas ain’t $0.25 a gallon any more.

        • Anonymoose

          Inflation isn’t good for the population at large, you know.

          • Maxpwr

            Yet that has been the economic policy of the United States since we went off the Gold Standard 40+ years ago. Anyway, looking forward to trying this new firearm out when it becomes available at Davidson’s on-line. Love all Ruger revolvers. I usually have to reduce trigger weight with new Wolff Springs, but they are such good value and will last a life time.

          • tts

            So long as wages go up to compensate its not a problem. That employers in general haven’t been giving their employees COLA’s for over 2 decades, and pocketing the difference as profit, is the real issue.

        • Tim Pearce

          I don’t see why they even bother with MSRP any longer. Maybe it differs by region, but only a completely insane gun dealer would sell at MSRP, around here.

    • MANG

      Same. Into it. Definitely hope to see it for sale under $1k.

  • Duray

    It’s kind of moot for handloaders, since 45 colt performance range encompasses 45 auto ballistics.

    • Jason

      If you are sticking to the standard specifications yes, however once you jump over “Ruger Only” 45 Colt loads you are well within 44 magnum range. Buffalo Bore makes a 325grain Heavy 45 Colt +P round rated at 1,325 fps, 1,267 ft. lbs.

      • Jack Burton

        Yep, versatility is the main selling point here.

  • Franciscomv

    I love to see new Redhawk variants. It’s one of my favourite Rugers (I’m a huge fan of the old Security Six series).

    If by some miracle this gun makes it to my country, I’ll probably get one. I’ve been lusting after a 45 Colt Redhawk for a while.

  • Gabriel Owens


  • ghost

    The problem with wanting something for free, nobody will make it for free. I have three price ranges, cheap, inexpensive, and that which I can not afford. I don’t buy cheap, and I don’t complain about that which I can not afford.

  • TDog

    A lot of folks complain about the price, a lot of folks complain about how it’s “useless.”

    I say nothing says, “Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe,” like .45 Colt. Yeah, the Redhawk’s not a single-action only revolver, but times change. Why change everything else? 😀

    Besides, the versatility of using both rimmed cartridges and rimless cartridges has its benefits. And if Aguila ever makes mini-.410 shells? Well, three-in-one ain’t bad!

  • jamezb

    I have found my gun.

  • AC11

    For those who like this premise Chiappa offers the Rhino in 9mm and.38/.357 using two cylinders. It’s the only DA/SA revolver of this type on the market to my knowledge. The crappy part of the deal is Chiappa only offers a paltry 1-year warranty and their revolvers are priced on par with S&W. You also pay for shipping both ways which adds insult to injury. I don’t mind paying more for quality but back it up with a warranty that sez “we believe in our product.” Yeesh. Even Rossi, Taurus, and Charter Arms give you a lifetime warranty.

  • Ruger has been doing a very good job lately of releasing firearms I actually want to buy.

  • HenryV

    A thing of beauty as is often the way with forbidden fruit.

  • FWIW: It would also be able to handle .45 GAP, .45 Super, .450 SMC, .451 Detonics, and .460 Rowland.

  • greg adkins

    I have a 2013 model cut 4 clips,I like the the feel better with that grip design.I believe rubber grips are a must with heavy colt loads.mine also accept’s auto rim.

  • RM1

    Ordered one today (June 28th) to pair up with a new Henry Wisconsin steel frame Big boy in 45Colt I picked up yesterday. Should make a great hog and deer set up for here in East Texas. Might even make the revolver my open carry gun after the first of the year.