New Apex Parts for S&W


Apex Tactical Specialties announced two new parts for the Shield and for the SD pistols from Smith & Wesson. For each pistol line, Apex is now making low-profile and no-profile loaded chamber indicators. These new parts will work on guns chambered in both 9mm and .40 S&W.

According to Apex:

Designed to eliminate the obstructive interference with the sights of the factory installed Loaded Chamber Indicator, the Apex Low-Profile LCI maintains the visual and tactile features of the factory LCI without interfering with the sight picture while the Apex No-Profile Block option simply replaces the factory installed LCI and fills the void in the slide with a flush fit.

The parts carry a suggested retail price of $19.95.

Apex made this video further explains the parts and shows their installation:

I should note that the loaded chamber indicators are only found on the California-compliant versions of the pistols. Owners in other states do not have to worry about these superfluous parts.

Richard Johnson

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  • PeterK

    So low profile is a divot when unloaded, and no profile is just a plug?

  • John

    I dunno. Useful for carry where it won’t interfere with drawing it out, but I’d like a version painted red so you really do know the chamber’s loaded.

    • Jai S.

      Couple of passed with bright red Rustoleum and you are good to go!

  • Lt. Dan

    I actually really like having a tactile loaded chamber indicator (the visual ones are useless IMHO). On my glock I can drag my thumb across it and confirm there is a round in the chamber without necessarily having to do a press check. It’s a little extra warm fuzzy

    • KestrelBike

      I wouldn’t trust myself to tell the difference on a glock. Visually it’s 50-50 for me personally, and physically I still wouldn’t take chances. I don’t mind the indicator on my Ruger SR9 (don’t hate, it’s a fine pistol) and that thing is a damn whale tail breaching the water.